The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 6

Did Rose meet her father? Did Dorothy remarry Stan? Is Sophia a nun? Did Blanche date a man in a wheelchair? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season six.

In the sixth season of The Golden Girls, not only do the girls walk a fine line between comedy and sincerity, but they do it with grace and ease. Blanche deals with a ghost from the past that meant a great deal to her, Dorothy is making tough decisions about her ex-husband Stan, Sophia's dealing with every parent's nightmare of out living their children, and Rose's childhood dream comes true about meeting a family member that she always imagined. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Rose and Myles have reached a plateau in their relationship where everything they do is just plain boring for Rose, even the sex. To add some excitement to their union, Rose enrolls the two of them into what kind of class?

Skydiving class
Episode 13 - The Bloom Is Off the Rose
Rose: There is nothing like skydiving! I mean, soaring through the air, the freedom of it. The whole idea of plummeting toward a pasture and watching a cow get bigger and bigger! It's just something we should do together before we die.
Myles: Rose, couldn't I just run towards you yelling, "Moo"?

Blanche carefully saves the price tags on a $300 dress that she plans to wear and return because she can't afford it. When she takes it back to the store, she neglects to remove the dry cleaning tag, and they make her pay for the dress. How does Blanche cover the cost of the dress?

She raises everyone's rent except Sophia's because the rent increase was her idea.
Episode 15 - Miles to Go

What does Sophia say is the number one export of her village back in Sicily?

Ransom notes
Episode 16 - There Goes the Bride, Part 1

What Hanna-Barbera Stone Age cartoon character does Rose say people think she looks like?

Wilma Flinstone
Episode 2 - Once, in St. Olaf
Brother Martin: Excuse me, but do I know you? You look awfully familiar.
Rose: I get that a lot. People say I look like Wilma Flintstone. Not when she was on the air, more the way she looks today.

Which Golden Girl wants to be buried dressed as a majorette?

Episode 12 - Ebbtide's Revenge

Which Golden Girl said she was in an abusive relationship with the captain of the football team in high school?

Episode 13 - The Bloom Is Off the Rose

Gladys Goldfein tells Sophia she's taking her to see Tony Bennett, but unfortunately Gladys cancels to take a man instead. When Gladys feels guilty and apologizes to Sophia, that's when Sophia learns the tickets aren't for Tony Bennett. Who are they for?

Tony Martin
Episode 15 - Miles to Go

Stan and Dorothy have been seeing each other secretly for months. While they're out to dinner one night, Stan asks Dorothy to marry him again, but right before he proposes, he tells her to stick her finger in her baked potato. What's inside?

A ring
Episode 16 - There Goes the Bride, Part 1
Stan: Eat your potato.
Dorothy: What? Oh, honey. No, I know it's a very important vegetable to you, but I'm really stuffed.
Stan: Then stick your finger in it.
Dorothy: Stan, you pig.
Stan: Come on, I don't ask much.
Dorothy: Oh, alright, but we're going to get you a hobby. There's something hard in's's's a scalding hot ring!

Dorothy once said when she was a little girl and got mad at her father and mother, she imagined she had different parents. Who were her imaginary parents?

Errol Flynn and Amelia Earhart
Episode 2 - Once, in St. Olaf
Rose: How would you feel if you found out your father was a celibate monk?
Dorothy: It's not so unusual. Look, Rose, we don't necessarily get the parents we want; we get the ones we're dealt. You know, when I was a little kid, I got angry with my mother and father, and I imagined that I had different parents.
Blanche: Who? Who?
Dorothy: Oh, it's really silly.
Blanche and Rose: Come on, tell us!
Dorothy: Well, my dad was Errol Flynn, and my mother was Amelia Earhart. I wanted dad all to myself.
Blanche: You know who my fantasy parents were?
Dorothy: Who, Blanche, Masters and Johnson?

During Dorothy's brother Phil's funeral service, Dorothy and Blanche notice a group of "veiled, shapely creatures" placing roses on the casket. Blanche thinks they're secret relationships. Phil's wife Angela knows exactly who they are, and she's surprised they came all the way from Newark. Who are they?

The guys from Phil's poker game
Episode 12 - Ebbtide's Revenge
Angela: I can't believe they came all the way from Newark.
Dorothy: You know them?
Angela: Phil tried to keep them a secret, but I knew he was spending his Thursday nights with them.
Blanche: Oh, I know it's hard, but try not to hate them, my dear. They're just lonely creatures who were reaching out to another person for a little warmth.
Angela: These are the guys from Phil's poker game.
Blanche: This is too funny. I have to get my camera from the car.

Dorothy is strongly against Blanche dating Rex because he mistreats her; she thinks Blanche will eventually get hurt. When Rex comes by to take Blanche marlin fishing, he and Dorothy get into an argument. What happens that makes Blanche realize he is an abuser?

He physically assaults Dorothy.
Episode 13 - The Bloom Is Off the Rose

Rose and Myles are worried when they learn that The Cheeseman, the man Myles has been hiding from in the Witness Protection Program, isn't really dead. Myles can't stay in Miami. When he asks Rose to go away with him, how does she respond?

Rose says she can't leave her friends and family.
Episode 15 - Miles to Go

Sophia dislikes the idea of Dorothy and Stan getting remarried. Blanche suggests they approach her in a traditional way where Stan asks for Dorothy's hand in marriage. They set up a meeting and Stan asks Sophia to be his mother-in-law again. How does Sophia respond?

Sophia says she doesn't trust Stan and tells Dorothy that if she marries him again, they're no longer family.
Episode 16 - There Goes the Bride, Part 1

Sophia has a successful hernia operation, and Dorothy is relieved that her mother is recovering well. Unfortunately, Dorothy receives a phone call from the hospital later that evening with bad news concerning Sophia's whereabouts. What is the call about?

The hospital staff lost Sophia.
Episode 2 - Once, in St. Olaf

Sophia and her son's wife Angela haven't gotten along for 26 years. After Phil's funeral service, they finally discuss their differences, and the truth is revealed why Sophia doesn't care for Angela. What was the reason?

Sophia said Angela's dowry check bounced for $47.
Episode 12 - Ebbtide's Revenge

TRUE OR FALSE: When Rose and Myles participate in a skydiving class, the both jump and end up in the hospital.

False. Rose didn't jump, but Myles did. He spent a week in the hospital with a leg injury.
Episode 13 - The Bloom Is Off the Rose
Blanche: You know, your Myles is a pretty exciting guy. I hope you know that.
Rose: Oh, I know it now. You don't realize how much you care for a man until you see him streaking toward the earth, trying to grab a bird.
Dorothy: He must really love you.
Rose: Well, I love him, too. Boy, am I glad I didn't jump.

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose's boyfriend Myles once worked as an accountant for a Chicago kingpin.

Episode 15 - Miles to Go

When Rose goes to dinner with Myles' friend Ray, his ex-wife Myra threatens her with a lobster in the restaurant. Later, Rose's brakes go out on her car, and she thinks Myra tampered with them. What does Rose buy for the house to scare Myra away?

A doorbell that sounds like barking dogs
Episode 17 - There Goes the Bride, Part 2

After Dorothy receives a phone call from the hospital that Sophia went missing after her hernia surgery, Dorothy and Blanche go to the hospital and search for her. Where do they finally find Sophia?

On an elevator on a gurney
Episode 2 - Once, in St. Olaf

TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy blames herself for the reason why her younger brother Phil was a cross-dresser.

False. Sophia blames herself.
Episode 12 - Ebbtide's Revenge