The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 1

Grab some friends and gather around a cheesecake! Test your knowledge on Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia to see how much you know about their beginnings.

In the first season of The Golden Girls, we learn a lot about these four mature women like how they met, what they do for a living, and even meet some of their family members. We get to know their distinct personalities as they tackle daily life issues as senior citizens. We tag along on their dates, and we're tickled pink during their humorously entertaining shenanigans. How much do you know about the infancy of this iconic show? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Which Golden Girl said the following?

"If you've got a stallion eating oats out of your hand, best close the gate before you give him the sugar."

Episode 17 - Nice and Easy
Rose: How was your trip?
Lucy: Oh, it was wonderful! I met a gorgeous, single doctor on the plane.
Dorothy: At 30,000 feet, she picks up a doctor. Now I see the family resemblance.
Lucy: In fact, I'm suppose to meet him in a half hour, if that's ok.
Blanche: But, darling, you just got here!
Lucy: Aunt Blanche, you always said, "If you've got a stallion eating oats out of your hand, best close the gate before you give him the sugar."
Dorothy: You said that, Blanche?

When Dorothy goes to the hospital to have surgery on her foot, Dr. Revell comes to her room to inform her that Dr. Ashton will not be performing her surgery. What happened to Dr. Ashton?

He was subpoenaed in a malpractice suit.
Episode 18 - The Operation
Dr. Revell: Hello, Mrs. Zbornak. My name is Dr. Revell.
Dorothy: Oh, hello.
Dr. Revell: I'm here to tell you that Dr. Ashton won't be able to perform your surgery tomorrow. He's been subpoenaed in a malpractice suit.
Dorothy: You are kidding?
Dr. Revell: I'm afraid not. He's a damn fine doctor too. I wish I were half the doctor he is. By the way, I'll be performing your surgery tomorrow.

After years of telling her children that her husband Charlie was a successful business man, Rose finally reveals the truth to her daughter Kirsten about her father and why there wasn't much left in his will. What was the truth?

Charlie was a good person with a big heart, but as a business man, he was bad with managing money and didn't leave Rose anything.
Episode 16 - The Truth Will Out

TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche once lied and told her sister Virginia she was left on the doorstep by gypsies. Blanche told her this simply because Virginia annoyed her.

False. She told this lie to her sister Charmaine.
Episode 16 - The Truth Will Out
Rose: What's the biggest lie you've ever told?
Blanche: I once told my sister Charmaine that she was left on our doorstep by gypsies.
Dorothy: What?
Rose: Well, Blanche, why would you wanna do a thing like that?
Blanche: She annoyed me! Always mouthing off about how her hair was curlier than mine, her complexion was prettier than mine. I finally said there was good reason for it - she was left by gypsies. Had her completely convinced.
Rose: Well, what did she say when you told her the truth?
Blanche: Oh, I never did. I even tried to help her find her little old gypsy mama.
Dorothy: Well, I lied to Stan. I used to tell him how great he was in bed. It was really very difficult, but fortunately, I only had to tell him on his birthday.

Rose says Dorothy has the gift to communicate with animals. She advises Dorothy to use it wisely because it's powerful. Why does Rose believe Dorothy has this gift?

She caught Dorothy talking to a mouse in the kitchen, and it seemingly left through a hole under the sink when Dorothy asked it to leave.
Episode 17 - Nice and Easy

The night before her operation, Dorothy sneaks out of the hospital because she's too afraid to have surgery on her foot due to her phobia of hospitals. Why does she have that phobia?

When she was five years old, she was left alone in the hospital when she had her tonsils removed.
Episode 18 - The Operation
Sophia: I thought I heard you in here. What are you doing home?
Dorothy: I'm all better, Ma.
Rose: Oh, she is not. She's afraid to have the surgery 'cause she has a phobia about hospitals.
Dorothy: And do you know why I have that phobia? Because when I was five years old, I was left alone in the hospital on the day I was having my tonsils taken out.
Sophia: I was in Cleveland at your Uncle Mario's funeral.
Dorothy: Yep, but Pop wasn't.
Sophia: Of course not. He hated your uncle Mario. Everyone hated your Uncle Mario. That's how he died, 23 stab wounds during a block party, and nobody saw a thing.

Rose and Dr. Jonathan Newman are on a dinner date, and he tells her there's something important they need to discuss. "Rose, in order for a relationship to be complete, each person has to accept the other for what he is. I don't think that can ever happen between us."

Why does he say he can't see her anymore?

She's not Jewish.
Episode 13 - A Little Romance

Which Golden Girl once worked in a factory as an assembly line worker riveting canteens as her part for the war effort?

Episode 23 - Blind Ambitions

After the doubles bowling tournament, Dorothy and Blanche aren't speaking to Rose because she was an ungracious winner. As a peace offering, Rose offers them a trophy with all their names engraved on it to acknowledge how well they bowled. What do Dorothy and Blanche notice about the names on the trophy?

Rose's name is 3 times larger than theirs.
Episode 7 - The Competition
Dorothy: Oh, Rose, can I ask you a question?
Rose: Sure.
Dorothy: Why is your name three times larger than ours?
Rose: Because I'm the one who actually won it. If you ever want to look at it, it'll be in my bedroom.

Rose hasn't been on a date for three months after realizing two men have died after she slept with them: her husband Charlie and Al Beatty. She finally decides to go away for the weekend with her beau Arnie, but she's hesitant about sleeping with him.

TRUE OR FALSE: Arnie died after Rose slept with him.

Episode 15 - In a Bed of Rose's

On the day of her daughter's wedding, Dorothy struggles to contain her resentment towards her ex-husband Stanley. His presence at the ceremony brings back painful memories of how their marriage ended. She eventually confronts him, expressing how she felt when he left without a word. How does Dorothy say she find out her marriage was over?

She received a phone call from Stanley's lawyer.
Episode 2 - Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding

Later in this season, Dorothy says Stanley asked her for a divorce. (Episode 20 - Adult Education)

When Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche enroll in tap dancing class, they call themselves "The Tip Tap Trio". Dorothy misses the dance recital because she had surgery on her foot, and Blanche and Rose perform without her. What was the name of their dancing duo?

The Two Merry Widows
Episode 18 - The Operation

TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche's sister Virginia took one of Blanche's boyfriends and eventually married him. Blanche served as maid of honor in her wedding.

Episode 4 - Transplant

When the girls meet Blanche's father for the first time, what does Blanche wear?

she wears a dress that looks exactly like the one she wore to her sweet sixteen because it was her father's favorite.
Episode 24 - Big Daddy

Stanley and Dorothy end up spending the night together when Dorothy consoles him about his wife Chrissy leaving him. When the girls find out, Dorothy reassures them it was a one-time event. How does Stanley feel about Dorothy?

He tells Dorothy he wants to get back with her.
Episode 11 - Stan's Return

Rose's blind sister Lily goes back to Chicago after spending some time in Miami, but Rose is very concerned about her sister's well-being. When she goes to Chicago two months later to visit Lily, what is she pleasantly surprised to see when she arrives at the airport?

Lily's there and has learned how to navigate with her guide dog Becky.
Episode 23 - Blind Ambitions

When Dorothy's sister Gloria comes to visit, she tells Dorothy how much she likes being with Sophia and wants to spend more time with her. To Dorothy's dismay, what does Gloria ask her mother that Sophia says yes to?

She asks Sophia to live with her in California.
Episode 12 - The Custody Battle

Blanche wants to buy a new car, but she can't afford it unless she sells her current one. Rose also needs a car. When Blanche gives her car to Rose for a 2-week test drive, what happens while the car is in Rose's possession?

It's stolen.
Episode 14 - That Was No Lady

What is the unusual circumstance around how Blanche found out her husband died?

A highway patrolman calls her at 2AM and asks if she has a yellow convertible and a husband named George. He puts her on hold right before he comes back on the line crunching on chips and tells her George died in a car accident.
Episode 15 - In a Bed of Rose's

When Blanche brings her wealthy beau Richard home to meet the girls, she abruptly changes her mind because she sees a toilet in the middle of the living room. Why is the toilet there?

Dorothy and Rose are repairing the bathroom, but the toilet is too heavy move. The plumber who delivered it refused to move it because he didn't think they were capable of installing it because they're women.
Episode 19 - Second Motherhood