The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 3

Is Sophia obsessed with money? Does Rose speak Spanish? Did Dorothy pawn her ring? Is Blanche afraid of flying? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season three.

In the third season of The Golden Girls, we have a better understanding of who the girls are as individuals; now we learn about their concerns and life experiences. Rose worries about nuclear war, Dorothy wants more compatible friendship, Blanche wishes to be closer to her favorite daughter, and Sophia wants to make new friends. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

When the girls confront Blanche about having an affair with city councilman candidate Gil Kessler, she adamantly states there's nothing going on between them. Later that evening during Gil's press conference, he's questioned about his relationship with Blanche. What does he say?

He and Blanche are having an affair.
Episode 7 - Strange Bedfellows

Blanche is upset when her date with Stan's brother Ted doesn't go as she expected; Ted is aloof and even cuts the date short. The next morning, Stan comes by looking for his brother, but he's not there. When Blanche and Stan locate Ted, who are they surprised to learn he spent the night with?

Episode 8 - Brotherly Love

Rose experiences a series of sleepless nights and drinks tea to help her sleep. When Dorothy reads the label on the tea, she immediately understands why Rose isn't sleeping. What ingredient is in the tea that Rose confuses with "calcium" that causes her to stay awake?

Episode 8 - Brotherly Love
Dorothy: Rose, have you been drinking much of this?
Rose: Only at night when I can't sleep.
Dorothy: But this is loaded with caffeine!
Rose: But we need caffeine, especially women our age! Or our bones will get brittle, and we'll walk all stooped over.
Dorothy: That's calcium, Rose. Calcium, not caffeine. This is what has been keeping you awake!
Rose: You mean if I stop drinking that, I can sleep?
Dorothy: You may even blink again.

After Mr. Terrific is fired from his tv show, and the producer refuses to bring him back, Mr. Terrific goes out on the ledge of the studio building. Dorothy and Rose attempt to talk him down, but he insists he's going to fly. When he jumps from the ledge, what is Dorothy surprised to see?

Mr. Terrific is "flying". He's rigged in a double harness suspended by steel cables. It's a publicity stunt to get his job back.
Episode 24 - Mister Terrific

TRUE OR FALSE: When Rose writes a letter to President Reagan and Premier Gorbachev expressing her concern for nuclear war, Gorbachev was so moved by her simplistic, heartfelt words that he wanted to meet her because he thought she was a little girl.

Episode 6 - Letter to Gorbachev

Sophia is obsessed with money, constantly thinking of new money-making gimmicks to make a quick buck. Why does she want the money?

To buy a tv for her bedroom
Episode 2 - One for the Money

Sophia actually bought a big screen tv in Season 7, Episode 22 - Rose, Portrait of a Woman. When Dorothy got a job as a motivational trainer for the video game company Borealis, she gave Sophia a generous raise in her allowance.

Dorothy strikes up a friendship with local novelist Barbara Thorndyke when she meets her after a lecture at her school. Dorothy says she enjoys their stimulating conversation. When Blanche and Rose invite Barbara over for dinner, what is their impression of her?

They think Barbara is phony and condescending.
Episode 15 - Dorothy's New Friend

What is the name of the tv game show host of Grab That Dough?

Guy Corbin
Episode 16 - Grab That Dough
Guy Corbin: Good morning, ladies. Welcome to our show. I'm Guy Corbin, and this morning I've arranged something especially for you - fresh ground coffee and prune danish. Tiffany, why don't you tell them all about it right now.

The girls are at city councilman candidate Gil Kessler's campaign headquarters, and he calls a staff meeting. Not only does he admit that he and Blanche are not having an affair, but he also reveals what secret about himself?

Gil is a transgender man. Before his operation in 1968, he lived life as part-time stenographer and housewife Anna Maria Bonaducci.
Episode 7 - Strange Bedfellows

What is the name of Sophia's brother from Sicily?

Episode 17 - My Brother, My Father

Rose wants her cousin Sven from St. Olaf to feel welcomed when he visits. She worked late and barely had time to pick up a cake. She goes to the "Get It While It's Hot" erotic bake shop and gets a cake in the shape of....well, a man's member. What did Rose think it was in the shape of?

The state of Florida
Episode 9 - A Visit from Little Sven
Blanche: Rose, that cake is from the "Get It While It's Hot" erotic bake shop!
Dorothy: Whoa-ho!
Blanche: Why, Rose Nylund! Why, that cake is in the shape of-
Dorothy: Blanche, we know what it is.
Rose: I thought it was in the shape of Florida.

When the girls arrive at their hotel the night before appearing on the tv game show Grab That Dough, they discover that not only is the hotel completely booked but so is every hotel in the city. Where does the receptionist say the girls can sleep for $75, and she won't have them arrested for loitering?

In the lobby
Episode 16 - Grab That Dough

Sophia's brother Angelo from Sicily is visiting the family in Brooklyn, but he wants to come to Miami to see Dorothy and Stan to wish them a happy 40th wedding anniversary. What favor does Sophia ask of Dorothy and Stan?

She wants them to pretend their still married and living in the same house with Sophia.
Episode 17 - My Brother, My Father

When Rose's cousin Sven comes to visit, Blanche agrees to show him around Miami. While they're out to lunch, Floyd McCallum, the man who keeps canceling dates with Blanche, walks in the restaurant with a much younger woman. What does Blanche do to make Floyd jealous?

She kisses Sven.
Episode 9 - A Visit from Little Sven

Dorothy and Stan's brother Ted go on a date. Stan interrupts the evening to tell Dorothy about the flight and hotel reservations he overheard Ted making. Stan thinks Ted is planning something big and wants to propose to Dorothy. What does Ted ask Dorothy?

He invited a stewardess to Acapulco with him and asks Dorothy if she could babysit her kids.
Episode 8 - Brotherly Love

The girls are on their way to compete on the tv game show Grab That Dough...and they're having a bit of bad luck. They end up sleeping in the lobby of their hotel because all the rooms are booked. When they awake the next morning, they discover someone "grabbed their dough". What happened?

Their purses were stolen.
Episode 16 - Grab That Dough

What does Dorothy's daughter Kate do for a living?

She's an interior decorator in New York.
Episode 17 - My Brother, My Father

When Sophia gets pranked at the senior citizens center by practical joker Maury Hazeltine, she plays tricks on Dorothy to practice her revenge on Maury with the perfect gag. Which one of her practical joke does Dorothy fall for on more than one occasion?

The dribble glass
Episode 13 - The Artist

When Blanche and Rose both audition for The Sound of Music, what roles do they get?

They're casted as nuns.
Episode 17 - My Brother, My Father

Why does Rose have a fear of public speaking?

She choked up on her high school graduation speech.
Episode 5 - Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Rose also said she never officially graduated from high school due to contracting mononucleosis or "mono" after participating in a kissing booth. (Season 4, Episode 1 - Yes, We Have No Havanas)