The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 1

Grab some friends and gather around a cheesecake! Test your knowledge on Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia to see how much you know about their beginnings.

In the first season of The Golden Girls, we learn a lot about these four mature women like how they met, what they do for a living, and even meet some of their family members. We get to know their distinct personalities as they tackle daily life issues as senior citizens. We tag along on their dates, and we're tickled pink during their humorously entertaining shenanigans. How much do you know about the infancy of this iconic show? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy and Rose took on a plumbing project at the house and successfully repaired the bathroom.

Episode 19 - Second Motherhood

When Rose's beau Dr. Jonathan Newman comes to the house for dinner, Dorothy and Blanche discover he's a little person/dwarf and both are on edge about making him uncomfortable. What do they unintentionally serve for dinner that night?

Shrimp for the hors d'oeuvres and short ribs for dinner.
Episode 13 - A Little Romance

The girls are having breakfast in the kitchen when Sophia walks in and announces that Rose's beau Al Beatty is in her bed. Rose is horrified because she didn't want them to know he spent the night. To add insult to injury, what else does Sophia tell the girls?

She tells them Al is dead.
Episode 15 - In a Bed of Rose's
Sophia: There's a man in your bed.
Rose: Sophia, there's not.
Blanche: Why, you devil, you!
Dorothy: So that was what we heard. Rose!
Blanche: Rose got lucky.
Sophia: Not so lucky. The man in your bed is dead.
Rose: What?
Sophia: Dead.
Rose: Oh, Sophia...he's not dead. I was just in there.
Sophia: So was I. I went to put back your laundry. And I see there's a man in the bed so I introduce myself, but he doesn't answer. He's dead.
Rose: He's shy. He's very shy.
Blanche: Didn't sound so shy last night.
Sophia: Ok, fine. Let a dead guy lie there. It's gonna be 98 degrees today. It won't be pretty.
Dorothy: Oh, I'm sure he's not dead. Rose, go look.
Rose: Come on, Dorothy, he's sleeping. I don't want to wake him.
Sophia: You could light firecrackers in his nostrils, you won't wake him.

When Rose dumps Blanche as her partner for the doubles bowling tournament, Blanche signs up with Olga Nielsen. Olga and her twin sister Sonja are both excellent bowlers and practically unbeatable. What does Rose do after discovering who Blanche's new partner is?

She secretly dumps Dorothy as her partner and teams up with Sonja Nielsen.
Episode 7 - The Competition

Which Golden Girl said she could never be seriously involved with anyone in show business?

Episode 11 - Stan's Return

When Rose's mother Alma comes to visit, Rose is over-protective and basically treats her like a child. Why does Rose act this way towards her mother?

Her mother is getting older, and Rose is afraid of losing her like she lost her father and her husband.
Episode 9 - Blanche and the Younger Man

What does Rose do for a living?

She's a grief counselor.
Episode 1 - Pilot (The Golden Girls)

When the grief center closes, she gets a job as a coffee shop waitress (Season 1, Episode 22 - Job Hunting). She later lands a position as a production assistant at a local tv station (Season 5, Episode 4 - Rose Fights Back), and also volunteers at a hospital (Season 6, Episode 2 - Once, in St. Olaf).

Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia are on the lanai; Sophia is enjoying an afternoon nap. What does Dorothy do to confirm that Sophia is indeed sleeping?

She puts a mirror under Sophia's nose to check for breath.
Episode 1 - Pilot (The Golden Girls)
Rose: What are you doing? She's sleeping.
Dorothy: Just checking. You never know.

When Dorothy and Rose first meet in person at Blanche's house, they discover Blanche accidentally promised both of them the same room. How do the girls resolve the issue?

They flip a coin. Rose calls "tails" and wins.
Episode 25 - The Way We Met

As Rose's beau Dr. Jonathan Newman is leaving the dinner party at the house, he tells Rose there's something important he wants to talk to her about. What does Rose think it is?

She believes he's going to ask her to marry him.
Episode 13 - A Little Romance

Rose signs up with Dorothy for the doubles bowling tournament and then dumps her for Sonja Nielsen. Sonja Nielsen dumps Rose as her partner and teams up with her twin sister Olga. Who agrees to be Rose's partner for the tournament?

Episode 7 - The Competition

After the girls host a dinner party at the house, Sophia complains about a painful "bubble" in her chest. She thinks she's dying and sends Dorothy to get her rosary beads. Where does Dorothy find them?

In a can of peanut brittle
Episode 10 - The Heart Attack

Rose tells the girls she's nervous about the visit from her daughter and granddaughter, Kirsten and Charlie. Rose made Kirsten executor of her will, and she's hesitant about reviewing the documents with her. Why is she nervous?

Rose fears how her daughter may react when she learns there's not much left in the will.
Episode 16 - The Truth Will Out

Which Golden Girl used to be a Radio City Rockette?

Blanche. During her teenage rebellion, she hitched a ride to New York when she was 17 and was a Rockette for two months under an assumed name.
Episode 17 - Nice and Easy

Which Golden Girl has a fear of performing in front of groups?

Episode 18 - The Operation
Blanche: Rose, I have a confession to make. Flying isn't the only thing I'm afraid of. I also have a fear of front of groups, that is.

Blanche was dumped twice as a partner for the doubles bowling tournament - first by Rose and then by Olga Nielsen. Who agrees to be Blanche's partner for the tournament?

Episode 7 - The Competition

When Dorothy's daughter Kate introduces her boyfriend Dennis to the girls, what does she say he does for a living?

He's a podiatrist.
Episode 2 - Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding

What are the circumstances surrounding Sophia's first appearance on the show?

Her retirement home Shady Pines burned down.
Episode 1 - Pilot (The Golden Girls)

After their first meeting during a house call for Sophia's checkup, Dorothy begins dating Dr. Elliott Clayton when he invites her to dinner. During their courtship, he makes a pass at one of the other girls. Which Golden Girl did he make a pass at?

Episode 5 - The Triangle

Rose loses her job when the grief counseling center closes. She discreetly goes to dozens of job interviews but fails at finding a job. Why didn't she tell the girls about her secret job hunting?

She didn't want to tell them she wasn't hired because of her age.
Episode 22 - Job Hunting