The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 6

Did Rose meet her father? Did Dorothy remarry Stan? Is Sophia a nun? Did Blanche date a man in a wheelchair? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season six.

In the sixth season of The Golden Girls, not only do the girls walk a fine line between comedy and sincerity, but they do it with grace and ease. Blanche deals with a ghost from the past that meant a great deal to her, Dorothy is making tough decisions about her ex-husband Stan, Sophia's dealing with every parent's nightmare of out living their children, and Rose's childhood dream comes true about meeting a family member that she always imagined. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

When Rose confirms the girls' Volunteer Vanguard Award banquet reservations, the committee tells her she doesn't have to pay for her ticket. She believes she's won, and they want to ensure she's there to accept the award. When the winner is announced at the banquet, Agnes Bradshaw is the posthumous winner. Why did they want Rose there?
To accept the award on behalf of Agnes
Episode 14 - Sisters of the Bride
Rose: It's a fix! She's dead! She doesn't need that on her mantel. She's on her mantel!
Blanche is auditioning for Kate, the fiery tart of Padua in The Taming of the Shrew. She takes her baby grand daughter Aurora with her because she's babysitting. At the audition, she meets Jason Stillman, and he asks her out on a date. What does he think about Blanche and baby Aurora, and Blanche doesn't correct him?
He thinks Aurora is Blanche's daughter.
Episode 20 - Even Grandmas Get the Blues
Right before their wedding ceremony, Stan introduces Dorothy to his best man and lawyer Marvin Mitchelson. What does Stan ask Dorothy that upsets her so much that she calls off the wedding?
He asks her to sign a prenuptial agreement.
Episode 17 - There Goes the Bride, Part 2
TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche is a member of the Daughters of the Old South heritage club.
Episode 21 - Witness
Dorothy has dinner with John Noretti, the man who stood her up for her senior prom. He's in town for a few days and wants to see her again before he leaves. She agrees but tells him not to stand her up again. He's surprised at her comment because he did show up to take her to the prom. What does Dorothy learn about that night?
Sophia sent him away because she didn't like the way he was dressed.
Episode 22 - What a Difference a Date Makes
Dorothy: Just make sure you show up this time.
John Noretti: What do you mean?
Dorothy: Well, you didn't show up at our last prom. Not that I ever think of it.
John Noretti: What are you talking about? I showed up.
Dorothy: What?
John Noretti: Yeah, your mother sent me away.
Dorothy: She what?
John Noretti: She said I was dressed like a bum and slammed the door in my face.
Dorothy: She what?!
John Noretti: Something wrong?
Dorothy: Oh no. No, not at all, but I tell you on the way out, I would like to stop at the gift shop. I'm going to be needing one of those spiked balls on a chain.
TRUE OR FALSE: When Stan's uncle Morris dies, he leaves Stan and Dorothy his house.
FALSE. He leaves them an apartment building which makes them landlords and business partners.
Episode 23 - Love for Sale
Dorothy is teaching an honors class, but she isn't enjoying it like she thought she would because the students are making her feel stupid. What lie does Sophia tell Dorothy to help her get along with her students?
She says when Dorothy was 12, the school called and told her Dorothy was the brightest kid in Brooklyn, and her IQ is 173.
Episode 20 - Even Grandmas Get the Blues
TRUE OR FALSE: Rose said the St. Olaf County jail is also a deli.
Episode 25 - Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home, Part 2
Blanche: How's Sophia?
Dorothy: Well, she's over that crazy idea about Sicily, but she's still very concerned about going to jail.
Rose: Who wouldn't be? It's a terrifying prospect to think about. Prison? The coldness of it, the steel bars, the wedges of cheese hanging overhead tantalizingly just out of reach.
Dorothy: Let me guess. St. Olaf County Jail.
Rose: And deli.
What is Blanche's mother's name?
Samantha Roque
Episode 21 - Witness
When Dorothy returns home from her date with John Noretti, she confronts Sophia about the truth of what happened the night of her senior prom. Why didn't Sophia tell Dorothy John actually showed up to take her to the prom?
Sophia told him not to come back until he had a decent jacket and a tie, but he never came back. She didn't tell Dorothy because she thought she'd never forgive her.
Episode 22 - What a Difference a Date Makes
Sophia's brother Angelo comes to visit, and confessess that he's lost everything and has no place to live. He spent his money on expensive gifts and vacations on a beautiful, young aerobics instructor that he fell in love with. She then left him for an American basketball player. Where does Dorothy suggest that Angelo stay?
In the apartment building Stan's uncle Morris left her and Stan.
Episode 23 - Love for Sale
What is the name of Blanche's backup boyfriend that she calls if one of her dates cancel? Blanche describes him as "Fred Flintstone with a better car".
Mel Bushman
Episode 19 - Melodrama
Blanche: I'll call Mel Bushman.
Dorothy: Of course. Mel Bushman. Old reliable. Mr. Backup. How long has it been? What? Three years that the two of you have been insignificant others.
Blanche: Yeah, I guess it has been. You know, Mel and I have something really unique. We're like...well, I don't know. What do you call it when two people get together when they need somebody but don't make demands on each other when they're apart?
Sophia: Out-call massage.
TRUE OR FALSE: Sophia enjoys looking through the obituaries to see the ages of people who died younger than her.
Episode 26 - Henny Penny - Straight No Chaser
When the girls attend the Daughters of the Old South initiation banquet in support of Blanche, Rose confides in her date Karl that Myles is back, and he's staying with her. She isn't aware Karl is The Cheeseman, the kingpin looking for Myles. What happens when the girls return home from the banquet?
The Cheeseman comes to the house with a gun.
Episode 21 - Witness
TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy lost her self-esteem when she thought John Noretti stood her up for the senior prom. She got pregnant by her ex-husband Stan and eventually married him because she didn't think she could do better.
Episode 22 - What a Difference a Date Makes
Dorothy reluctantly agrees to participate in the bacholorette auction for the children's hospital charity because her last experience was awful. The girls decide to make the upcoming auction more enjoyable for Dorothy by "buying" her a man so she'll have a better date. To Dorothy's dismay, who shows up and outbids everyone and wins the auction to be her date?
Episode 23 - Love for Sale
TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy keeps a sock drawer full of retirement home brochures. When her mother drives her crazy, she goes into her bedroom and has pretend time.
Episode 19 - Melodrama
TRUE OR FALSE: To get revenge on Blanche for dumping him, one of her ex-boyfriends who works as an obituary editor listed her in the local newspaper as age 68 and dead.
Episode 26 - Henny Penny - Straight No Chaser
When The Cheeseman comes to the house looking for Myles, he holds him and the girls hostage at gunpoint. He tells the girls he's going to lock them in a closet, and he and Myles are going for a walk. How do they get out of the situation?
Their neighbor Barbara Weston comes by to return Sophia's glasses; their dog Dreyfuss got them off of the lanai. Barbara is a cop, and she arrested The Cheeseman.
Episode 21 - Witness
When the girls participate in a charity bacholoerette auction, which Golden Girl raised the most money because her date bid $500 for her?
Episode 23 - Love for Sale
Dorothy: Oh, who's keeping score? What's important is that we made a lot of money. I mean, together we made a consid- they were fighting over me, did you see it?
Blanche: Well Dorothy, to be fair, one of them was Stan.
Dorothy: Do I sense a tinge of envy there Miss Going-Going-Gone-for-$25.50?
Blanche: You can't put a price tag on beauty, Dorothy.
Dorothy: Oh, sure you can. $25.50.