The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 2

Did Rose have a nose job? Did Dorothy date a cop? Did Blanche sleep with Stan? Did Sophia party with Burt Reynolds? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season two.

In the second season of The Golden Girls, we accompany them on vacation, meet a few of their neighbors, and even address some serious family issues. We're introduced to Dorothy's favorite student, witness Blanche undergo a major life change, watch Rose overcome a dating concern, and peep into Sophia's love life. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose have roles in a play with tv actor Patrick Vaughn...and he's secretly dating all of them. On opening night, the girls discover he's dating them and the lead actress Phyllis Hammerow. When they confront Patrick during a live stage performance, what else do they learn?

Patrick is dating every woman casted in the play.
Episode 14 - The Actor

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose once accused Dorothy's son Michael of seducing her daughter Bridget and said Bridget is too good for him.

Episode 7 - Family Affair

Sophia thinks her sister Angela is sleeping with her boyfriend Tony, so she goes to his home to confront them both. She's relieved to learn they're not intimately involved, but to her dismay, what does she discover about Tony?

He's cheating on her with another woman.
Episode 19 - Long Day's Journey Into Marinara

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are home after getting caught up in a hotel raid and mistakenly arrested for prostitution. Rose gets a visit from Meg, a young woman from St. Gustav, Minnesota that was also arrested during the raid. She thanks Rose for convincing her to go back home and give it another try. What did Rose say?

Nothing. Meg didn't want to be Rose's age working as a prostitute.
Episode 2 - Ladies of the Evening
Meg: I just wanted to stop by and say thank you.
Rose: For what?
Meg: For convincing me to go back home. I figured I'd give it another try.
Rose: Oh, that's great! What was it I said?
Meg: Nothing. I just decided that I didn't want to be as old as you are and still be in the business.

Dorothy surprises her mother for her birthday by flying in Sophia's sister Angela from Sicily. Dorothy spent weeks planning the surprise and is thrilled about revealing it Sophia. What happens at the party when Sophia and Angela finally see each other?

They say they hate each other, and both storm out of the room.
Episode 12 - Sisters

After the girls attend Mrs. Claxton's funeral, the funeral director informs them Mrs. Claxton was accidentally cremated. He gives them her ashes because they paid for her funeral. What does Rose do with Mrs. Claxton's remains?

She sprinkles them under the 200 year old oak tree on Mrs. Claxton's property.
Episode 4 - It's a Miserable Life

Which Golden Girl was a member of the Alpha Gams sorority when she was in college?

Episode 20 - Whose Face Is This, Anyway?

After weeks of pretending to be Rose's pen pal "Isaac Newton", Dorothy and Blanche call it quits when Rose says she wants to meet him. As they're preparing to attend a dinner reception, Rose announces "Isaac Newton" is her date for the evening because she called him up and invited him. How did Rose find "Isaac Newton"?

She searched through the phone books and found a single listing for Isaac Q. Newton.
Episode 10 - Love, Rose

When Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose learn that Patrick Vaughn has been dating all of them behind their backs, they are furious. Blanche calls him "slime", and Dorothy calls him "pond scum". Rose calls him "gauflugennachon". What does that mean?

It's Scandanavian for someone who docks their boat in a handicap slip.
Episode 14 - The Actor

Blanche finally emerges from her room after two days of crying about her sorority sisters looking better than her at the reunion. She decides she's overreacting and realizes she's still attractive. However, when she sees herself in Rose's video documentary for her junior college class, Blanche thinks she looks old and gets hysterical. What does she decide to do?

She says she's getting plastic surgery - tummy tuck, butt firm, breast lift, and facelift.
Episode 20 - Whose Face Is This, Anyway?

Blanche reconsiders the idea of cosmetic surgery in Season 4, Episode 22 - Sophia's Choice.

Blanche: Oh! Turn that thing off right now, Rose! Turn that off!
Dorothy: Blanche, Blanche, now calm down!
Blanche: Oh, I'm calm. I'm just as calm as can be. Any you know why? Because my worse suspicions have just been confirmed. My stunning good looks are fading. Oh, the camera does not lie. That leaves me with only one choice. I am going to be perfect. I'm going to be gorgeous! I'm going to have my tummy tucked, and my butt firmed, and my breasts raised, and my face lifted.
Sophia: It's a shame to do all that, and keep that hairdo.

When Blanche sees her ex-beau Jake Smollens at the charity banquet, she tells the girls she made a mistake about letting him go because of their social differences; he's the man she loves. When she approaches Jake about getting back together, what does he tell her?

He wants to share his life with someone who's comfortable with him, and that's not possible with Blanche. Their differences will continue to be a problem.
Episode 22 - Diamond in the Rough

Detective Al Mullins and Bobby Hopkins stay with the girls for a few days using their house as a stakeout. Dorothy and Al are constantly bickering, but Blanche thinks they're passionate fights. What does Dorothy eventually admit to the girls?

"Oh, God. I am crazy nuts about this guy!" - Dorothy
Episode 24 - To Catch a Neighbor
Blanche: Oh, it has all the signs of a classic love-hate relationship. And from the sparks of that conflict, rise the flames of desire. Flames that ignite in an uncontrollable frenzy of lust, passion, and ecstasy!

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose agree to babysit for the participants of a charity walkathon, but baby Emily's parents don't show when the event is over. Blanche is convinced Emily's been abandoned, and proposes that she and the girls take her in and raise her. Why?

She wants to ensure someone is there for Emily and a second chance to make up for what she didn't do for her own children.
Episode 16 - And Then There Was One

When the girls attempt to break into the mink business, they keep four minks in the garage to breed for fur. What did Rose name them?

Fluffy, Muffy, Buffy, and Joanne
Episode 1 - End of the Curse
Blanche: Oh, the little rats are still here!
Dorothy: Yeah, the animal people are coming for them tomorrow.
Rose: No, they aren't.
Dorothy: I called.
Rose: I cancelled.
Dorothy: What do you mean?
Rose: We are not giving away Fluffy, Muffy, Buffy, and Joanne.
Dorothy: Rose, they are non-breeding minks who eat their weight in food every day. Joanne!?

TRUE OR FALSE: Sophia once looked through the obituaries to line up dates.

Episode 6 - Big Daddy's Little Lady

Blanche injures her back during aerobics class, and goes to the doctor for an examination. He tells her not to have any physical activity for a week. Why is this a dilemma for her?

She can't have sex.
Episode 7 - Family Affair

Which Golden Girl failed an inkblot test because she cut the shapes out?

Episode 10 - Love, Rose

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose attended an agricultural college.

Episode 20 - Whose Face Is This, Anyway?

What is the name of the sandwich-making thug Sophia and Rose compete with for selling space for their sandwich business?

Episode 3 - Take Him, He's Mine
Dorothy: What are you two doing up?
Sophia: It's not important. Go back to bed.
Dorothy: Ma, it's 5:30 in the morning! It's a little early to be selling lunch.
Rose: We wanted to get the best corner before Johnny-No-Thumbs shows up with his lunch wagon.
Dorothy: Johnny-No-Thumbs?
Rose: Well, actually he has several fingers missing from each hand. It's remarkable to watch him make a veal and pepper hero.
Dorothy: Ma, you are trying to muscle in on a guy named Johnny-No-Thumbs? Are you crazy? He's probably connected with the mob!
Sophia: Relax. If they were his friends, he'd still have his thumbs.
Rose: He's a very sweet man. Although the first time he waved hello, Sophia misunderstood and gave him the finger back.

When Dorothy attempts to surprise Sophia by flying in her sister Angela from Sicily, she learns that Sophia and Angela haven't spoken in 30 years because of a fight. What was the fight about?

It was a misunderstanding about what happened at a Christmas party. Angela thought Sophia kissed her husband, and Sophia thought Angela betrayed her confidence.
Episode 12 - Sisters