The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 3

Is Sophia obsessed with money? Does Rose speak Spanish? Did Dorothy pawn her ring? Is Blanche afraid of flying? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season three.

In the third season of The Golden Girls, we have a better understanding of who the girls are as individuals; now we learn about their concerns and life experiences. Rose worries about nuclear war, Dorothy wants more compatible friendship, Blanche wishes to be closer to her favorite daughter, and Sophia wants to make new friends. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Dorothy and Blanche collect old household items to donate for a fundraiser. Daisy, a Sunshine Cadet, volunteers to help. When Daisy she takes an interest in Rose's teddy bear Fernando, Blanche gives the bear to her. What happens when Rose discovers Fernando is missing?

She frantically searches for him. She says Fernando is a family heirloom, and she's had him since she was 6 years old.
Episode 1 - Old Friends

Rose enrolls in night school to take Spanish classes for a promotion at the counseling center. Blanche thinks it's a great idea and decides to take night classes also. Why is Blanche taking the classes?

To meet men, specifically smart men.
Episode 10 - The Audit

Sophia's lonely because her circle of friends are gone due to life changes or death. When she tells Dorothy it's not easy making new friends, Dorothy invites Sophia to go golfing with her and her beau Raymond. What ends up happening with Sophia every time they go out?

Sophia enjoys their company and goes on all their dates. Dorothy and Raymond have no privacy.
Episode 20 - And Ma Makes Three

Blanche rushes home from the beauty salon to finish getting ready for a double date with Dorothy. When she arrives at the house, she finds Dorothy lying on the couch with a fever and body aches. When Dorothy says she can't go on the date, how does Blanche respond?

She tells Dorothy they can't cancel - it's "all or nothing". She insists Dorothy go on the date even though she's sick.
Episode 11 - Three On a Couch

Stan comes to the house while the girls are having dinner. He tells Dorothy the IRS found discrepancies in his recent tax return, and they're reviewing his returns for the past few years. During that time, Dorothy and Stan were still married. What does that mean for both of them?

They're being audited by the IRS.
Episode 10 - The Audit

TRUE OR FALSE: The Girls once owned and ran a wedding consulting and catering business called Miami Moms Catering.

Episode 2 - One for the Money

Rose is depressed after her teddy bear Fernando goes missing, and Blanche is afraid to admit that she accidentally gave Fernando to Daisy the Sunshine Cadet. Blanche buys a new teddy bear to pass off to Rose but to no avail. Why can't Blanche get Fernando back from Daisy?

Daisy is holding Fernando for ransom. She cut off one of his ears and sent it to Blanche.
Episode 1 - Old Friends
Blanche: Dorothy, I have a confession to make. Rose didn't lose Fernando. I gave him to Daisy when she was helping out with the rummage sale.
Dorothy: Well, then there's no problem. Honey, just call Daisy and get Fernando back. She's a very sweet kid. She'll understand.
Blanche: I tried that. She said no.
Dorothy: What do you mean?
Blanche: She's not a sweet kid anymore. She's holding Fernando for ransom.
Dorothy: Come on!
Blanche: Dorothy, she sent me one of his ears!

How did Sophia meet her boyfriend Rocco?

She was at the police station to identify the man who stole her purse, and Rocco was a suspect in the lineup.
Episode 21 - Larceny and Old Lace
Dorothy: He's here, isn't he?
Sophia: Who?
Dorothy: Who? Rocco!
Sophia: Rocco?
Dorothy: Ma, let me refresh your memory. The man you met in the police lineup?
Sophia: I was at the police station to identify the guy who stole my purse. Rocco was there on a trumped-up charge.
Dorothy: Ma, they caught him on a billboard spray painting something obscene on Spuds MacKenzie.
Sophia: The dog they use in those ads is really a female. Rocco was just making Spuds anatomically correct.

Dorothy's beau Raymond hasn't been able to spend private time with Dorothy because Sophia tags along on all their dates. He suggests he and Dorothy go to the Bahamas for a few days, but Sophia overhears and is ecstatic about going. What does Dorothy promise to tell Raymond?

She promises Raymond she'll uninvite Sophia.
Episode 20 - And Ma Makes Three

As Dorothy reviews Stan's tax return with him, she discovers he not only made bad investments with their money without her knowledge, but he also made a very expensive and large purchase that he hid from her. What did he buy?

He bought a Corvette and rented a garage to store it.
Episode 10 - The Audit
Dorothy: Stanley, what are all these deductions for a Corvette and a rented garage?
Stan: Dorothy, don't get mad, and don't hit me if you do. I kind of bought a Corvette without telling you.
Dorothy: You bought a car without telling me?
Stan: I couldn't help myself. I was going through a mid-life crisis.
Dorothy: So was I. I gave myself a perm and took up jazzercise. You bought a car without telling me?!
Stan: How can I explain it? When I sat behind the wheel, people noticed me. People paid attention. That car was a chick magnet!
Dorothy: That is it, Stanley! That's it! Get out! Get out! Get out of my house! Get out of my life!
Stan: Dorothy, what about the audit? We could get into a lot of trouble here. We could even wind up in jail.
Dorothy: Good. Good. I want you to go jail, and I want a big, bald convict named Bubba to pick you for his girlfriend.

Rose wants to run for Fashion Show Chairman of the Tinkerbells, but Blanche says she won't win because no one will vote for her. Rose says Blanche won't win either because it's an all-female committee. Why does Rose think that effects Blanche's ability to win?

There's no one on the committee for Blanche to sleep with.
Episode 20 - And Ma Makes Three
Rose: I've decided I'm going to run for fashion show chairman.
Blanche: Well, you're just wasting your time. Who on that fashion committee is going to vote for you? I'm going to win.
Rose: Well, I don't see how that's possible. Everybody on the committee is female. Who are you going to sleep with?
Blanche: Are you insinuating that I can not win it on merit alone? All women?

Dorothy and Blanche attempt to retrieve Rose's teddy bear Fernando from Daisy the Sunshine Cadet. They explain to Daisy that Blanche made a mistake when she gave her the teddy bear. How does Daisy respond to Dorothy and Blanche?

She's unreasonable and says Blanche has to pay for her mistake. She threatens them with bribery to get the teddy bear back.
Episode 1 - Old Friends
Daisy: You made a mistake?
Blanche: Yes, that's all it was! Just a silly mistake.
Daisy: In Sunshine Cadets, we learn you have to pay for your mistakes. This one's going to cost you a 10-speed Schwinn.
Dorothy: Daisy, didn't the Sunshine Cadets teach you anything about honesty and decency and respect for your elders?
Daisy: I think that was scheduled for the weekend campout at Lake Wa-Ka-Ta-Kee. I missed it when I was grounded for catching a smoke in the boys' john.
Blanche: Dorothy, we're shafted.
Daisy: Do you think you could have the bike by this weekend?
Dorothy: Listen. Daisy, I don't like being intimidated. I do not like being threatened, and frankly kid, I don't like you! And I am not going to buy you anything, and I'm going to tell your folks what you're doing. And then I'm going to call the school for bad girls, and they will come, and pick you up, and put you in a sack, and take you away, and you will never eat ice cream or play jump rope again!

TRUE OR FALSE: According to Rose, the only way to get to St. Gustav, neighbor city to St. Olaf, is by horse.

FALSE. You have to go by toboggan.
Episode 12 - Charlie's Buddy
Rose: Oh, you can't get to St. Gustav by plane, Dorothy. You have to go by toboggan. Of course, traveling in the summer is really rough on the old hiney.
Dorothy: But it's a great way to rack up lots of frequent tobogganer mileage.

Rose said she only cheated once in her life and vowed she'd never do it again. She said it was the worse experience in her life, and St. Olaf was rocked by the scandal.

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose had a job at the local feed store where she'd short change the customers.

FALSE. She fed bearing balls (BBs) to her prized lamb Harlin so he'd weigh in heavier at the county fair.
Episode 10 - The Audit
Rose: I've only cheated once in my life, and I vowed I'd never do it again.
Blanche: Couldn't handle the guilt, huh?
Rose: No, I got caught. Oh, it was the worst experience of my whole life. St. Olaf was rocked by the scandal.
Blanche: What'd you do? Short change somebody down at the feed store?
Rose: Worse. I feed BBs to my prized lamb Harlin so he'd weigh in heavier at the county fair.
Blanche: Oh my God, Rose. How do you sleep at night?
Rose: I knew it was wrong all along, but I wanted to win first prize. And I would have if Harlin could've held it just a little longer.

Which Golden Girl said she always wondered about the myth about black men in the bedroom?

Episode 1 - Old Friends
Sophia: I never went to bed with Alvin. The thought never crossed my mind which is odd because I've always wondered about that myth.
Rose: There's a myth about people named Alvin?
Sophia: The myth about black men in the bedroom.
Rose: Is that a Greek myth?

Sophia reinforces this curiosity by asking Greta Wagner, her grandson Michael's fiance's mother. (Season 3, Episode 23 - Mixed Blessing)

Rose goes to the newspaper office to drop off Dorothy's want ad for a part-time job; it says she'll do anything for $8.00 an hour. After searching through the classifieds, Dorothy can't find the ad. Rose insists it's there and looks for it too. When Rose finds the ad, why is Dorothy frustrated with her?

She accidentally listed Dorothy's want ad in the personals column.
Episode 11 - Three On a Couch
Rose: Dorothy, you owe me an apology. Your ad's right here.
Dorothy: Oh, Rose! This is the personals columns!
Rose: So what?
Dorothy: So what?! You put an ad in the personals column that said I will do anything for $8.00 an hour? Look. It's right under an ad that reads, "History professor seeking non-smoking Oriental woman who is in to Wesson oil and bears a resemblance to Florence Henderson."

Why doesn't Dorothy like Sophia's boyfriend Rocco?

She thinks he's a "cheap hood" and a bad influence on Sophia. Since Sophia's been dating him, she's picked up bad habits.
Episode 21 - Larceny and Old Lace

What is the address of the house the girls live in?

5161 Richmond Street
Episode 3 - Bringing up Baby

In this episode, Sophia says the address is "6151 Richmond Street". In Season 4, Episode 7 - Sophia's Wedding, Blanche calls the fire department and says the address is "5161 Richmond Street". Blanche should know her own address; the house is hers, and she's lived there for years. Also, Sophia's memory is not the best.

Sophia meets Alvin Newcastle at the boardwalk on the beach. They strike up a friendship and have regular talks, eat lunch together, and play people-watching games. What is one of the games they play while sitting on the boardwalk?

They study people's facial expressions while they're in the water and guess if they're peeing in the ocean.
Episode 1 - Old Friends
Sophia: I think I got one.
Alvin: Where?
Sophia: Past the lifeguard stand.
Alvin: Bald guy about 20 yards out?
Sophia: Yeah. Yeah, watch his face. Huh, am I right?
Alvin: You got one. No doubt about it. That gentleman just peed in the ocean!

When Dorothy and Stan meet with the IRS auditor, he reviews their tax returns and unfortunately delivers bad news. What does he tell them?

They owe $5000. Each of them have to pay $2500 in 30 days.
Episode 10 - The Audit
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