The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 6

Did Rose meet her father? Did Dorothy remarry Stan? Is Sophia a nun? Did Blanche date a man in a wheelchair? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season six.

In the sixth season of The Golden Girls, not only do the girls walk a fine line between comedy and sincerity, but they do it with grace and ease. Blanche deals with a ghost from the past that meant a great deal to her, Dorothy is making tough decisions about her ex-husband Stan, Sophia's dealing with every parent's nightmare of out living their children, and Rose's childhood dream comes true about meeting a family member that she always imagined. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Blanche finally decides to do the right thing and not bankrupt the city of St. Olaf by cashing the war bonds. Rose tells Blanche the city is going to build a statue in Blanche's honor. As Blanche is ripping the bonds to pieces, Dorothy asks how St. Olaf is going to pay for the statue. What does Rose say?

The money comes out of the $500,000 emergency statue fund.
Episode 3 - If at Last You Do Succeed
Dorothy: Wait a minute! Wait a minute. If St. Olaf is flat broke, how are they going to pay for the statue?
Rose: Every penny comes out of the $500,000 emergency statue fund.
Blanche: $500,000!?
Rose: Oh, but you can't touch that fund unless it's a real statue emergency.

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose and her husband Charlie went to the courthouse to get their marriage license and their permit to have children.

Episode 4 - Snap Out of It

Rose said she had a nanny when she was a child; she was her best friend. She could tell her anything, and she'd keep it a secret. They used to run in the meadow or play hide-and-seek in the barn. She treated Rose just like her own kid. What was unique about Rose's nanny?

She was a goat.
Episode 5 - Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammy

Rose complains about Abby the new girl at the tv station who talks to her all day and prevents her from getting anything done. With Sophia's help, Rose confronts Abby and tells her to leave her alone. When the station manager announces Abby as the new consumer reporter, what does that mean for Rose?

Abby is Rose's new boss.
Episode 7 - Zborn Again
Sophia: If Abby is the new consumer reporter, doesn't that mean...?
Rose: She's also my new boss.
Sophia: Boy, have you got some serious butt to kiss.

Sophia's nickname for Dorothy is "Pussycat". Why does she call her that?

Because she loves cats
Episode 1 - Blanche Delivers
Sophia: You know why I call you pussycat, Pussycat?
Dorothy: Why, Ma? Because you only gave me yarn for Christmas? Because you fed me once, and I hung around? Because you used to put me out at night?
Sophia: Because I love pussycats, and I love you...and you were the only one in the family who could catch mice.

Dorothy and Sophia return home from the funeral of Sophia's best friend Sister Agnes. Dorothy worries that her mother isn't taking her death well because she hasn't said a word since they left the cemetery. What does Sophia finally announce to the girls?

She's becoming a nun.
Episode 8 - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?

Blanche tells the girls that her secret admirer wants to meet her for lunch, and they agree to go with her for safety reasons. At the restaurant, a waiter tells Blanche someone is waiting for her at the bar. Rose sees him coming to the table; she says he's very handsome. When Blanche turns to meet him, who is she shocked to see?

Her late husband George
Episode 9 - Mrs. George Devereaux

Dorothy takes notice that her mother is randomly asking her strange, hypothetical questions about what she likes in a man. She even takes a picture of Dorothy unaware. Why is Sophia doing these things?

She secretly hired a matchmaker to find Dorothy a date.
Episode 5 - Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammy

After Rose receives a letter from St. Olaf's Department of Water and Coffee, she decides to participate in celibacy to help bring in the city's crops. Blanche advises her not to tell her beau Myles the truth, but instead avoid sexual intimacy to make him more attentive and affectionate. What happens between Rose and Myles?

Myles breaks up with Rose.
Episode 10 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Before They Die

Blanche is uncomfortable about going to dinner with Ted after finding out he's in a wheelchair. To avoid an awkward situation, she decides to take one of the girls as a chaperone. Who agrees to go with her?

Episode 11 - Stand by Your Man

Rose receives a phone call from her insurance company informing her that Mr. Nivingston, the guy who Blanche rear-ended, is claiming his back is injured from the car accident and is threatening Rose with a lawsuit unless they settle out of court. Why is Rose being sued?

Blanche was driving Rose's car at the time of the accident.
Episode 8 - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?
Rose: Remember Mr. Nivingston, the guy whose rear-end you smacked? Well, my insurance company just called, and the guy is claiming he hurt his back, and he's threatening a lawsuit unless we settle out of court.
Blanche: Oh, that's terrible!
Rose: I know, and I'm the one he's suing because it's my car!
Blanche: Oh! Oh, Rose! Boy, you had me going there for a second. I thought you meant he was suing me. Whoo! What?
Dorothy: Blanche! Rose may be taken to court for something that you did! Don't you even care?
Blanche: Oh, Dorothy, good grief! There's nothing to worry about. I'm sure he's just trying to hold up his insurance company. There's nothing wrong with that man's back
Rose: How can you tell?
Blanche: Because I know the crooked walk of man when his back has been injured. I can not tell how many men I have seen limp out of my bedroom. Shoulders stooped and their back curved.
Dorothy: Blanche, that's different. That's shame.

When Blanche's husband George comes to the house, he tells her that he faked his death because he couldn't be married to her anymore. He explains that his business was collapsing and he was facing disgrace. Why did he fake his death?

His business partner was embezzling money from the family company and all the signs pointed to George.
Episode 9 - Mrs. George Devereaux
George: Nine years ago, I found out that my partner was embezzling from the family company. He was a clever man, all the signs pointed to me. My business was collapsing. I was facing disgrace, Blanche. Well, I know I could've stayed and faced the music, but it's just this damn southern pride. It's the same southern pride that kept me from being a dancer.

Everyone calls Blanche's father Big Daddy, but what is his real name?

Curtis Hollingsworth
Episode 5 - Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammy

Which Golden Girl once took her boyfriend to listen to lesbian poetry?

Episode 10 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Before They Die

Their neighbor Harry Weston's dog Dreyfuss recently had puppies, and Rose enjoys having them over to play. Naturally, she's excited when Harry says the girls can keep one of the puppies. How does Blanche respond to Rose about having a pet?

She says no.
Episode 11 - Stand by Your Man
Rose: Guess what? I spoke with Harry this morning, and he said we can keep one of the puppies!
Blanche: No!
Rose: I can't believe you said no.
Dorothy: Oh, come on, Rose, we've talked about pets. Now, there's no one home during the day to take care of it.
Sophia: I'm home during the day!
Dorothy: No one lucid is home during the day.
Rose: Oh, please! I've already named him Bingo, and he really likes me. He follows me wherever I go.
Blanche: Rose, the answer is no.
Rose: Well, that's not fair! Last week, you got to keep the box boy who followed you home.
Blanche: There, you see you don't need a dog. If you're lonely, get yourself a man.
Rose: I don't want a man! I just want to come home from work, and have someone jump up on my lap and lick my face, and fetch a ball when I throw it.
Blanche: You can get a man to do that.

Rose receives a letter from her car insurance company saying she's been cut off because of the lawsuit from Mr. Nivingston. Blanche believes they can prove he's faking his injury by tricking him into performing "certain acts of a sexual nature". How does she plan to catch him in this lie?

Blanche will seduce him while Rose hides in the bedroom closet with a camera.
Episode 8 - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?
Blanche: Rose, I won't go all the way. I'll just get him in the bedroom and put him through the normal warm-ups, and we'll have a certain Scandinavian nitwit hiding in the closet with a camera!
Rose: Wouldn't it be better if I hid in the closet?
Blanche: Yes, Rose, I suppose it would.
Rose: Do you really think you can get him to remove the neck brace?
Blanche: Oh, please! I once got a man to crawl out of a full body cast.

Lyle Waggoner and Sonny Bono vie for Dorothy's affection and attention. They come to the house demanding that she chooses between the two. After an argument erupts and they break into a fight, a police officer arrives to arrest Lyle. He says he's a prime suspect in a major crime spree. In what city and state are these charges filed against Lyle?

Palm Springs, CA where Sonny Bono is mayor.
Episode 9 - Mrs. George Devereaux
Police Officer: Lyle Waggoner?
Lyle Waggoner: What?
Police Officer: You're under arrest.
Dorothy: Arrest? What's the charge?
Police Officer: Well, I don't have time to list all of them, but he's a prime suspect in a major crime spree.
Lyle Waggoner: Where?
Police Officer: Palm Springs, California.
Sonny Bono: It's good to be mayor.

Blanche's childhood caretaker Viola Watkins comes to visit and expresses her condolences about Big Daddy's passing. She found out Blanche was selling Big Daddy's personal items, and asks Blanche if she can have the music box she gave to her family. Why does she want the music box?

Viola gave it to Big Daddy as a special gift. They were having an affair that lasted for over 50 years.
Episode 5 - Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammy
Viola Watkins: Now Blanche, that music box is a lot more important to me than you could possibly know. I didn't give it to your family, I gave it to your father. It was a special gift.
Blanche: I don't understand.
Viola Watkins: Blanche, I loved your father.
Blanche: Of course you did. Everybody loved Big Daddy.
Viola Watkins: No, I mean I "loved" your father.
Blanche: Get out of here!
Viola Watkins: We were lovers, Blanche.
Blanche: That's impossible! Big Daddy was a Republican!

When Sophia takes sex and relationship advice from Blanche about her crush Tony Delveccio, Blanche tells her she should sleep with him. What does Blanche do to help Sophia be more physically attractive and desirable for her date with Tony?

She dresses Sophia in a short red dress with breast enhancements and heels.
Episode 10 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Before They Die
Blanche: Alright, girls. I want to present Blanche Devereaux's latest creation. I took an 84 year old woman and made her look like a 65 year old drag queen. Then I said to myself, "Blanche, too much rouge."

After spending an intimate night with Ted, Blanche is more comfortable and accepting of him being in a wheelchair. She's grown very fond of him and invites herself to go to Philadelphia with him, but he says he can't take her. What disappointing news does Blanche learn about him?

He's married.
Episode 11 - Stand by Your Man