The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 2

Did Rose have a nose job? Did Dorothy date a cop? Did Blanche sleep with Stan? Did Sophia party with Burt Reynolds? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season two.

In the second season of The Golden Girls, we accompany them on vacation, meet a few of their neighbors, and even address some serious family issues. We're introduced to Dorothy's favorite student, witness Blanche undergo a major life change, watch Rose overcome a dating concern, and peep into Sophia's love life. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

When Blanche accuses Rose of constantly losing things, including her family jewelry, Rose feels guilty and volunteers to be Blanche's wiedenfrugen for one week. What is a wiedenfrugen?

A personal servant
Episode 21 - Dorothy's Prized Pupil
Blanche: Wiedenfrugens. What a lovely idea. If we'd had them in the old days, we wouldn't have had to fight that disruptive civil war.

TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose were once held hostage at gunpoint with a pathological liar and a pyromaniac (a person infatuated with fire)...and the gun was a toy.

Episode 11 - 'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas

When Dorothy tutors one of her favorite students, Mario Sanchez, she reads a story he wrote about his first night in America when his uncle took him to a movie. She enters the story into a district writing contest, and he wins first place. In celebration, the girls throw him a surprise party. Unfortunately, what happens at the party?

An Immigration and Naturalization Service representative comes to the house and says Mario may be an illegal immigrant.
Episode 21 - Dorothy's Prized Pupil

TV actor Patrick Vaughn is in town to perform at the community playhouse. Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose each audition for the role of his leading lady Josie, but to their dismay, none of them get the part. What local Miami actress lands the role of Josie?

Phyllis Hammerow
Episode 14 - The Actor

Stan has heart surgery, and the girls agree that he stays with them while he recovers. For months he makes their lives miserable and then relapses the very day he's suppose to go home. What does Dorothy learn about Stan's relapse?

He faked it so he wouldn't have to go home.
Episode 13 - The Stan Who Came to Dinner

Dorothy and Blanche chat as they prepare coffee after dinner for Father Frank Leahy. Blanche believes Frank wants to be more than friends with Dorothy, but Dorothy disagrees. As he's leaving for the evening, he says to Dorothy, "Thanks to you, I'm on the verge of a very important decision." What is his decision?

He's thinking of leaving the church.
Episode 18 - Forgive Me, Father

When Sophia's sister Angela from Sicily makes a surprise visit, Sophia suggests she move to Miami, and Angela agrees. Dorothy proposes to send for her things in Sicily while Angela stays with the girls until she finds a place to stay. Sophia is against her staying at the house. Why?

Sophia believes Angela wants what she has, and she'll try to intrude in her life because she sees how good Sophia's living.
Episode 19 - Long Day's Journey Into Marinara

When Blanche receives an invitation to attend her college sorority reunion, she's excited about going to show off her good looks. Unfortunately, she returns home a day early visibly upset and doesn't have much to say. What happened?

She wasn't the center of attention because of her good looks. Every woman at the reunion looked great because they'd all had facelifts.
Episode 20 - Whose Face Is This, Anyway?
Blanche: Well, I can't help it. I'm so upset. Seeing my sorority sisters was just dreadful.
Rose: What happened?
Blanche: It was just as if time had stood still for 30 years. Every woman there looked wonderful. They'd hardly aged at all.
Rose: I saw a movie like that once. All the women were sucked up into flying saucers, and mechanical doubles were sent back to earth to take their place. Did any of them mention a leader named Zardoz?
Blanche: Rose, I am saying they had all had facelifts, and they looked absolutely gorgeous. It was the most disgusting spectacle I've ever witnessed in my life.
Rose: Wait a minute, are you saying you're upset because the reunion went great, and your sorority sisters looked wonderful?
Blanche: Well, of course not, Rose. That would be childish. I am upset because I was not the center of attention, and nobody said I was the prettiest!

After Dorothy's student Mario Sanchez is picked up by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Dorothy receives a phone call one night from his uncle saying Mario has runaway. Dorothy tells Blanche and Rose there's only one place she can think of where he might go. Where do they find him?

In a movie theater
Episode 21 - Dorothy's Prized Pupil

After a recent health scare, Rose is living life to the fullest, but her new lifestyle (and new friends) are disrupting the household. When Dorothy and Blanche confront Rose, they believe she's being excessive, but Rose thinks they can't make the adjustment. What does Rose do?

She moves out of the house.
Episode 15 - Before and After

Sophia's sister Angela stays with the girls for three weeks before finally finding a new place in Miami. Sophia is thrilled because Angela's made her life miserable since she moved in. Angela says her new roommate is on the way to help her move. To Sophia's surprise, who is Angela's roommate?

Tony, Sophia's boyfriend
Episode 19 - Long Day's Journey Into Marinara

While Patrick Vaughn is in Miami performing at the community playhouse, he secretly dates Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose simultaneously. After an afternoon date with Blanche, he comes to the house and is surprised to see Dorothy and Rose there. Why?

He didn't know they were roommates.
Episode 14 - The Actor

How did Rose's grandmother, Grandma Nylund, die on her 100th birthday?

Her family and friends threw her a surprise birthday party, and she dropped dead when they yelled "surprise".
Episode 21 - Dorothy's Prized Pupil
Rose: I've only been to one surprise party in my life, but I'll never forget it. It was for Grandma Nylund's 100th birthday. She was from a whaling village in the old country, so we kind of made that the theme of the party. We all dressed as Vikings with helmets and spears. We all crowded into her little room up over the barn. She walked in, lit a candle, and we yelled, "Surprise!". She dropped dead right there. We all thought that was such a nice way to go.

Which Golden Girl said most of her mother's family was in show business?

Episode 18 - Forgive Me, Father

Rose volunteers to be Blanche's personal servant to make up for losing her earrings (amongst other things), and Blanche takes full advantage. A week later, Blanche's beau Sam Burns returns Blanche's earrings and Rose's watch that she left at his place. When Blanche apologizes to Rose, how does Rose respond?

She makes Blanche be her personal servant.
Episode 21 - Dorothy's Prized Pupil

When Dorothy goes to talk to Father Leahy in hopes of convincing him not to leave the priesthood, he corrects her by explaining that he's leaving his current church to become a teaching priest at another church. Why did Dorothy think he was leaving the priesthood?

She thought he was leaving the priesthood to be with her.
Episode 18 - Forgive Me, Father

Rose agrees to keep a chicken named Count Bessie for a patient at the grief center, but Dorothy and Blanche don't want the chicken in the house. To convince the girls to allow Count Bessie to stay, Rose says she's a showbiz chicken. What is Count Bessie's talent?

She plays the piano.
Episode 19 - Long Day's Journey Into Marinara

Which Golden Girl is camera shy?

Episode 20 - Whose Face Is This, Anyway?

When Rose and the girls clash over her abrupt lifestyle change to live life to the fullest, Rose moves out and into a stylish beachside apartment with two much younger roommates. After getting to know her new roomies and learning they've lived together about a year, Rose is disappointed to find out what?

Her roommates are just that...roommates. They aren't friends and don't hang out together.
Episode 15 - Before and After

When Dorothy's student Mario decides to runaway instead of attending the court hearing about his immigration status, Dorothy convinces him to see the judge and even goes to court herself to speak on his behalf. After the hearing, he comes to the house and tells Dorothy what news?

He's being deported.
Episode 21 - Dorothy's Prized Pupil