The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 3

Is Sophia obsessed with money? Does Rose speak Spanish? Did Dorothy pawn her ring? Is Blanche afraid of flying? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season three.

In the third season of The Golden Girls, we have a better understanding of who the girls are as individuals; now we learn about their concerns and life experiences. Rose worries about nuclear war, Dorothy wants more compatible friendship, Blanche wishes to be closer to her favorite daughter, and Sophia wants to make new friends. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Which Golden Girl once described her husband as a man who cleaned his toes with a shrimp fork?

Episode 20 - And Ma Makes Three

Dorothy and Blanche secretly read Rose's diary, and they're horrified at her description of "the two pigs" she lives with. Rose is furious they invaded her privacy, but she explains she didn't know them when she wrote that. What do Dorothy and Blanche learn about Rose's diary?

It was her 4-H diary she kept one summer when she raised two pigs for the county fair.
Episode 21 - Larceny and Old Lace

After finding out they'd all secretly entered a dance marathon to win $1,000, Rose tells Dorothy and Blanche they're wasting their time because she's going to win first prize.

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose said when she was younger, she was known as the dancing fool.

Episode 2 - One for the Money
Dorothy: How old were you when they dropped the "dancing" part?

Blanche once told Rose, "If you're not doing something stupid, you're saying something stupid or wearing something stupid or cooking something stupid." In response, Rose calls Blanche a "gerkochanachen". What does that mean?

"Literally, it's the precise moment when dog doo turns white. But in general, it refers to the kind of person you don't want to share your "hudenkagels" with." - Rose
Episode 11 - Three On a Couch

Dorothy goes to the boardwalk to secretly observe her mother after Sophia tells her about a fight she had with her friend Alvin. While Dorothy is watching them, Alvin's daughter Sandra approaches her; she's looking after her father also. What does Sandra tell Dorothy about Alvin?

He has Alzheimer's. His family is sending him to New York to be cared for by his nephew who's a doctor.
Episode 1 - Old Friends

What is the name of Rose's uncle who died and left her custody of his Baby?

Uncle Hingablotter
Episode 3 - Bringing up Baby

The girls are looking for a housekeeper and Marguerite Brown comes to apply. During the interview, Blanche's beau Norman calls and cancels their date. Marguerite gives Blanche a mysterious bottle and says, "Dab a little behind your ears, and whomever you desire will come to you." What does Rose think is in the bottle?

A love potion
Episode 4 - The Housekeeper

TRUE OR FALSE: As a get-rich-quick scheme, one of Sophia's ideas was to bottle the water from the hose in the backyard and sell it.

Episode 2 - One for the Money
Sophia: I'm glad you're all here. I want you to try something. Here, taste this. What do you think?
Blanche: It's water.
Sophia: I didn't ask you to identify it, I asked you what you thought.
Rose: It's good.
Sophia: Just good?
Dorothy: Hmm, very good.
Sophia: How would you describe the taste?
Blanche: Refreshing. Clear. Clean.
Sophia: Would you buy this water?
Blanche: Sure, why not?
Dorothy: Absolutely.
Rose: Umm hmm.
Sophia: We're rich! We're rich! It comes from the hose out back. Move over, Perrier. Petrillo water is on the way!
Dorothy: Ma-
Sophia: I know what you're going to say - another one of my get-rich-quick schemes. This is different. I've been working on this since noon.

After Stan and Dorothy are audited by the IRS, Dorothy owes $2500. She doesn't have it, so she goes to a pawn shop to sell some personal items. Unfortunately, the items don't have much value, but the pawnbroker notices something else she can sell. What does Dorothy end up selling?

She reluctantly pawns the ring on her finger; Stan gave it to her after 38 years of marriage.
Episode 10 - The Audit
Pawnbroker: In fact, except for the ring that you are wearing, nothing that you brought in here is worth anything.
Blanche: How much for the ring?
Pawnbroker: 800 dollars.
Dorothy: Oh, I couldn't pawn this.
Pawnbroker: 900 dollars.
Rose: Take it, Dorothy.
Dorothy: No, I couldn't. This is the only nice thing that Stan ever gave me.
Pawnbroker: 1,000 dollars.
Blanche: It's also the only valuable thing. Hock it!
Dorothy: I can't.
Pawnbroker: $1,200. My final offer.
Dorothy: No, this isn't for sale. I mean, there are some things that have no price. This means a lot to me. My husband gave it to me after 38 years of marriage.
Blanche: And after 38 years of marriage, he also dumped you for a 23 year old stewardess with firm thighs and perky breasts.
Dorothy: You got yourself a ring, muchacho.

After Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose had been dancing for hours in a charity dance marathon, Dorothy calls foul play on Rose and says she's trying to put everyone to sleep. What was Rose doing?

Telling a St. Olaf story
Episode 2 - One for the Money

The girls agree to see Dr. Ashley at the counseling center to work out their differences; they've been fussing and fighting for weeks with no end in sight. After listening to their complaints, what does Dr. Ashley tell them that leaves them speechless and disappointed?

He says they're totally incompatible and suggests they shouldn't live together.
Episode 11 - Three On a Couch

The girls find thousands of dollars in Sophia's boyfriend Rocco's bag. When Sophia calls Rocco and asks him where the money came from, what does he tell her?

He tells her he robbed a bank because of his love for her.
Episode 21 - Larceny and Old Lace
Rose: Look at all that money!
Blanche: Gosh, there's thousands!
Dorothy: Where did this come from?
Sophia: Rocco's bag.
Rose: Where did Rocco get all this money?
Rose: I don't know, but I'll tell you one thing. The next time we go to the Colonel, I'm getting all white meat and a biscuit!

Rose tells the girls she's going to be a mother again because her Uncle Hingablotter left her custody of his baby. Dorothy and Blanche eagerly agree to help Rose, but when her uncle's legal counsel delivers the baby, what are they surprised to see?

Baby is a pig.
Episode 3 - Bringing up Baby

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose accidentally swallowed her engagement ring.

FALSE. It was Dorothy. Stan put the ring in the bottom of her champagne glass.
Episode 21 - Larceny and Old Lace
Blanche: What's the most romantic thing a man ever did for you, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Oh, well, the most romantic thing was when Stan proposed. He took me to a very expensive restaurant. I went to the powder room, and when I returned to the table, there was an open bottle of Dom Perignon and two filled glasses. We clinked the glasses in a toast. Stan gave me a coy smile, and I winked at him, and then I just downed the champagne in one gulp...and it didn't go down smoothly. Later, Stan told me that he put my engagement ring in the bottom of the glass. It turned up three days later.
Rose: Where did it turn up, Dorothy?
Dorothy: On the Home Shopping Network, Rose.

After the girls experience several failed attempts to remodel the garage into a guest room, Sophia gets Vincenzo, an Italian architect in a wheelchair who doesn't speak English. When the girls realize he can't do the work, how does Sophia say construction will get done?

Vincenzo will tell her what to do in Italian, and she'll translate to the girls, so they can do the work.
Episode 22 - Rose's Big Adventure

After one week of Marguerite as their housekeeper, Dorothy is underwhelmed with her performance. When Dorothy sees Rose sweeping the kitchen floor, she's outraged that Rose is doing Marguerite's job. Rose said Marguerite had a good excuse for her absence. What was the excuse?

She had to go pluck the hair from the chin of a dwarf.
Episode 4 - The Housekeeper

TRUE OR FALSE: When Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose enter a couples charity dance marathon, Rose wins the first prize of $1,000.

FALSE. Blanche won.
Episode 2 - One for the Money
Dorothy: And it was so sporting of you to share your winnings. With my $10, I got that can opener I always wanted.

TRUE OR FALSE: The house that the girls live in is the only house in the neighborhood without a pool.

Episode 11 - Three On a Couch

After Stan and Dorothy are audited by the IRS due to discrepancies in Stan's tax returns, they owe $5,000. When Stan comes to the house to pick up Dorothy's half of the money, he apologizes to her saying the whole situation is his fault. He gives her a small box. To Dorothy's surprise, what's inside?

It's her ring she sold at the pawn shop to get her half of the money. When Stan found out what she did via Sophia, he went to the pawn shop and bought her ring back.
Episode 10 - The Audit

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are playing a trivia game, and the question for Rose is:

"What famous Mozart composition completed in 1787 is a serenade in G for two violins, viola, cello, and double bass in four movements?"

Rose answers correctly with Eine kleine Nachtmusik. How does she know this?

Well, they always play it during the chases on The Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Show! - Rose
Episode 21 - Larceny and Old Lace