The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 6

Did Rose meet her father? Did Dorothy remarry Stan? Is Sophia a nun? Did Blanche date a man in a wheelchair? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season six.

In the sixth season of The Golden Girls, not only do the girls walk a fine line between comedy and sincerity, but they do it with grace and ease. Blanche deals with a ghost from the past that meant a great deal to her, Dorothy is making tough decisions about her ex-husband Stan, Sophia's dealing with every parent's nightmare of out living their children, and Rose's childhood dream comes true about meeting a family member that she always imagined. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Blanche receives a letter from her younger brother Clayton saying he's coming to Miami, and he has a big surprise. She thinks he wants her to meet his girlfriend, but what is Clayton's big reveal?

His boyfriend Doug
Episode 14 - Sisters of the Bride

Sophia gets the flu, and the doctor says she needs to rest for at least three weeks. Dorothy's busy with work and can't take care of her mother during day. How does Dorothy get Sophia to voluntarily go to the retirement home Cypress Grove?

She and the owner Mr. Porter plan to have Sophia at Cypress Grove under the guise of working as the Activities Director.
Episode 18 - Older and Wiser

Blanche is looking for a new roommate because Dorothy is marrying Stan and moving out. What American actress, singer, businesswoman, and leading lady of the hit movie Singin in the Rain plays Truby, the potential new roommate?

Debbie Reynolds
Episode 17 - There Goes the Bride, Part 2

Dorothy feels guilty when Sophia has surgery for a hernia; she asked her mother to move a sofa, and she's been in pain ever since. After the operation, Sophia confesses to Dorothy the real reason behind how she got the hernia. How did she get it?

Sophia and her friends were pushing a car
Episode 2 - Once, in St. Olaf
Dorothy: Oh Ma, I'm so sorry about everything. I'm sorry I asked you to move that sofa. I'm sorry that you're sick. I swear, I'll never ask you to move furniture again. Oh God, I'm just so happy you're safe!
Sophia: Speaking of God, I made a little promise that if He got me through this operation alive, I would tell you the truth about how I got this hernia.
Dorothy: You mean, not from lifting up the sofa?
Sophia: Oh please, it's wicker. A few of us gals thought it would be funny to put Gladys' VW on the lawn while she was having her feet sanded. And that's why I'm on this gurney, Pussycat.

Sophia's making Salsa Grandioso for the Festival of the Dancing Virgins, and she wants to teach Dorothy. It takes weeks to make the sauce and has 152 ingredients. For 1400 years, Sophia's family passed the recipe from mother to daughter, and each one one improves it in some way. What did Sophia add to the recipe?

A mouthful of wine
Episode 20 - Even Grandmas Get the Blues
Sophia: I have to make Salsa Grandioso again, and this time, I'm going to teach you how.
Dorothy: Oh, Ma. Not the sauce, Ma. No. I mean, that takes weeks! There are 152 ingredients. I just don't have the time.
Sophia: Dorothy, for 1400 years, the women in our family have been handing this recipe down from mother to daughter. Each generation improves upon it in some way. Like, for instance, it was my great-grandmother who added heat.
Rose: What did you add, Sophia?
Sophia: A mouthful of wine. It was an accident. A delicious accident.

Rose has been nominated once again for the Volunteer Vanguard Award, and she's super excited about winning. She's been nominated for seven years, but she always lost to Agnes Bradshaw. This time, Rose is confident she's going to win. Why does she feel this way?

Agnes Bradshaw is dead.
Episode 14 - Sisters of the Bride
Dorothy: Rose, honey! Congratulations! I hear you've been nominated again for the volunteer of the year award.
Rose: Yep! Seven years I've been nominated for the Volunteer Vanguard Award and seven years I've had to watch Agnes Bradshaw snatched it away from me. Well, she's not going to do that this year. This year I'm finally going to beat her! I'm going to win.
Dorothy: Why, because you worked harder than Agnes?
Rose: Because she'd dead. Yep, as a doornail. Dead, dead, dead. Coffee?
Blanche: Rose, how can you be so cheery? It's a terrible thing.
Rose: Come on. She was 89, and she died in her sleep.
Blanche: She fell asleep driving the bookmobile.
Rose: It was a tragedy. She was my only real competition. Dead, dead, dead. Muffin?

Which Golden Girl said she was struck by lightning once?

Episode 18 - Older and Wiser

Which Golden Girl got married outdoors on February 12th?

Episode 17 - There Goes the Bride, Part 2
Blanche: Oh, you just look so beautiful! You know, this reminds me of the day I married George. Oh, it was an exquisite wedding. Five hundred people in that big ol' church, and I didn't have any underwear on.
Dorothy: Why?
Blanche: I just felt it was the right thing to do.
Rose: My wedding was outdoors. February 12th, I 'll never forget it. I wore the most beautiful white flannel wedding gown. It even had feet sewn in.
Dorothy: Oh, when Stan and I were married, Stan was crying, I was crying, Ma was crying, all for different reasons, but if you didn't know us, it looked touching.

Blanche wants to join the Daughters of the Old South heritage club, but she has to prove that her family is "100% southern Confederate stock". As she and Dorothy review her family documents, they discover Blanche's great-grandmother is from Buffalo, NY, and her maiden name is Feldman. What does this mean for Blanche?

She's not 100% southern, and she's part Jewish.
Episode 21 - Witness
Blanche: Dorothy, I'm about done with this side of the family tree. I think you have the papers there from the Roque marriage.
Dorothy: Oh yeah, wait a minute. Oh yeah, here. Uh, Walker Roque married Rosalyn Roque, 1861. Rosalyn was from...uh oh.
Blanche: What?
Dorothy: Well, I hate telling you this, Blanche. No, that's not true. I look forward to telling you this, Blanche. The woman your great-grandfather married was born, well, outside of Georgia.
Blanche: How far outside of Georgia?
Dorothy: Buffalo. You're a Yankee, Blanche!
Blanche: Oh no, this can't be.
Dorothy: A Yankee Doodle.
Blanche: There must be some mistake.
Dorothy: You are that Yankee Doodle gal!
Blanche: Let me see the certificate. I want to see with my own eyes that my great-grandmother is...that thing you said.
Dorothy: A Yankee!
Blanche: Right.
Dorothy: A Yankee Doodle!
Blanche: Oh, stop it! Oh, my God.
Dorothy: Oh, did I mention her last name was Feldman?

To encourage kids to read during spring vacation, Dorothy's school is putting on a series of plays based on favorite children's stories. Dorothy is in charge of the first grade production. What story are they acting out?

Henny Penny
Episode 26 - Henny Penny - Straight No Chaser

Blanche is having a difficult time accepting that her brother Clayton is gay even after he brings his boyfriend Doug to Miami. Clayton tells Blanche he brought Doug to meet her for a very important reason. What is the reason?

He and Doug are getting married.
Episode 14 - Sisters of the Bride

Sophia takes the guests of the Cypress Grove retirement home out for a walk; they're gone for six hours. When they return, the owner Mr. Porter tells Sophia the truth - she's not really the Activities Director. He tells Dorothy not to bring her back. What does she say?

She's embarrassed and feels like an old fool.
Episode 18 - Older and Wiser

The day of Dorothy and Stan's wedding, Blanche and Rose tell Dorothy she said needs "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". They give her something new, borrowed, and blue. What was her "something old"?

Sophia. She finally gives Dorothy her blessing to marry Stan.
Episode 17 - There Goes the Bride, Part 2

Myles goes back into the Witness Protection Program when he learns the Chicago kingpin that he's hiding from, The Cheeseman, is still alive. What is Myles' new name and identity?

Samuel Plankmaker and he's Jewish
Episode 21 - Witness

Which Golden Girl goes on a diet every year to fit into her wedding dress and take a picture?

Episode 22 - What a Difference a Date Makes

Dorothy and Sophia are planning the Volunteer Vanguard Award banquet. Dorothy's impressed how her mother is securing great deals on various services like catering and flower arrangements. During the banquet, Dorothy notices the men on staff are very generous and flirty with her. Why is this?

Sophia "sold her" and promised that Dorothy would go out with them to secure services for the banquet..
Episode 14 - Sisters of the Bride

Blanche returns home from the drugstore and tells the girls she was approached by a photographer for a Pennysaver print ad; he wants to use her face. Rose tags along to the shoot, and the photographer wants to use her hands. When they finally see the ad, they're shocked. What is the ad for?

Ponce de Leon anti-aging cream
Episode 18 - Older and Wiser

What American celebrity lawyer who pioneered the concept of palimony, did Stan introduce to Dorothy as his best man on the day of their wedding?

Marvin Mitchelson
Episode 17 - There Goes the Bride, Part 2

After Myles goes back into the Witness Protection Program, Rose dates a new man named Karl. He's very inquisitive about Myles and his whereabouts. Rose tells Karl that even though she can't see Myles anymore, she still has feelings for him. Why is Karl asking about Myles?

Karl is the kingpin The Cheeseman, and he's looking for Myles. He's the reason Myles is in witness protection.
Episode 21 - Witness

Dorothy tells the girls how she was stood up for her senior prom by one of the toughest kids in her high school. She said he smoked, drank, and made rude noises under his armpits, but she was in love with him. He calls her almost 40 years later; he's in Miami and wants to see her. What is his name?

John Noretti
Episode 22 - What a Difference a Date Makes