The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 1

Grab some friends and gather around a cheesecake! Test your knowledge on Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia to see how much you know about their beginnings.

In the first season of The Golden Girls, we learn a lot about these four mature women like how they met, what they do for a living, and even meet some of their family members. We get to know their distinct personalities as they tackle daily life issues as senior citizens. We tag along on their dates, and we're tickled pink during their humorously entertaining shenanigans. How much do you know about the infancy of this iconic show? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Rose loses her job when the grief counseling center closes. She discreetly goes to dozens of job interviews but fails at finding a job. Why didn't she tell the girls about her secret job hunting?
She didn't want to tell them she wasn't hired because of her age.
Episode 22 - Job Hunting
When Rose's blind sister Lily comes to visit, Rose tells the girls Lily was the first woman ever in St. Olaf to have a pilot's license. Blanche says she and Lily have something in common, and she was the first woman ever in her hometown to have a what?
A pilot
Episode 23 - Blind Ambitions
Stanley needs Dorothy's signature on some legal papers, so he can sell property they bought on their honeymoon. Sophia tells Dorothy to read first before she signs. According to Sophia, what happened to her the last time Stanley gave Dorothy papers to sign?
Sophia was put in a home.
Episode 11 - Stan's Return

Which Golden Girl said the following?

"I can not look at dead people. That's why I don't even watch the news. Every now and then they sneak a corpse in on you."
Episode 15 - In a Bed of Rose's
When Blanche's 20 year old niece Lucy comes to visit, Blanche is disappointed that she and the girls don't see her much the first week she's in town. Where is Lucy?
Lucy is spending the night with different men she's meeting.
Episode 17 - Nice and Easy
When her husband went off to war, which Golden Girl worked at the local United Service Organizations club (an American nonprofit-charitable corporation that provides live entertainment and other programs to members of the United States Armed Forces and their families)?
Episode 11 - Stan's Return
Dorothy's daughter Kate tells the girls how she always dreamed her wedding would be. What specific guest is she looking forward to being there, but Dorothy doesn't want to come?
Her father, Stanley
Episode 2 - Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding
Because of her fear of performing in front of groups, which Golden Girl wet her pants during a tap dancing recital when she was 5 years old?
Episode 18 - The Operation
Blanche: Oh, God, I have never told that to another living soul, Rose. You see, I thought I had overcome my fear, honey, but I just haven't and performing is a nightmare for me.
Rose: Hey, we've all got our sad stories.
Blanche: What?
Rose: Look, Blanche. We've practiced for six weeks, we've paid for our costumes, we told everbody we'd be there. Now, you're not gonna wimp out on me. You're gonna go to that recital, and if you end up in a puddle tonight, well, you just better break into "Singin' In the Rain"!
What furry little household pest did the girls once experience in their home?
A mouse
Episode 17 - Nice and Easy
Rose falls asleep one night and has a very colorful dream involving the girls, her beau Dr. Jonathan Newman, her father, and what famed psychic and one of the best-known American astrologers of the 20th century?
Jeane Dixon
Episode 13 - A Little Romance
TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche once caught Dorothy sneaking out of the kitchen naked with an Oreo cookie in her mouth.
Episode 16 - The Truth Will Out
Blanche: Dorothy, listen, before Rose gets here, can I ask you something?
Dorothy: Sure.
Blanche: You don't have to answer if you don't want to.
Dorothy: What is it?
Blanche: If you think it's none of my business, just say, "Blanche it's none of your business."
Dorothy: Oh, look, Blanche, you caught me one night sneaking out of the kitchen naked with an Oreo in my mouth. We have no secrets. Now ask your damn question.
TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche auditioned for the role of Lady Macbeth for the spring production of Macbeth at the local community theater and gets the part because she slept with the director.
FALSE. Blanche got the part of Witch Number 3.
Episode 12 - The Custody Battle
After the house is broken into, Rose is terrified and buys a gun. Blanche returns home from a date one night, and her beau Lester accidentally sets off the house alarm. Out of fear, Rose fires in the dark. What was the result?
She shoots Blanche's vase.
Episode 8 - The Break-In
Blanche: You shot my vase.
Rose: I heard footsteps and a man's voice, and the alarm went off!
Blanche: It was Lester. He accidentally set off the alarm.
Rose: Oh, I'm sorry.
Blanche: You shot my vase!
Rose: I didn't shoot Lester.
Blanche: I'd rather you shot Lester!
When Dorothy's daughter Kate and her boyfriend Dennis get married, where do they have the wedding?
The girls host the wedding at the house.
Episode 2 - Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding
Right before the doubles bowling tournament, Sophia places a side bet with Dorothy. Dorothy wants her mother's antique silver earrings if she wins. What does Sophia want if she wins?
Sophia wants Dorothy to lend her the money to fly to Sicily for the San Genero Festival with Augustine Bagatelli, a man she was once engaged to.
Episode 7 - The Competition
Dorothy and Blanche try to console Rose about her failed attempts at job hunting, and Dorothy tweaks Rose's resume to help her land a position as a hospital administrator. When Rose returns home the next day, she tells the girls she landed a job as a what?
Coffee shop waitress
Episode 22 - Job Hunting
Blanche mentioned she had 2 roommates from Minnesota before Dorothy and Rose moved in. What were their weird habits?
They bathed together and flossed each other's teeth.
Episode 25 - The Way We Met
When Blanche's grandson comes to visit, the girls quickly learn he has a smart mouth. He leaves shortly after his arrival to hang out with friends. What does Dorothy tell Rose his punishment should be when he returns?
Rose's story about handicapped farm animals
Episode 6 - On Golden Girls

When Dorothy's boyfriend Elliott makes a pass at Blanche, Blanche is nervous about telling Dorothy because she doesn't want to lose a friend. Dorothy returns home one evening from a date with Elliott, and Blanche musters the courage to tell her how Elliott put his "big, masculine arms around her tiny, little waist".

TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy believes Blanche and immediately ends the relationship with Elliott.
FALSE. Dorothy accuses Blanche of being jealous that Elliott chose her over Blanche.
Episode 5 - The Triangle
TRUE OR FALSE: After the house is broken into, Sophia hides all her belongings and lies that the robbers took her clothes.
Episode 8 - The Break-In
Sophia: Well, they cleaned me out. Took everything I owned. All I have is what I have on.
Rose: They took your clothes?
Sophia: My clothes, my shoes, girdle. Everything. Thank God I'm insured.
Dorothy: Ma, why in the world would they want your clothes?
Sophia: Who knows? Short girl robber, travels a lot, likes drip-dry. It's ok. I'm thrilled. I hated my clothes. I need new clothes.