The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 6

Did Rose meet her father? Did Dorothy remarry Stan? Is Sophia a nun? Did Blanche date a man in a wheelchair? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season six.

In the sixth season of The Golden Girls, not only do the girls walk a fine line between comedy and sincerity, but they do it with grace and ease. Blanche deals with a ghost from the past that meant a great deal to her, Dorothy is making tough decisions about her ex-husband Stan, Sophia's dealing with every parent's nightmare of out living their children, and Rose's childhood dream comes true about meeting a family member that she always imagined. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Rose wants to have a yard sale, but Blanche is adamantly against it. She makes a deal with Rose and buys all her items for $50. Amongst those items is fifty St. Olaf war bonds worth a grand total of $50,000. When Blanche and Rose realize how much the war bonds are worth, Blanche wants to keep them, but how does Rose respond?
Rose thinks Blanche should split the money with her.
Episode 3 - If at Last You Do Succeed
Rose returns home from the dentist's office visibly shaken. She explains to the girls that when the nitrous oxide wore off and she was aware of her surroundings, her dentist Dr. Norgan said he was checking her heartbeat, but Rose believes he was up to no good. What did she think he was doing?
Touching her breasts
Episode 6 - Feelings
Dorothy enters the kitchen overjoyed about receiving two bouquets of flowers. She stops in her tracks when she sees all the countertops covered in vases of flowers from Blanche's secret admirer. When Rose reads the cards in Dorothy's flowers, she's pleasantly surprised to see they're from two celebrities. Who sent Dorothy flowers?
Lyle Waggoner and Sonny Bono
Episode 9 - Mrs. George Devereaux
Rose receives a special delivery letter from St. Olaf; it's from the Department of Water and Coffee. It's bad news saying there's a drought threatening the crops. Until the rains come, what are they asking of St. Olaf's citizens?
They're asking the citizens to be celibate.
Episode 10 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Before They Die
It's Saturday night and Blanche doesn't have a date. Dorothy invites her to go to the library with her and Blanche agrees. While they're there, Blanche meets a man named Ted reading at a table, and she strikes up flirty conversation. He invites her to dinner. As he's leaving, what does she learn about him that she didn't notice before?
He's in a wheelchair.
Episode 11 - Stand by Your Man
Stan comes to the house and excitedly tells the girls he is now a very rich man. The commercial for his new invention is airing on tv and he wants them to see it. He's already sold half a million units for $12.95 each; he's a multi-millionaire. What is his new invention?
The Zbornee, America's first baked potato opener. The gimmick is you can open potatoes without burning your fingers.
Episode 3 - If at Last You Do Succeed
Sophia enlists Dorothy to help her with the "Meals on Wheels" charity program. On her distribution route, Sophia visits with the residences as she passes out food. Dorothy notices one of the residents is receiving food, but he's a healthy young man. Why is he receiving meals?
He hasn't been out of his apartment in 22 years.
Episode 4 - Snap Out of It
Dorothy is teaching the star football player; she thinks he's lazy and doesn't apply himself in class. She gives him a failing grade meaning he can't play. She is visited by the football coach and the dean of boys in hopes of changing her mind, but she stands firm. Blanche later finds a package for Dorothy on the front porch. What is it?
A dead fish wrapped in newspaper with a note that says, "If Kevin Kelly doesn't play in Saturday's game, Dorothy Z sleeps with the fishes"
Episode 6 - Feelings
Blanche comes home flustered and explains to Rose how she was just in a car accident. She likes to meet rich men by rear-ending expensive cars, but she hit the wrong car after being cut off by another driver. To Rose's surprise, whose car was Blanche driving?
Rose's car
Episode 8 - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?
Blanche: Well, you know how I like to meet rich men by gently rear-ending expensive cars at red lights?
Rose: Yeah.
Blanche: Well, you say that like it isn't great. Rose, it's the perfect plan. You get to meet the guy, exchange addresses, and then when he asks you who does good body work, you give him your phone number.
Which Golden Girl trained for the USA Olympics ice skating team?
Episode 1 - Blanche Delivers
Rose: I'm going to enter the U.S. Senior Sports Classic, and I'm going to win.
Dorothy: I had no idea that you could skate that well.
Rose: Oh, when I was young, my folks had me train for the U.S. team. The day the Olympic committee came to St. Olaf, I was so nervous. I put my skates on the wrong feet. Sonja Henderfinken's.
After Stan hits it big with The Zbornee, he buys various gifts for his children, Dorothy, and Sophia. Dorothy believes he's trying to to buy their love. He gives Sophia money and a Game Boy. What lavish gift does he buy for Dorothy?
A new convertible
Episode 3 - If at Last You Do Succeed
Blanche: Ooh! Oh, a new convertible! Oh, it's gorgeous!
Dorothy: Stan, I am not driving around with license plates that say POTHEAD.
Stan: It's an abbreviation. I didn't have room for the whole POTATOHEAD.
Rose wants to throw Blanche a surprise birthday party. She needs to know Blanche's real birth date and age so she gets a copy of her birth certificate. When she opens the envelope with Sophia and Dorothy, what does it say?
"Deleted by authority of the governor"
Episode 4 - Snap Out of It
It's been a year since Big Daddy's passing, and the girls are helping Blanche sell his belongings. Blanche sees his Bible and fondly remembers how he never went anywhere without it. When she opens it, she discovers it's hallowed out with no pages. What's inside?
A bottle of whiskey
Episode 5 - Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammy
Blanche: Whiskey! That explains why every Sunday after services he'd stand up and yell, "I can lick any man in this church!"
After Stan makes a fortune on his baked potato opener, Sophia believes he's coming on strong to Dorothy. He sends her expensive candy and a box of steaks. Dorothy says their just friends but realizes she may be leading him on. When he invites her out for a spin in his 1948 Studebaker, what happens that night?
They end up sleeping together.
Episode 7 - Zborn Again
Blanche: Who made the first move?
Dorothy: I guess I did. It was dark and Stan stopped the car. I swear to you I thought I was setting the parking brake.
Rose: Well, that's good. Safety first.
Blanche's daughter Rebecca comes to visit; she's pregnant via artificial insemination and expecting to give birth very soon. Blanche isn't comfortable with her daughter's approach to motherhood. When Rebecca says she wants to have her baby in Miami, why does this news bother her mother?
Blanche is embarrassed and doesn't want anyone to know that Rebecca chose to be a single mother.
Episode 1 - Blanche Delivers
The girls take a secret ballot to resolve how Blanche and Rose should handle the money from the St. Olaf war bonds; the result is they should split the money. When Rose contacts St. Olaf about the bonds, they tell her the city would go bankrupt if they cash them. How does Blanche respond to this news?
She doesn't care.
Episode 3 - If at Last You Do Succeed
Dorothy takes a personal interest in Jimmy, the young man she met while volunteering for "Meals on Wheels" who hasn't left his apartment in 22 years. He calls Dorothy and says he's tired of isolating. Dorothy is excited because she thinks he's finally made a breakthrough. When she goes to visit him, what does he tell her?
Jimmy wants her to live with him.
Episode 4 - Snap Out of It
What's the name of the woman who took care of Blanche when she was little that she refers to as "Mammy"? Blanche said she was devastated when Mammy left suddenly when she was 10 years old. She didn't say goodbye and Blanche hasn't seen her since.
Viola Watkins
Episode 5 - Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammy
TRUE OR FALSE: Rose said the best sex she ever had was with her husband Charlie the night he had a heart attack while they were making love.
Episode 7 - Zborn Again
Rose: I remember the best sex of my whole life.
Dorothy: Was it difficult to get out of the relationship afterwards?
Rose: No, not really. Poor Charlie died in the middle of it.
Blanche: Was that really the best sex you ever had with him?
Rose: Yeah. Oh, there was something wild about him that night. Although I did think it was strange when he started yelling, "Rose, I'm going! I'm going!
When Blanche's pregnant daughter Rebecca comes to visit, she tells the girls she doesn't want to have her baby in a hospital. She wants to have a natural birth without pain killers. Where does she want to have her baby?
A birthing center
Episode 1 - Blanche Delivers
Rebecca: I'm not having my baby in a hospital. I'm going to a birthing center. They emphasize natural childbirth in a relaxed atmosphere with no pain killers.
Blanche: Becky, I know I told you where babies come from. Did I ever mention where they come out?