The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 5

Did Blanche write a novel? Did Sophia move out? Is Dorothy terminally ill? Is Rose living with HIV? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season five.

In the fifth season of The Golden Girls, the ladies don't let up on the hilarity, but they also rise to the occasion and grapple with very serious issues. Rose hangs in the balance as she waits for possibly devasting news from her doctor, Sophia is challenged with growing older while remembering the good times of her youth, Dorothy faces the temptations of a past addiction, and Blanche grieves the lose of a close family member that's very near and dear to her heart. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Which Golden Girl believes Glenn Miller is still missing, and she was once a member of the search party?

Episode 6 - Dancing in the Dark

When Blanche receives her commemorative plate from the Citrus Festival Ball, she's so proud of it that she doesn't allow the girls to touch it. While Sophia and Rose are serving the house guests that Sophia rented rooms to, what happens to Blanche's plate?

One of the guests breaks it.
Episode 11 - Ebbtide

The girls volunteer at Rose's church to help serve Christmas dinner to the homeless. As they're serving dinner, they notice a man dressed as Santa Claus standing in line for food. Who is Santa Claus, and why is he there?

It's Stan. He went broke on a business venture, and his wife Katherine accused him of infidelity and put him out.
Episode 12 - Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas

Finish this line:

Rose: Back in St. Olaf, our justice system is very progressive. Their motto was, "Use a gun, ..."

Go apologize
Episode 13 - Mary Had a Little Lamb

Blanche has been awake for 72 hours writing her romance novel; she's completely exhausted and delirious. Rose attempts to get her into bed, but Blanche says she's too tired to sleep. What does she tell Rose to do to put her to sleep?

Tell her a boring St. Olaf story.
Episode 2 - Sick and Tired (Part 2)

Five Fridays in a row and Blanche hasn't gone on a date. To get out of her dating slump, she thinks of a place where she's guaranteed to meet men. She says it was so obvious she couldn't believe she hadn't thought of this place before. Where was it?

The hardware store
Episode 6 - Dancing in the Dark
Dorothy: Blanche, I didn't know you went out. You coming back from a date?
Blanche: You know, Dorothy, sometimes you can be so cruel.
Dorothy: Honey, if you didn't have a date, how come you're so dressed up?
Blanche: Well, I sat down and tried to think of a surefire place to meet men. It was so obvious, I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before. The hardware store! I mean, hardware stores are alive with sexual energy. Tools, plugs, sockets, nude furniture, dirty stuff like that!
Sophia: Why are you home so early?
Blanche: Well, I saw a very attractive man in power tools. I piqued his interest with the usual hardware questions, "Where does this go? What does this do?" And he followed me to plumbing where I bought a see-through shower curtain.
Dorothy: And, uh, where is he now? Tied to the roof rack of your car?
Blanche: No, there was something about him that turned me off. I think it was the way he cleaned his ears with his keys.

Rose says she hates lying and that it goes against her nature. It's because of an annual event back in St. Olaf when all the children who lied were gathered together in the town square. What happened to the children?

The mayor pointed at them.
Episode 11 - Ebbtide

Blanche's beau Steven has a heart attack, and the girls encourage Blanche to visit him in the hospital. She's hesitant about going because she wants to keep the relationship casual and not make an emotional investment. Why does she feel this way?

She doesn't want to lose another man she loves like she did with her husband George.
Episode 14 - Great Expectations

TRUE OR FALSE: Sophia believes a neighborhood dog named Samson ate her friend Ida Silverman. She saw the dog with Ida's blue scarf, and no one has seen her since.

Episode 13 - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Sophia: Did I ever tell you what that dog did to my friend Ida Silverman?
Dorothy: No, what?
Sophia: He ate her. Gobbled her up without a trace, support hose and all.
Dorothy: Ma, Ida's daughter told me she moved to Fort Lauderdale!
Sophia: The woman's in denial. I saw that dog with Ida's blue scarf in his mouth, and no one has seen her since.

Blanche submits her completed romance novel for publication, but she's not getting the response she's expecting. Letter after letter comes in the mail, and they all say the same thing. What do they say?

Her novel is rejected for publication.
Episode 2 - Sick and Tired (Part 2)

Which Golden Girl said her mother-in-law didn't want her to marry her son because she wasn't a virgin?

Episode 15 - Triple Play
Blanche: I remember when we had to impress a man's parents, not his children. Boy, Mother Devereaux was dead set against me marrying George. She wanted her little boy to marry a virgin.
Rose: How did she know you weren't?
Sophia: Maybe it was all those "Honk if you've had Blanche" bumper stickers.

TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche gave the eulogy at her father Big Daddy's funeral.

False. Blanche didn't go to Big Daddy's funeral.
Episode 11 - Ebbtide

TRUE OR FALSE: Hans Glockenflanken was St. Olaf's greatest explorer who set off for Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth.

False. He was searching for the Fountain of Intelligence.
Episode 14 - Great Expectations

TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy once told one of Rose's St. Olaf stories out of desperation to help a single father and his pregnant teenage daughter reconcile their differences.

Episode 13 - Mary Had a Little Lamb

Dorothy treats the girls to a celebratory dinner after finally learning that she isn't sick and crazy, just sick and that what she has actually has a name: chronic fatigue syndrome. As the girls are chatting during dinner, Dorothy sees Dr. Budd, the doctor she visited in New York. What does she do?

She confronts him about how he dismissed her and tells him that she really is sick.
Episode 2 - Sick and Tired (Part 2)

When Blanche puts an ad in the paper saying she's selling a Mercedes-Benz, she's overwhelmed by the response of men who want to buy the car. Four men are interested, but she only wants to date two of them, so she asks Dorothy to handle them for her. What is the result?

Blanche doesn't get a date with any of the men, but Dorothy does.
Episode 15 - Triple Play

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose's father once worked as an organ grinder.

False. It was Dorothy's father, Salvadore.
Episode 16 - Clinton Avenue Memoirs

As a result of attending a positive thinking session that prompted her to think more positively, which Golden Girl believed she received a good cut of roast beef from the ill-tempered butcher at the deli?

Episode 14 - Great Expectations

Blanche's newly-released-from-prison pen pal Merrill Kellogg comes to the house looking for her, but Sophia is home alone. Sophia tells him Blanche doesn't want anything to do with him, but he wants something to remember Blanche by. He takes the silver and Blanche's jewelry. What does he do to Sophia?

He tapes her mouth shut and ties her to a chair.
Episode 13 - Mary Had a Little Lamb

Rose works on a project for Enrique Mas regarding health care for seniors. Blanche agrees to work for her, but she doesn't take it seriously and barely gets anything done. When Rose fires her, Blanche says that's unlawful because that's "sex discrimination". When Rose asks how, what does Blanche say?

That's what she was doing when she didn't get any work done.
Episode 16 - Clinton Avenue Memoirs
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