The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 2

Did Rose have a nose job? Did Dorothy date a cop? Did Blanche sleep with Stan? Did Sophia party with Burt Reynolds? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season two.

In the second season of The Golden Girls, we accompany them on vacation, meet a few of their neighbors, and even address some serious family issues. We're introduced to Dorothy's favorite student, witness Blanche undergo a major life change, watch Rose overcome a dating concern, and peep into Sophia's love life. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

What is the name of the ill-tempered old neighbor that opposed a city petition to save a 200 year old oak tree that was on her property? She was hated so much the neighborhood children dressed up like her one Halloween.

Frieda Claxton
Episode 4 - It's a Miserable Life

When Blanche wins the raffle for the premiere of the new Burt Reynolds movie, she only receives two tickets for the private party afterwards hosted by Burt Reynolds himself. Which Golden Girl do they decide won't be going?

Episode 2 - Ladies of the Evening

As a teacher, Dorothy is required to take a 10-week leave from the school system, so Blanche gets her a job at the museum where she works. Their boss Mr. Allen asks Dorothy to plan the banquet that Blanche is normally in charge of. Why does Mr. Allen give the responsibility to Dorothy?

The banquet is in honor of Blanche for all the good work she's done at the museum.
Episode 9 - Joust Between Friends

Rose is depressed after falling into a dating slump. Dorothy and Blanche convince her to place a personals ad in the newspaper. She doesn't receive a response for weeks until one day she gushes about a letter from "Isaac Newton". Who is "Isaac Newton"?

Blanche. She makes up a name and responds to Rose's ad to cheer her up.
Episode 10 - Love, Rose

When Blanche doesn't get her period for nine weeks, she takes a home pregnancy test. What is the result of the test?

She tests positive for pregnancy.
Episode 1 - End of the Curse

Sophia signs up for a charity walkathon and enters the category for people over 80 years old. Rose also wants the rest of the girls to participate in the walkathon, except they won't be walking. What does she volunteer them to do?

Babysit the children of the walkathon participants
Episode 16 - And Then There Was One
Blanche: Maybe we ought to join.
Rose: We already did.
Dorothy: What did you say?
Rose: I said we already did.
Dorothy: Rose, I work all week. The last thing I want to do is walk 10 miles on a Saturday.
Rose: We won't be walking, we're going to sit.
Blanche: Oh, now that's fine by me. I like to sit.
Sophia: We know. It's your second favorite position.

When the pest control inspector examines the house, he says he'll need to tent for fumigation, and the girls have to move out for 2 days. Blanche finds an affordable beachside hotel (with lots of men in the lobby), but what happens to Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose during their stay?

The hotel is raided, and they're mistakenly arrested for prostitution.
Episode 2 - Ladies of the Evening
Sophia: Arrested for prostitution! I can't believe it.
Blanche: Oh, Sophia. Sophia, we're innocent.
Sophia: I know that. I can't believe these dumb cops would think anyone would pay money to sleep with you.

Sophia meets a very tenacious 90 year old Englishman named Willie at the senior center. Sophia says he has "the hots" for her and follows her everywhere she goes. He invites her to a dinner reception where she finds out why he's infatuated with her. What is the reason?

He thinks Sophia is a wealthy widow.
Episode 10 - Love, Rose

TRUE OR FALSE: According to Rose, children pass kindergarten in St. Olaf if they can castrate a sheep.

False. They have to promise not to eat paste.
Episode 24 - To Catch a Neighbor

Which Golden Girl has a fetish for men dressed as Santa Claus?

Episode 11 - 'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas
Blanche: Well, I can't help it! There's something about a man in a Santa Claus suit that just drives me absolutely crazy. Maybe it's the warmth of all that red, hot, sweaty flannel set against the austere coldness of those black patent leather jackboots. Or maybe it's because those rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes bespeak a passion that is about to erupt from a man who just spent a cold, lonely year cooped up with a pack of dwarfs. I'm not sure. All I know is the sight of a Santa sets my body aflame with unbridled desire.
Dorothy: Blanche, you do realize you're in the minority on this.

Which Golden Girl once dated a Navy Commodore?

Episode 3 - Take Him, He's Mine

Which Golden Girl said the following?

"I don't like other people's children in my house. I didn't even like my own children in my house."

Episode 16 - And Then There Was One

Blanche goes to the doctor's office after getting a positive home pregnancy test. When she returns home, she's distraught and depressed. What did the doctor tell her?

She's reached menopause.
Episode 1 - End of the Curse

Which Golden Girl once had a Schnauzer named Wawa, and she thought he was the greatest dog in the world?

Episode 9 - Joust Between Friends

One Christmas, the girls agree with Rose to celebrate the holiday St. Olaf style by exchanging gifts they made for each other. What does Blanche give each of the girls?

A calendar titled The Men of Blanche's Boudoir.
Episode 11 - 'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas
Blanche: Girls, I want to give yall my gift next, ok? I just thought this was such a cute idea. I made the same one for each of you. Here. Sophia.
Rose: The Men of Blanche's Boudoir.
Blanche: It's a calendar. Each month has a picture of a man whose brought some "special joy" into my life!
Dorothy: Aw, Blanche. Oh, honey, this is so thoughtful. Whoa!
Blanche: September?
Dorothy: Yep.
Sophia: I'm surprised you were able to walk in October.

Which Golden Girl got separated from her parents at a carnival when she was 9 years old and thought they had abandoned her?

Episode 16 - And Then There Was One

When the girls attend the county commissioners' meeting to save an old oak tree in their neighborhood, Blanche is confident their endeavors will prevail. Why does she feel this way?

She slept with 2 of the commissioners.
Episode 4 - It's a Miserable Life
Blanche: Sophia, we live in the greatest country in the world. A country founded on the principles of honesty, truth, and fairness. I am certain that once we present our petition, the democratic system will prevail, and our noble endeavor to save that mighty oak will prove victorious!
Sophia: You certainly sound pretty confident.
Dorothy: Well, she slept with 2 of the commissioners.

The girls all plan to fly to their hometowns for Christmas. Rose has to work at the counseling center the morning before they go to the airport, so they agree to pick her up on the way. What happens while they're at the center?

They're held hostage at gunpoint by a man dressed as Santa Claus.
Episode 11 - 'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas

Which Golden Girl learned on her 48th birthday that she was actually 50 years old because of a mistake on her birth certificate?

Episode 25 - A Piece of Cake

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose lost the St. Olaf Butter Queen pageant because she failed the oral butter quiz over a trick margarine question.

False. She lost because her butter churn jammed possibly due to churn tampering.
Episode 2 - Ladies of the Evening
Rose: The time came for the pageant. I was incredible. I showed poise in the evening gown competition. I was brilliant in the oral butter quiz! They couldn't even trip me up with a trick margarine question. That evening, butter was spelled R-O-S-E!
Dorothy: Rose, you're embarrassing yourself. Please don't go on.
Rose: I have to, Dorothy. I've kept these bitter butter memories too long. As the pageant drew to its frenzied finale, there I was alongside the other two finalists, churning my guts out! When all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, my churn jammed.
Ladies in the jail cell: [in chorus]] No!
Rose: Yes! And just like that, it was over. I'd lost. It was the biggest disappoint in my life. It was small consolation to find out years later, there had been churn tampering involved.