The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 3

Is Sophia obsessed with money? Does Rose speak Spanish? Did Dorothy pawn her ring? Is Blanche afraid of flying? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season three.

In the third season of The Golden Girls, we have a better understanding of who the girls are as individuals; now we learn about their concerns and life experiences. Rose worries about nuclear war, Dorothy wants more compatible friendship, Blanche wishes to be closer to her favorite daughter, and Sophia wants to make new friends. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

TRUE OR FALSE: Back in St. Olaf, Sonia Klingenhoffer won the St. Olaf Butter Queen pageant over Rose.

FALSE. Sonia Klingenhoffer is a comic strip.
Episode 20 - And Ma Makes Three

Dorothy can't bear the thought of going to the Bahamas with her beau Raymond without Sophia. She believes her mother needs her company because she's lonely. When Dorothy speaks to Sophia about the Bahamas trip, what does her mother say?

She's not going because she made some new friends, and they're vacationing in Cancun, Mexico.
Episode 20 - And Ma Makes Three

Which Golden Girl once dated a man in the deli business, and in a moment of passion he told her she was neater than hard salami?

Episode 22 - Rose's Big Adventure
Rose: Oh girls, I am so excited! Now that Al's retired, we'll have so much time together.
Blanche: He's really pretty special to you, isn't he?
Rose: Oh, he's more than special. I think I'm falling for him. But then who wouldn't? He's sensitive, he's caring, and he thinks I'm neater than hard salami.
Dorothy: Did he actually tell you that, Rose?
Rose: I shouldn't have repeated it. It was said in a moment of passion.

Back in St. Olaf, Gretchen Vigbotter had a thing for Buddy, but Mr. Vigbotter didn't approve and tried to keep them apart. One day, he caught them in a "most indelicate situation" in the front yard. He yelled at them to stop before he turned the hose on them. What was unique about Gretchen and Buddy?

They were dogs.
Episode 23 - Mixed Blessing
Dorothy: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Rose. Buddy and Gretchen weren't people, were they?
Rose: Of course not, they were dogs! Gretchen was a Dalmatian, and Buddy was a Schnauzer. And Mr. Vigbotter wasn't too happy when he ended up with a litter of Schnalmatians.

Dorothy says her ex-husband Stan and Superman have something in common. What is it?

They're both faster than a speeding bullet.
Episode 24 - Mister Terrific

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose once worked on the Thomas Dewey campaign.

FALSE. It was Melvil Dewey, founder of the Dewey Decimal system.
Episode 7 - Strange Bedfellows

Which Golden Girl said she loves when her son calls her on Mother's Day because it's the one time he doesn't ask for money?

Episode 25 - Mother's Day

Sophia made this same statement about Phil earlier in Season 1, Episode 12 - The Custody Battle.

Rose once spent Mother's Day with someone else's mother, laughing and talking while waiting at a bus station. The woman ran away from her retirement home to visit her daughter's grave on Mother's Day. When a sheriff approaches her to take her home, what does Rose do?

Rose pretends to be her daughter. She tells the officer she and her "mother" are on their way home.
Episode 25 - Mother's Day

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose posed nude for weeks for Laszlo the artist's new statue. They competed to be his only artistic muse as well as his lover. At his art show, Blanche asks if his romantic interest is present, and Laszlo says yes. Which Golden Girl is he interested in?

None of them; he's gay.
Episode 13 - The Artist
Sophia: How can you blame him? The man looked at the three of you naked for a month.

TRUE OR FALSE: Back in St. Olaf, Rose won 3 times in the Low Fat Division of the annual St. Olaf Milk Diving Tournament.

Episode 8 - Brotherly Love

Dorothy and Blanche both agree to fly to the Bahamas with Rose to attend her Aunt Gretchen's funeral, but Dorothy doesn't want to go because she's afraid of flying. What lie does Dorothy tell in an attempt to get out of going with Blanche and Rose?

She says Sophia's sick and needs to go to the hospital because she ate a bad cannoli.
Episode 5 - Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself