The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 2

Did Rose have a nose job? Did Dorothy date a cop? Did Blanche sleep with Stan? Did Sophia party with Burt Reynolds? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season two.

In the second season of The Golden Girls, we accompany them on vacation, meet a few of their neighbors, and even address some serious family issues. We're introduced to Dorothy's favorite student, witness Blanche undergo a major life change, watch Rose overcome a dating concern, and peep into Sophia's love life. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Which Golden Girl once said she was engaged to her brother for a short period of time?

Episode 17 - Bedtime Story
Sophia: Let's just get some sleep!
Dorothy: Goodnight, Ma. Goodnight, Moe. Goodnight, Larry.
Rose: I'm not going to be able to sleep. I'm on the wrong side of the bed!
Blanche: Well, I usually sleep on the right side, and I want to be on the right side.
Sophia: What the hell is everyone so particular about? In Sicily, four in a bed is a treat. It means half your family is on vacation. I slept with my two brothers until I was 17. I was engaged to one for a very short period of time, but that's a separate story.

When Dorothy's college friend Jean comes to visit, Dorothy is nervous about Jean getting along with Blanche and Rose. Why?

Jean is a lesbian.
Episode 5 - Isn't It Romantic

Which Golden Girl once dated a clown named Floppo who really did have big feet?

Episode 17 - Bedtime Story
Rose: Oh, what a terrible night that was.
Blanche: Oh, it wasn't so bad. Something good did come out of it. I dated Floppo the clown for several months after that. You know, his feet really were that big. Which, of course, as I'm sure you're both aware means...

TRUE OR FALSE: When she was 16, Dorothy played the trombone in the marching band.

False. She played the accordion.
Episode 4 - It's a Miserable Life

Why did Rose sell her house in St. Olaf and move to Miami?

The winters were harsh, and the house was filled with too many memories of her late husband Charlie. She wanted a fresh start.
Episode 25 - A Piece of Cake

Which Golden Girl had her ears pinned back in college?

Episode 12 - Sisters

TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche's first kiss was in the rain.

False. It was in the shower.
Episode 5 - Isn't It Romantic
Blanche: Oh, I do love the rain so. It reminds me of my first kiss.
Dorothy: Oh, your first kiss was in the rain.
Blanche: No, it was in the shower.

TRUE OR FALSE: When she was 16, Blanche faked her death because she didn't win the Miss Magnolia Blossom beauty pageant.

Episode 4 - It's a Miserable Life

Which Golden Girl enjoys watching adult movies?

Sophia 😜
Episode 5 - Isn't It Romantic

We first learn this about Sophia in Season 1, Episode 5 - The Triangle.

Which Golden Girl always wanted to try a nudist camp?

Episode 17 - Bedtime Story

Dorothy later gets this experience after Rose accidentally makes reservations at a clothing optional resort. (Season 4, Episode 15 - Valentine's Day)

TRUE OR FALSE: The girls temporarily ran a pizza shop one Christmas Eve to allow the owner to spend time with his family.

False. It was a diner.
Episode 11 - 'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas

TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy and Rose entered a songwriting contest about the city of Miami and won.

False. They came in second place.
Episode 6 - Big Daddy's Little Lady

What does Dorothy's son Michael do for a living?

He's a jazz musician.
Episode 7 - Family Affair

Dorothy said Michael joined the Boston Philharmonic in Season 3, Episode 17 - My Brother, My Father.

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose drives the bookmobile for the grief counseling center where she works.

Episode 13 - The Stan Who Came to Dinner
Dorothy: Oh, Rose, honey do you think you could take my place with Rob?
Blanche: Bob!
Dorothy: Bob.
Rose: I wish I could, but I'm driving the bookmobile for the grief center tonight.
Dorothy: I thought you do that during the day.
Rose: I usually do, but I got tied up at work, and I didn't have time, and now I feel so guilty. There are so many depressed people out there with nothing to read. Of course, when I'm depressed, I can't read. I knit. Maybe I should drive a knitmobile!
Sophia: Maybe she should drive a nitwitmobile.

When asked if she had been unfaithful to her husband, which Golden Girl said the following?

"Oh, of course not. I was only flirting. There's nothing wrong with that. Keeps you healthy, keeps you in shape, keeps your buttocks firm."

Episode 13 - The Stan Who Came to Dinner
Dorothy: And I wasted all that time on jazzercise.

Before Dorothy's daughter Kate comes to visit, she tells Sophia she has some news she wants to share in person. Dorothy and Sophia think Kate is pregnant, but what was Kate's announcement?

Her husband Dennis had an affair, and she's left him.
Episode 23 - Son-in-Law Dearest

Which Golden Girl had never heard of the I Love Lucy show because she didn't watch much tv before moving in with the girls?

Episode 23 - Son-in-Law Dearest

Before Blanche's father Big Daddy comes to Miami for another visit, he expresses to Blanche he has a surprise. When he arrives, he tells the girls about his new lady friend Margaret Spencer and that she's coming to Miami also. What is the surprise?

Big Daddy and Margaret are getting married.
Episode 6 - Big Daddy's Little Lady

When Blanche finds out Dorothy's college friend Jean is a lesbian and that she's attracted to Rose, Blanche is dumbfounded. Why?

She can't believe Jean prefers Rose over her.
Episode 5 - Isn't It Romantic
Sophia: Jean thinks she's in love with Rose.
Blanche: Rose? Jean has the hots for Rose? I don't believe it. I do not believe it!
Dorothy: I was pretty surprised myself.
Blanche: Well, I'll bet. To think Jean would prefer Rose over me? That's ridiculous!

Which Golden Girl got a job at the fast food restaurant Captain Jack's Seafood Shanty to make extra money?

Episode 14 - The Actor