The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 4

Did Blanche and Sophia date the same man? Is Bob Hope really Rose's father? What is Dorothy's favorite cuisine? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season four.

In the fourth season of The Golden Girls, the good times and shenanigans are plenty...and so are the romantic escapades! Blanche refuses to be defeated by any woman when it comes to a man, Rose is sincerely pure-hearted and enjoys the simple things in life, Sophia gets more accomplished in one day by herself than all the girls combined, and Dorothy is learning to move on from her ex-husband Stan and try new relationships. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Stan comes to the house and tells Dorothy and Sophia he has 3 tickets to a baseball game. He asks them to go with him because he doesn't have friends. Dorothy and Sophia agree to go, but what happens to Sophia while they're at the game?

She's hit in the head with a baseball.
Episode 5 - Bang the Drum, Stanley

Stan comes by one night and tells the girls he met a woman at the post office named Katherine. After wooing her for months, he and Katherine fall in love and make a spontaneous decision. What is it?

They're getting married.
Episode 10 - Stan Takes a Wife

TRUE OR FALSE: Sophia's husband Salvadore proposed to her on Valentine's Day.

False. Blanche's husband George proposed to her on Valentine's Day.
Episode 15 - Valentine's Day

TRUE OR FALSE: Back in St. Olaf, Bessie was a big, fat lady who pulled farm plows for a living.

Episode 20 - High Anxiety
Dorothy: Rose, what are those pills for?
Rose: The doctor prescribed them when I wrenched my back.
Blanche: I didn't know you'd hurt your back.
Rose: Oh, it's an old farm injury from St. Olaf. I'll never forget when it happened. It was time to plant the crops, but after 17 years of pulling a plow, poor old Bessie was worn out.
Dorothy: Well, why didn’t you just get another mule?
Rose: Bessie wasn’t a mule. She was a big, fat lady who pulled farm plows for a living.
Blanche: For God’s sake! What about tractors?
Rose: Well, come on, Blanche! If she was too old to pull a plow, how could she ever pull a tractor?

Dominic and Philomena Bosco are visiting from Sicily, and they brought their daughter Gina. Dorothy and Gina were born at the same hospital within minutes of each other. Dominic says they've come to take their daughter back to Sicily for her wedding because Gina is not their real daughter. What surprising news do they announce?

They believe Dorothy is their daughter, and that she and Gina were switched at birth. When Gina took her blood test for marriage, they found out she's not related to them.
Episode 24 - Foreign Exchange

Back in St. Olaf, Rose was injured in a game of gowhackanoggin. She said it's a lot like baseball but instead of hitting a ball, what do the players hit?

Their heads
Episode 5 - Bang the Drum, Stanley
Rose: After 10 whacks, if you're still standing, you take first base. It's usually a very low-scoring game.

TRUE OR FALSE: Stan is so cheap that he owns a timeshare dog.

Episode 5 - Bang the Drum, Stanley

What is the secret to Sophia's great tasting lasagna?

She sings opera to her marinara sauce.
Episode 10 - Stan Takes a Wife
Dorothy: Oh, Ma makes great lasagna. I can never get mine to taste as good. She says it's because I don't sing to my marinara sauce. That's her secret, she sings opera to her sauce. Except of course during the holiday season when she sings Nat King Cole.

Rose makes reservations for her, Dorothy, and Blanche to spend Valentine's weekend at a mountain retreat called Sunny Meadows. As they're checking in, they're shocked to see the desk clerk is completely naked. What didn't Rose know about this resort?

It's a clothing-optional resort (a nudist camp).
Episode 15 - Valentine's Day

In this episode, Dorothy is upset with Rose for making reservations at a nudist camp, but Dorothy said earlier that she always wanted to try one. (Season 2, Episode 17 - Bedtime Story)

The three Rs taught in school are reading, writing, and arithmetic. What does Rose think the Rs stand for?

Reading, writing, and rooster inseminating
Episode 1 - Yes, We Have No Havanas
Dorothy: I'm teaching history for an adult education program. It's for people who never got their high school diplomas.
Rose: What else do they teach?
Dorothy: The usual high school subjects.
Rose: You mean like the three Rs - reading, writing, and rooster inseminating?
Dorothy: No, we just teach the first two Rs, Rose.
Rose: Fine, but you're going to be sending people out into the world who don't know you can get a nasty rooster bite if you don't warm your hands up first.

Which Golden Girl worked as a soda jerk in a malt shop when she was in high school?

Episode 20 - High Anxiety

Sophia spends two days in the hospital after she's hit in the head with a baseball during a game. When she's discharged, Stan comes to the house and tells her they can make some fast money, and all she has to do is lie on her back. What does Stan convince her to do?

He persuades her to pretend to be severely injured, so they can sue the ballpark for a lot of money.
Episode 5 - Bang the Drum, Stanley

What tradition does Blanche keep every year on Valentine's Day in honor of her late husband George?

She goes to the same bar where he proposed to her and has a glass of champagne.
Episode 15 - Valentine's Day

When Sophia is rushed to the hospital for pneumonia, Dorothy spends the night in the waiting room, and Stan keeps her company the entire time. Dorothy is sincerely moved by his support, and says spending time with him made her realize something. What was it?

She's still in love with Stan. Even though he's engaged to Katherine, she can't let him marry someone else.
Episode 10 - Stan Takes a Wife

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are stuck at a hotel in a nudist camp until the next morning. They decide they might as well "get buck naked and have a good time". When they reach the dining room nude and nervous, they're surprised when they see the guests in the restaurant. What does the waiter tell them?

Everyone dresses for dinner.
Episode 15 - Valentine's Day
Waiter: Excuse me, ladies, but we always dress for dinner here. And in your case, we’d appreciate it if you do that for all three meals.

Where was Dorothy born?

Brooklyn, NY
Episode 24 - Foreign Exchange

What is the name of the charming but older Cuban gentleman that Blanche and Sophia fight over while both dating him at the same time?

Fidel Santiago
Episode 1 - Yes, We Have No Havanas
Blanche: Oh! Of all the nerve! How could he possibly think I’d continue seeing him? Blanche Devereaux has never shared a man!
Sophia: Or a pizza.
Blanche: And what does that mean, you wrinkled old crow?
Sophia: It means Fidel is interested in more than just a cheap thrill. He also wants a mind!
Blanche: Oh yeah! Well, we’ll see about that!
Sophia: You’re on baby!

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose's idea of "getting crazy" is eating Chinese food and using forks.

Episode 1 - Yes, We Have No Havanas

Dorothy tells Blanche and Rose she's declaring her love for Stan before he marries his fiancée Katherine. However, after a candid conversation with Katherine just minutes before the wedding, Dorothy changes her mind. Why?

She realizes her time with Stan is over, and that Katherine is head-over-heels in love with him.
Episode 10 - Stan Takes a Wife

Dorothy suspects Stan and Sophia are exaggerating her injuries for settlement money after she's hit in the head with a baseball. When Dorothy and Stan take Sophia to the doctor, Sophia feels guilty after speaking with the other patients and confesses the truth to Dorothy. What are Sophia and Stan surprised to learn about the patients?

They're all actors. Dorothy hired them to guilt Sophia into telling the truth.
Episode 5 - Bang the Drum, Stanley