The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 2

Did Rose have a nose job? Did Dorothy date a cop? Did Blanche sleep with Stan? Did Sophia party with Burt Reynolds? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season two.

In the second season of The Golden Girls, we accompany them on vacation, meet a few of their neighbors, and even address some serious family issues. We're introduced to Dorothy's favorite student, witness Blanche undergo a major life change, watch Rose overcome a dating concern, and peep into Sophia's love life. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

What is the name of the local Miami actress that Dorothy refers to as "Miami's answer to Meryl Streep"? Her acting is so bad that once she played in a production of The Diary of Anne Frank, and the audience kept shouting, "She's in the attic! She's in the attic!"

Phyllis Hammerow
Episode 14 - The Actor

Which Golden Girl said she had sex with her husband every morning and every night for 18 years of her marriage?

Episode 23 - Son-in-Law Dearest
Rose: Charlie said that's why we didn't have headaches, and we both had really shiny hair.
Blanche: Listen, Rose, no offense, but I find that story a little hard to believe. You don't even like to talk about sex.
Rose: Well, it's been my experience that people who talk about it a lot, don't do it very often.

When Dorothy's son Michael and Rose's daughter Bridget both come to visit at the same time, Blanche suggests the two should go out together, but Dorothy and Rose disagree. Blanche gives the young pair tickets to the symphony. What happens when they return to the house?

The girls find Michael and Bridget in bed together.
Episode 7 - Family Affair

When Big Daddy's fiancée Margaret Spencer comes to the house, what are the girls surprised to learn about her?

Margaret is not only much younger than Big Daddy, she's also younger than Blanche.
Episode 6 - Big Daddy's Little Lady

Which Golden Girl said she never went to the prom?

Episode 5 - Isn't It Romantic

Rose also stated she didn't go to her junior prom in Season 6, Episode 22 - What a Difference a Date Makes.

Dorothy said she didn't go to her senior prom in Season 5, Episode 16 - Clinton Avenue Memoirs. According to Sophia, she didn't attend her junior prom either. In Season 6, Episode 9 - Mrs. George Devereaux, Sophia said Dorothy spent her junior prom night in the basement.

The girls are organizing the hospital charity banquet. Jake Smollens from V.I.P. Catering comes to the house to apply for the catering position. Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose boldly flirt with him, but which Golden Girl actually lands a date with Jake?

Episode 22 - Diamond in the Rough
Rose: Wow. What a hunk!
Blanche: I know. Eat your hearts out.
Dorothy: Blanche, did it ever occur to you that possibly Rose or I might be interested in Jake?
Blanche: Yes.
Rose: And you still used every cheap ploy to nab him before we had a chance?
Blanche: Yes.
Dorothy: Then what do you have to say for yourself?
Blanche: Damn, I'm good.

Dorothy's daughter Kate arrives at the house hurt by her husband Dennis' infidelity. Dorothy is heartbroken seeing Kate in pain. When Dennis shows up begging to talk to Kate, she reluctantly agrees to speak with him and eventually accepts his apology. How does Dorothy respond?

Dorothy thinks Kate is making a big mistake and doesn't believe she should take Dennis back.
Episode 23 - Son-in-Law Dearest

Dorothy and Rose get into a very heated argument and say disparaging things about Michael (Dorothy's son) and Bridget (Rose's daughter) after finding them in bed together. Rose calls Michael a loser. What does Dorothy call Bridget?

A tramp
Episode 7 - Family Affair

When handsome tv actor Patrick Vaughn comes to Miami to perform at the community playhouse, the girls are over the moon. Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose each audition for the part of his leading lady Josie. What does Blanche wear to try to secure the role?

She wears inflatable breast enhancers for her audition.
Episode 14 - The Actor

Rose goes into overdrive with volunteer work and unfortunately has a minor health scare that lands her in the hospital. She believes she died and went to Heaven, but was given a second chance at life. She's made a new decision. What is it?

She's going to live life to the fullest.
Episode 15 - Before and After

Which Golden Girl said if she ever got a chance at a second Mr. Right, she'd want someone wild and impulsive, completely different from her previous husband?

Episode 22 - Diamond in the Rough
Rose: If I ever got a chance at a second Mr. Right, I'd want somebody entirely different from Charlie.
Dorothy: But I thought you were crazy about him.
Rose: I was, I am! I mean, we had a wonderful life together, but I'd like somebody really wild. Somebody impulsive who'd sweep me off my feet. He'd pick me up in his convertible Porsche and whisk me to the airport. We'd fly to his villa in the south of France where we'd blindfold the orchestra and dance until dawn. And then we'd watch the sun come up over two steaming cups of cocoa.
Sophia: Cocoa?
Rose: With little marshmallows!
Dorothy: Marshmallows? Rose, you trollop.

Which Golden Girl said the first time she ever saw the ocean was on her honeymoon?

Episode 15 - Before and After

Which Golden Girl said she once dated Tony Bennett?

Episode 15 - Before and After
Dorothy: Ma got a letter from Gina Marie Donatelli. Her cousin Joe is hanging new wallpaper in Tony Bennett's guest bathroom.
Rose: Oh, I love Tony Bennett!
Blanche: Oh, so do I! He was always so sweet to me.
Dorothy: Blanche, you dated Tony Bennett?
Blanche: Honey, I did more than date him. He may have left his heart in San Francisco, but he left his shorts on my radiator.

Dorothy has a crush on Frank Leahy, a teacher she's worked with for two weeks on the youth fair. She feels uncomfortable asking him out, but reluctantly takes Blanche's advice and invites him to the house for dinner. To the girls' surprise, what do they discover about Frank when he arrives?

He's a priest.
Episode 18 - Forgive Me, Father

Dorothy and Blanche have plans to double date with twins Bob and Rob, but Dorothy doesn't go because Stan comes to the house with bad news. What was the news?

He's having heart bypass surgery.
Episode 13 - The Stan Who Came to Dinner

TRUE OR FALSE: The girls once kept minks as pets.

False. They kept minks to breed for fur.
Episode 1 - End of the Curse

Sophia stays at the house while the rest of the girls go on a 5-day Caribbean vacation. As the girls are leaving, Sophia rushes them out of the house. Why?

She's eager to talk to/spend time with Mr. Tishiro Mitsumo, the gardener.
Episode 8 - Vacation

After the girls host a dinner party to welcome their new neighbors the McDowells, they receive a visit from Detective Al Mullins of Miami P.D. and his associate Bobby Hopkins. What shocking news do they tell the girls about the McDowells?

They're dealers of stolen gems.
Episode 24 - To Catch a Neighbor

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose once celebrated her birthday at Mr. Ha Ha's Hot Dog Hacienda with Dorothy and Blanche.

False. It was Dorothy's surprise birthday party planned by Rose.
Episode 25 - A Piece of Cake

While Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are on their Caribbean vacation, they get into a verbal altercation with the men in the room next door. As a peace offering, they invite the girls on an evening sailboat cruise. What happens while they're cruising?

They sail into a storm and get shipwrecked on an island.
Episode 8 - Vacation