The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 1

Grab some friends and gather around a cheesecake! Test your knowledge on Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia to see how much you know about their beginnings.

In the first season of The Golden Girls, we learn a lot about these four mature women like how they met, what they do for a living, and even meet some of their family members. We get to know their distinct personalities as they tackle daily life issues as senior citizens. We tag along on their dates, and we're tickled pink during their humorously entertaining shenanigans. How much do you know about the infancy of this iconic show? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

TRUE OR FALSE: The divorce lawyer was the first person Dorothy slept with after her divorce from Stanley.
Episode 3 - Rose the Prude
Rose stated that she was famous for her Lindstrom Surprise - a herring pie she made for her cat on his birthday and other holidays. What was her cat's first and last name?
Lindstrom Lindstrom
Episode 10 - The Heart Attack
The assumption here is Rose had this cat prior to marrying Charlie; her married name was Nylund.
When the girls return home after attending a Madonna performance, they are horrified at what they see when they enter the house. What happened?
Their house was burglarized.
Episode 8 - The Break-In
Where is Sophia from?
Episode 4 - Transplant
Why does Blanche say she prefers not to shower alone?
She's scared of the shower scene in the movie Psycho.
Episode 25 - The Way We Met
Rose goes out onto the lanai and sees the result of a recent storm: the neighbor's tree has fallen onto their property. Dorothy offers to split the cost of removing the tree with Mr. Barton the neighbor, but he refuses to take any responsibility. How does Sophia respond?
She puts a Sicilian curse on him and tells him he won't have a moment's peace until he hauls the tree away.
Episode 24 - Big Daddy
When Dr. Elliott Clayton comes to the house to give Sophia a check-up, Blanche introduces herself and says her name, Blanche Devereaux, is French for what?
Blanche Devereaux
Episode 5 - The Triangle
Blanche: Oh, hello there. I don't believe we've been introduced. My name is Blanche Devereaux. That's French for...Blanche Devereaux.
What are the names of Blanche's two sisters?
Virginia and Charmaine
Episode 4 - Transplant
TRUE OR FALSE: Rose's hobbies are cheese-making, stamp collecting, and Viking history.
Episode 22 - Job Hunting
Which Golden Girl said, "Isn't it interesting how the sounds are the same for awful nightmares and great sex?"
Episode 15 - In a Bed of Rose's
While shopping for melons, Dorothy and Blanche both share how they determine if a melon is ripe. Dorothy says she smells the tip, and Blanche says she thumps it. Rose says she has the best method, and it works every time. What does she do?
She cuts it open and tastes it.
Episode 25 - The Way We Met
Before Blanche's sister Virginia comes to visit, Blanche expresses to the girls how much she hates her. When Virginia arrives, she and Blanche spend time together, but Blanche is skeptical because Virginia is abnormally friendly. What shocking news does Virginia reveal to Blanche?
She tells Blanche she's dying. She's going into renal failure and wants Blanche to be her organ donor for a kidney transplant.
Episode 4 - Transplant
TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche wants to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery because it's full of men.
Episode 10 - The Heart Attack
Which Golden Girl is a hypochondriac (a person who is abnormally anxious about their health)?
Episode 21 - The Flu
What is the name of Blanche's 14 year old grandson that comes to visit for two weeks because his parents are having marital problems?
Episode 6 - On Golden Girls
Blanche goes back to school to get her degree and possibly a promotion at the museum where she works. Unfortunately, she fails her psychology mid-term exam. When she asks Professor Cooper for help, what does he suggest to Blanche in order for her pass the course?
Episode 20 - Adult Education
Professor Cooper: If you really want that degree, you'll use it. You catch my drift?
Which Golden Girl actually owns the house?
Episode 25 - The Way We Met
Blanche: Actually, it's possessed by Miami Federal, and at 7%, you couldn't blast me out of here.
What is Rose's lucky number?
Episode 20 - Adult Education
Blanche's fiance Harry is thirty minutes late to the wedding the girls are hosting at the house. The doorbell rings, and a police officer asks to speak to Blanche. What does he tell her?
Harry's been arrested for bigamy. He's wanted in 4 states and has 6 wives.
Episode 1 - Pilot (The Golden Girls)
TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy taught part-time at a school for the hearing impaired when she was in college.
FALSE. She taught part-time at a school for the blind.
Episode 23 - Blind Ambitions