The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 5

Did Blanche write a novel? Did Sophia move out? Is Dorothy terminally ill? Is Rose living with HIV? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season five.

In the fifth season of The Golden Girls, the ladies don't let up on the hilarity, but they also rise to the occasion and grapple with very serious issues. Rose hangs in the balance as she waits for possibly devasting news from her doctor, Sophia is challenged with growing older while remembering the good times of her youth, Dorothy faces the temptations of a past addiction, and Blanche grieves the lose of a close family member that's very near and dear to her heart. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Rose is testing weight loss products for work, but she ends up gaining 4 pounds. To lose those pounds, she's going on a diet that guarantees results: the St. Olaf I-can't-believe-this-is-cheese diet. How does this diet work?
You eat nothing but rice.
Episode 17 - Like the Beep Beep Beep of the Tom-Tom
Sophia and Dorothy visit the old apartment in Brooklyn, NY to stir up Sophia's memories. Sophia wants to prove to Dorothy that she remembers her husband Salvadore carving a giant heart on the back of the pantry door, but to her dismay, it isn't there. Where does Sophia find the heart carving?
The bedroom closet door
Episode 16 - Clinton Avenue Memoirs
Sophia: I mixed up the rooms, but I remembered. Of course, I thought the carving was in the kitchen. Sal, used to hang his salamis in here.
Blanche once told the girls she turned down thousands of offers from men, including a man famous for his work on 60 Minutes. Who was it?
Andy Rooney
Episode 18 - An Illegitimate Concern
Which Golden Girl has a sister who's a published author? (Hint: The title of the sister's novel is Vixen: Story of a Woman.)
Blanche, it's her sister Charmaine.
Episode 21 - Sisters and Other Strangers
Rose told the girls the story about Little Yiminy back in St. Olaf, the boy who was raised by a wild moose. What else did the moose do for Little Yiminy?
He put him through medical school.
Episode 20 - Twice in a Lifetime
Rose: I haven't seen Buzz in almost 40 years, since we were dating in high school.
Dorothy: Rose, I didn't think you dated anyone before Charlie.
Rose: Actually, it was while I dated Charlie.
Blanche: Rose Nylund! You were in a love triangle and never told us.
Rose: Well, I didn't think you would be interested.
Dorothy: Oh, but you were certain that we would be interested in the story about Little Yiminy, the boy who was raised by a wild moose?
Rose: May I remind you, Dorothy, that moose didn't just raise Little Yiminy. He put him through medical school.
When Blanche decides to be celibate, she takes up an arts and crafts hobby. She makes a purse for Dorothy, a potpourri box for Sophia, and a pair of earrings for Rose. What are these items made with?
Popsicle sticks
Episode 17 - Like the Beep Beep Beep of the Tom-Tom
Blanche: Good morning, ladies! Dorothy, a popsicle stick purse for you, Sophia, a popsicle stick potpourri box, and for you Rose, two lovely popsicle stick earrings.
Dorothy: So, Blanche, how are we enjoying our celibacy?
Blanche: Just let me get a popsicle, I'll be right with you.
Dorothy is thrilled when she receives a phone call from Glen O'Brien, the married man she was involved with four years ago. She agrees to meet with him after he says he has something important to talk to her about. What does he tell her?
He's divorced and wants to rekindle his relationship with Dorothy.
Episode 22 - Cheaters
Dorothy and Sophia enter the Shady Pines Mother/Daughter Beauty Pageant, and one of their acts is a musical performance. What American pop and entertainment duo do they dress as while singing their Billboard Hot 100 song, I Got You Babe?
Sonny and Cher
Episode 18 - An Illegitimate Concern
Stan's cousin Magda comes to Miami from Czechoslovakia, and she stays with the girls during her visit. After hanging out with Magda for several days, the girls are frustrated with her views on communism. What does Magda constantly complain about?
How awful things are in America
Episode 21 - Sisters and Other Strangers
Sophia: Magda is driving us crazy. All she does is complain about how awful things are in America. Everywhere we went, something bothered her. We showed her the mall-
Dorothy: She said we live in a plastic society with no soul. This was after I bought her beef sticks and spreadable cheese from Hickory Farms.
Dorothy doesn't have a date for her goddaughter Jenny's wedding. Blanche suggests Dorothy borrow one of her extra men. When Dorothy chooses Doug the judge, Blanche shoots the notion down because he's on her A-list. What does Dorothy tell Blanche?
She says Blanche is only generous if it doesn't mean anything. She won't give if it's going to hurt.
Episode 23 - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present
Blanche once told Dorothy and Rose it's not a good experience dating a horse jockey. The sex is over too fast, and they only have one nice thing to say afterwards. What is it?
"Good girl, good girl."
Episode 24 - All Bets Are Off
Which two Golden Girls were victims of a confidence game called "The Pigeon Drop" where they were scammed out of $2000 by a strange man and a nun while they were out shopping?
Blanche and Sophia
Episode 22 - Cheaters
Rose: I work for a consumer protection show. We've been warning people about this for months. Once these scamsters have your money in an envelope, they make a switch, and you wind up with worthless paper. They prey on the old and the gullible.
Blanche: Are you calling me gullible?
Rose: No.
Back in St. Olaf in the sixties, Rose says there was a controversial issue that nearly tore the town apart. What was it?
Opposite side of the street parking
Episode 18 - An Illegitimate Concern
Rose: Nobody could understand the concept. I mean, it doesn't matter what side of the street you park on, there's always an opposite side.
Blanche's sister Charmaine comes to Miami to promote her recently published novel. After Charmaine gives Blanche an autographed copy, Blanche reads it and sees a lot of similarities between her and the heroine Vixen St. James. Why is Blanche upset about the book?
She believes the book is about her.
Episode 21 - Sisters and Other Strangers
Blanche: I don't believe this! I just don't believe it!
Dorothy: Blanche, what's the matter?
Blanche: Listen to this. "Vixen stared at herself in the mirror. Her pouty lips, her flaxen hair, her flawless alabaster skin. Her proud breasts seemed to be saying, "Is it just me, or is it cold in here?"
Dorothy: So?
Blanche: Pouty, flaxen, proud. What do you need, a photograph? This book is about me!

Sophia tells the girls how she was once in an arranged marriage in Sicily to a neighbor's son, but he left her at the altar and went to America. She put a curse on him saying:

"From this day forward, may you and all your future generations never know true love. May you be sterile, and may all your offspring be sterile. May your hair never lie flat, and may your socks always slip down inside your shoes."

What was her fiance's name?
Giuseppe Mangiacavallo
Episode 23 - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present
Which Golden Girl had a gambling addiction just like her father?
Episode 24 - All Bets Are Off
Sophia: Of all the things you could've inherited from your father, you had to pick this damn gambling disease.
Dorothy: Oh Ma, will you get off my back! Now, come on. You don't have to worry about me. I had a nice day at the track, and that's that. And Pop did not have a problem.
Sophia: Dorothy, I spent too many years denying your father's addiction. He was a gambler to his dying day. In fact, his last words were, "Ten bucks says I don't need this oxygen tank."
What was Rose and Charlie's pet name for sex? (Hint: Rose once said she was so mad, she refused to make it for a year.)
Episode 18 - An Illegitimate Concern
TRUE OR FALSE: Sophia and Dorothy entered the Shady Pines Mother/Daughter Beauty Pageant and won first place.
FALSE. They were runners-up.
Episode 18 - An Illegitimate Concern
Blanche: You won!
Dorothy: No, actually we're just the runners-up, but if the reigning winners for any reason can't fulfill their duties...
Sophia: And I'm telling you, the winning mother and daughter are 98 and 77. If either one of them forgets to take a nitroglycerin even once, Dorothy and I are going be cutting ribbons at Piggly Wiggly.
Dorothy painfully tells the girls how her sister Gloria broke her favorite doll when they were little girls. Gloria singed the doll's hair, and made it so her eyes wouldn't close. Dorothy said she didn't talk to Gloria for months. What was her doll's name?
Mrs. Doolittle
Episode 21 - Sisters and Other Strangers
Dorothy: She didn't just break it, she made it so the eyes would never close again. She made Mrs. Doolittle look like a morphine addict!
Dorothy mentioned Mrs. Doolittle earlier in Season 2, Episode 17 - Bedtime Story, but she said she was a ragdoll.
Dorothy brings her beau Glen O'Brien home to meet the girls. Right before they walk into the house, Glen asks Dorothy something very important. What does he ask her?
He asks Dorothy to marry him.
Episode 22 - Cheaters