The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 1

Grab some friends and gather around a cheesecake! Test your knowledge on Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia to see how much you know about their beginnings.

In the first season of The Golden Girls, we learn a lot about these four mature women like how they met, what they do for a living, and even meet some of their family members. We get to know their distinct personalities as they tackle daily life issues as senior citizens. We tag along on their dates, and we're tickled pink during their humorously entertaining shenanigans. How much do you know about the infancy of this iconic show? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

When Blanche's grandson David comes to visit, Blanche waits at the airport to pick him up, but he never shows. He eventually arrives at the house with a police officer. Where does the officer say David was?

David hid in the airplane lavatory when the plane landed in Miami, and he was later picked up at a duty-free shop in Freeport, Bahamas.
Episode 6 - On Golden Girls

What is Rose's favorite restaurant?

Dairy Queen
Episode 25 - The Way We Met
Rose: Listen, since this is our first night as roommates, I'd like to invite the two of you to dinner at my favorite restaurant.
Dorothy: Well, that's very sweet of you, Rose.
Blanche: Well, thank you, Rose.
Rose: Then we'd better hurry, 'cause the strawberry blizzard special at the Dairy Queen only lasts til 5PM. Come on, I'll drive.
Dorothy: Oh, let's not drive. Let's skip there.

Why does Sophia enjoy playing cards with Dorothy?

She likes the conversation. She says she and Dorothy have the best talks over a game of Gin Rummy.
Episode 3 - Rose the Prude

Dorothy experiences love at first sight with a gorgeous gym teacher she met at the school where she's been subbing. What is his name?

Glen O'Brien
Episode 14 - That Was No Lady

Which Golden Girl said she breastfed her son until he was 12?

Episode 4 - Transplant
Sophia: I nursed. Your brother was 12 when he stopped. He wanted to come home from school at lunchtime. I got nothing left up here.

TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche made a date at her husband's funeral.

Episode 1 - Pilot (The Golden Girls)

Which Golden Girl made the following statements?

"You know, all it takes is one little dessert, and my panties cut off my circulation."

"I can go out to dinner and in the middle of the meal, my pants are cutting off my circulation so bad my feet are turning blue."

Episode 10 - The Heart Attack

When the girls meet Blanche's father for the first time, he tells Blanche he has a surprise for her. What is the surprise?

He's singing at a local club and invites the girls to see him perform.
Episode 24 - Big Daddy

TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche was an organ donor for her sister Virginia when she needed a kidney transplant.

False. Blanche's blood vessels were too small. Virginia received a kidney from a retired Mormon school teacher.
Episode 4 - Transplant

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose had never seen a naked man before she married Charlie.

Episode 22 - Job Hunting

After dating for three weeks, Dorothy excitedly suggests to her beau Glen O'Brien that they take a trip to the Bahamas, but he says he can't go. What is his reason for not going?

He's married.
Episode 14 - That Was No Lady

Which Golden Girl once scalped Frank Sinatra concert tickets to an undercover police officer and got arrested?

Episode 20 - Adult Education
Blanche: Oh, thank goodness! I have been worried sick. Do you realize it's almost two in the morning? I was about to call the police!
Rose: You should've. That's who we were with.
Blanche: What? What happened?
Dorothy: Look, I don't want to talk about it.
Blanche: Oh, well alright, but somebody tell me before I die of suspense.
Sophia: My brilliant daughter scalped the tickets to an undercover policeman.
Dorothy: Ma, get off my back, huh?
Sophia: You're lucky I was with you. You'd still be in the slammer if I hadn't faked that heart attack.
Rose: My life we be ruined if this ever gets home to St. Olaf.
Dorothy: What'll they do, Rose? Revoke your ice fishing license? Take back your helmet with the horns? I mean, I'm the injured party. Obviously, I am destined to never see Frank Sinatra face to face.
Rose: They're called longenhodden.
Dorothy: What is called longenhodden?
Rose: The helmet with the horns.

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose have the flu; they've been bickering for days due to feeling miserable. Which Golden Girl was contagious and got them sick?

Episode 21 - The Flu
Blanche: I feel hot.
Dorothy: I feel cold.
Rose: I feel guilty. This is all my fault.
Dorothy: Oh no, Rose. It's all my fault. The minute I found out you were contagious, I should've thrown you out on the street.

Which Golden Girl thought she was being attacked in the parking lot and kneed the attendant in his "safe deposit box" while he was trying to return her keys?

Episode 8 - The Break-In

Which Golden Girl said a soda jerk "attempted" to sexually harass her by arranging the ice cream scoops in an obscene way when she ordered a sundae?

Episode 20 - Adult Education
Rose: Nils Felander attempted to harass me repeatedly.
Blanche: What do you mean he attempted to?
Rose: He worked at Lars Erickson's drugstore and tackle shop. He was a soda jerk. Now that I think about it, he was the town jerk. Every Saturday afternoon, I'd go in and have a sundae. Well, Nils would arrange the ice cream scoops in an obscene way. I could never prove it, because by the time I would take it home to show my father, the evidence had melted. To this day, every time I pass an ice cream parlor or a tackle shop, I blush.

Which Golden Girl once claimed she fumbled the chance to be Mrs. Andy Griffith because she didn't follow her feelings when she met him in a Rexall drugstore?

Episode 9 - Blanche and the Younger Man

Rose tells the girls how she met her husband Charlie one summer when she was 7, and he was 8. At the time, he had a sidewalk business stand. What was he selling?

Episode 14 - That Was No Lady
Rose: I bought a nickel policy on my red wagon. And right after that, my wagon was destroyed.
Blanche: How?
Rose: Some hogs trampled it. I was hauling home a smoked ham for mama, and I think it set them off. Well, anyway, that's when I fell in love with Charlie. He paid for a new wagon...even though my policy didn't cover acts of swine.

When all the girls attend the Best Friend of the Friends of Good Health award dinner, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are in fierce competition for the accolade. Who wins the award?

Episode 21 - The Flu

Which Golden Girl believed her jewelry was stolen during a house burglary and reported it to the police because she forgot she hid the jewelry in the freezer?

Episode 8 - The Break-In

Which Golden Girl said she wants a fancy funeral with a big parade, a riderless horse, and then lie in state?

Episode 10 - The Heart Attack