The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 5

Did Blanche write a novel? Did Sophia move out? Is Dorothy terminally ill? Is Rose living with HIV? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season five.

In the fifth season of The Golden Girls, the ladies don't let up on the hilarity, but they also rise to the occasion and grapple with very serious issues. Rose hangs in the balance as she waits for possibly devasting news from her doctor, Sophia is challenged with growing older while remembering the good times of her youth, Dorothy faces the temptations of a past addiction, and Blanche grieves the lose of a close family member that's very near and dear to her heart. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Which Golden Girl gets turned on at weddings?

Episode 23 - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present
Dorothy: What are saying, Rose? Weddings get you hot?
Rose: Yes. I mean, it was fine while Charlie was alive, but oh I'll never forget that first wedding after he died. So, now you see why I can't go if Miles is going to be out of town. I might end up almost going to bed with the caterer again!
Blanche: Rose, I want to help, but first you have to tell me what the problem is.

Which Golden Girl is artistically talented and has a knack for painting horses?

Episode 24 - All Bets Are Off

According to Rose, what is the name of St. Olaf's most famous religious painting?

The Last Pancake Breakfast
Episode 24 - All Bets Are Off

When Rose was younger, she went to St. Gustav, the sister city to St. Olaf also known as "The City That Never Naps". While she was there, she gained some street-smart savvy and took it back to St. Olaf. She was temporarily a town celebrity. What did Rose learn while in St. Gustav?

To come in out of the rain
Episode 21 - Sisters and Other Strangers
Rose: There I was, drenched, and someone yelled out, "Hey, don't you have enough sense to come in out of the rain?" Well, then it hit me, and when I went home to St. Olaf, I passed on this bit of street-smart savvy. The next thing you know, in St. Olaf, the in thing was coming in out of the rain! I was the town celebrity until the phrase, "Watch out for that tractor!" caught on.

Dorothy and her beau Glen are at his apartment, and they're talking about getting married. His phone rings; it's his ex-wife Bernice. What does he tell her that makes Dorothy rethink marrying him?

He tells Bernice he's alone.
Episode 22 - Cheaters

According to Rose, what is the St. Olaf Wedding March?

The Laurel and Hardy theme song, Dance Of The Cuckoos
Episode 23 - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present

Blanche announces she has a date with the museum's curator Donald Parker Everett, but Dorothy doesn't think it's a good idea to date a co-worker. After her date with Donald, Blanche returns home humiliated after making an aggressive sexual pass at him. How did he respond?

He rejected her. He has a strict rule against getting involved with co-workers.
Episode 24 - All Bets Are Off

The girls receive a visit from Agent Bell of the Secret Service. He says their house has been under surveillance. President Bush wants to visit one house in the neighborhood before dedicating the new senior citizens' center. Why was their home chosen as a possibility?

There are four senior citizens living there.
Episode 25 - The President's Coming! Part 1

After Blanche angrily confronts her sister Charmaine at her book signing, Charmaine comes to the house demanding an apology from Blanche and for Big Daddy's pocket watch. They get into an argument, and Charmaine reveals the truth about her book. What does she say?

She tells Blanche her book is based on her life. Blanche thought it was about her because they're so much alike.
Episode 21 - Sisters and Other Strangers
Blanche: You had no right to use me to rip off my life for profit!
Charmaine: I wish my bank account was as big as your ego. Now you listen, and you listen good. My book is based on my life!
Blanche: Oh, that book just drips Blanche Devereaux. Only the names have been changed to protect the satisfied.
Charmaine: You think you're the only one who wakes up to smiles and roses?
Blanche: Well, how about that inscription, how I'd inspired you more than I'll ever know?
Charmaine: Oh, I wrote the same thing to everybody. It's just like signing yearbooks, remember? You always wrote the same thing, "You were the first."
Blanche: Wrote it, hell, I had a stamp made.

Rose is making omelets without yolks to reduce the cholesterol intake. She puts all the yolks in a small plastic bag, but she doesn't want to throw them out. What does she plan to do with them?

Give them to the homeless.
Episode 2 - Sick and Tired (Part 2)
Sophia: Rose, what the hell are you doing?
Rose: I'm making omelets for us without yolks so we don't get too much cholesterol. And that leaves us all these yolks, which I hate to throw out, so I thought we'd give them to the homeless.
Sophia: Fine. Give them egg yolks. They'll die of heart attacks. They won't need homes. Your heart's in the right place, Rose, but I don't know where the hell your brain is.

When the girls attend the wedding of Giuseppe Mangiacavallo's grandson, Sophia tells Giuseppe she put a curse on him after he left her at the alter. What happens at the wedding that makes Sophia think her curse is working?

Giuseppe's socks slide down into his shoes, and the bride and groom have a big argument at the reception.
Episode 23 - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present

After Dorothy and Rose go to the race track, Dorothy takes up gambling again and spirals out of control. Sophia confronts her several times about it but to no avail. What finally happens that makes Dorothy pause and reevaluate her actions?

She asks Rose for money, and Rose gives Dorothy her bank card telling her to take as much money as she needs. Dorothy can't do it because of guilt.
Episode 24 - All Bets Are Off

Dorothy learns that the president may be visiting their home, so she makes a list of subjects she wants to confront him about like age discrimination and women's rights. The girls are excited to meet the president, but they're concerned about Dorothy speaking her mind. Why?

They don't want her to make a scene.
Episode 25 - The President's Coming! Part 1

TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy's father Salvadore wanted her to be a cosmetician in a funeral parlor.

Episode 3 - The Accurate Conception

TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche first shaved her legs when she was 11 years old at a slumber party because she thought she'd become "loose".

Episode 4 - Rose Fights Back
Rose: Blanche, did you really start shaving at 11? That seems so young.
Blanche: Oh, I did it on a dare. You know back where I come from, everybody thought that once you started shaving your legs why, you'd become loose. So I shaved them.
Rose: What happened?
Blanche: Oh, it was an old wives' tale. I didn't become loose for another year and a half.

When the girls attend the wedding of Giuseppe Mangiacavallo's grandson, Blanche doesn't have a date and Dorothy is there with Doug, a man Blanche set her up with. Blanche gets jealous seeing Dorothy with Doug. What does Blanche do all night?

She acts like Doug is her date.
Episode 23 - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present

Which Golden Girl once punched a man for physically assaulting Rose?

Episode 5 - Love Under the Big Top

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose won the annual St. Olaf "Me and My Pet Look Alike" contest.

Episode 26 - The President's Coming! Part 2

Which Golden Girl has perfect vision? (Hint: She can read the temperature of a glass thermometer from across the room.)

Episode 7 - Not Another Monday

Blanche once said she always takes a deep breath before she greets a man. Why?

It thrusts her breasts forward.
Episode 8 - That Old Feeling
Blanche: Oh, that must be him! How do I look girls?
Rose: Nervous.
Blanche: Oh, I am nervous. My heart's just pounding away!
Dorothy: Just take a deep breath.
Blanche: I always take a deep breath before I greet a man. It thrusts my breast forward.
Golden Girls Party