The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 3

Is Sophia obsessed with money? Does Rose speak Spanish? Did Dorothy pawn her ring? Is Blanche afraid of flying? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season three.

In the third season of The Golden Girls, we have a better understanding of who the girls are as individuals; now we learn about their concerns and life experiences. Rose worries about nuclear war, Dorothy wants more compatible friendship, Blanche wishes to be closer to her favorite daughter, and Sophia wants to make new friends. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

After listening to Rebecca's boyfriend Jeremy disrespect and belittle Rebecca all during dinner, the girls are highly frustrated. Sophia tells them about a disturbing conversation she overhead between Rebecca and Jeremy. When Blanche asks Rebecca about it, what does she tell her?
Jeremy proposed, and Rebecca said yes.
Episode 14 - Blanche's Little Girl
Dorothy lands a summer job working on set as a consultant for the kids' tv show, Mr. Terrific's Clubhouse. The producer likes her suggestions on how to improve the show, and tells Mr. Terrific he should use them. When Mr. Terrific says no, what happens to him?
He's fired.
Episode 24 - Mister Terrific
When the girls invite Marguerite back to rehire her as their housekeeper, she's appalled to learn they thought she put a curse on them and that Blanche believed Marguerite gave her a love potion that she later reversed. Marguerite says it isn't a love potion. What's in the bottle?
Chanel No. 5
Episode 4 - The Housekeeper
Marguerite: Is that what this is all about? You think I put a curse on you?
Blanche: Well, it's true. You got mad at us for firing you. That's why you reversed that love potion you gave me.
Marguerite: Honey, that wasn't love potion. That was Chanel No. 5.
Rose: I'm not buying that! Dorothy uses Chanel No. 5 all the time, and she never attracts men.
Sophia organizes a meeting at the house with her boss Mr. McCracken and a few co-workers to negotiate better working conditions for employees over the age of 70. They've already been on strike for a week. What do Dorothy and Rose learn about Mr. McCracken when he arrives?
He's a teenage boy.
Episode 14 - Blanche's Little Girl
When several of the girls from Rose's Sunshine Cadet troop draw pictures of nuclear war, Rose is concerned about that being on their young minds during the campout in two weeks. She doesn't want this subject spoiling their fun. What does she decide to do?
Write a letter to both President Reagan and Premier Gorbachev
Episode 6 - Letter to Gorbachev
What was Rose's costume for the masquerade ball at the counseling center? (Hint: She was excited about Dorothy being the other half.)
A two-person horse
Episode 15 - Dorothy's New Friend
Rose: Dorothy, the masquerade ball is Friday night. You know how much it means to me. I'm counting on you to be the rear end of my horse.
Dorothy: Rose, sweetheart. This Friday I can choose between rubbing elbows with Norman Mailer or doing the hokey-pokey in a horse costume with your behind in my face.
Rose: Well, which is it going to be?
In an attempt to get Mr. Terrific's job back after he dismissed Dorothy's suggestions to improve the tv show, Dorothy goes to the studio to speak with the producer Mr. Hastings. He's not open to bringing Mr. Terrific back, but he makes a last minute change to the cast right before air time that involves Dorothy. What does he do?
He casts Dorothy as Mrs. School Teacher.
Episode 24 - Mister Terrific
Dorothy and her ex-husband Stan once visited his mother on Mother's Day, and they brought her a gift. Dorothy said, "The minute we saw it, we knew it was for you." What did they give her?
A book entitled, The Artwork of Adolph Hitler.
Episode 25 - Mother's Day
What is the name of the city councilman candidate that Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose supported during his campaign?
Gil Kessler
Episode 7 - Strange Bedfellows
When Rose's Sunshine Cadet troop's campout in the woods is called off due to rain, where does Rose have it instead?
At the house in the living room with Dorothy and Blanche
Episode 6 - Letter to Gorbachev
Stan shows up unexpectedly and brings his younger brother from Minneapolis, Minnesota as a surprise visit for Dorothy. His brother is one of the top neurosurgeons in the Midwest, and owns a couple of mini-malls. What is his name?
Episode 8 - Brotherly Love
What is the name of the tv game show that Sophia got tickets for and the girls were contestants on? Dorothy described it as, "That ridiculous game show where people humiliate themselves for the sake of a lousy dollar."
Grab That Dough
Episode 16 - Grab That Dough
Stan's business isn't doing well, so he begs Dorothy to ask his mother for money because he doesn't want to disappoint her. Even though Mother Zbornak is always mean to her, Dorothy asks anyway. Mother Zbornak gives her the money, and Dorothy learns she actually likes her. Why is his mother mean to Dorothy?
If Stan knew his mother liked Dorothy, he would come around more often.
Episode 25 - Mother's Day
Mother Zbornak: How much do you need?
Dorothy: $500.
Mother Zbornak: I'll give you $1000. You know, Dorothy. I'm glad Stanley married you. You love him, but you're tough on him and he needs that.
Dorothy: Then why are you so mean to me?
Mother Zbornak: Because if Stanley knew I liked you, he'd hang around here all the time. He's a yutz. Who needs him around here?
When Alexi Buvnov from the Russian Embassy comes to the house, he tells Dorothy and Blanche that Gorbachev was moved by Rose's letter about her concern for nuclear war. What shocking news does he tell the girls that leave them speechless?
Gorbachev would like to meet with Rose to discuss nuclear disarmament and world peace.
Episode 6 - Letter to Gorbachev
Back in St. Olaf, Rose had a neighbor named Mean Old Lady Hickenlooper who always looked angry and never smiled; she was born with no smiling muscles. Rose told her a smile was just an upside-down frown. What did Mean Old Lady Hickenlooper do every time Rose passed by?
She stood on her head and waved.
Episode 15 - Dorothy's New Friend
Sophia reads the local newspaper one morning and sees a headline story accusing city councilman candidate Gil Kessler of having an affair. When Dorothy and Rose see the picture of the alleged woman he's sleeping with, who do they recognize her to be?
Episode 7 - Strange Bedfellows
When Blanche was a senior in high school, she was in love with Deck Bovinglowe - a 40 year old man who was out of work, twice divorced, and had 3 kids. After dating for one month, he proposed to Blanche during cheerleading practice. What was the reason Blanche wanted to marry him?
Deck's oldest daughter was a cheerleading rival. If Blanche married Deck, she'd be her mother and could kick her off the squad.
Episode 25 - Mother's Day

Sophia is deciding what to do for her act in the talent show at the senior citizens center. She writes a song to the tune of Thanks for the Memory:

Thanks for the Medicare
For Blue Cross and Blue Shield, for a hip that finally healed
What's the next line?
Remember on prescriptions, generic is a steal
Episode 6 - Letter to Gorbachev
When the girls and Michael's fiance Lorraine's family arrive at the chapel to stop Michael and Lorraine from getting married, Lorraine says if their families can't accept their union, they don't have to see them. What else does Lorraine say they won't see?
Their grandchild. Lorraine announces she's pregnant.
Episode 23 - Mixed Blessing
What is the name of Dorothy's novelist friend whose stories are all set in Florida?
Barbara Thorndyke
Episode 15 - Dorothy's New Friend