The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 2

Did Rose have a nose job? Did Dorothy date a cop? Did Blanche sleep with Stan? Did Sophia party with Burt Reynolds? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season two.

In the second season of The Golden Girls, we accompany them on vacation, meet a few of their neighbors, and even address some serious family issues. We're introduced to Dorothy's favorite student, witness Blanche undergo a major life change, watch Rose overcome a dating concern, and peep into Sophia's love life. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose babysit for a charity walkathon. All the kids are picked up immediately afterward except for baby girl Emily. As the girls are trying to locate her parents, Emily won't stop crying. Which Golden Girl was the only one able to quiet Emily when she held her?

Episode 16 - And Then There Was One

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose go on a Caribbean vacation, and they're disappointed the resort is nothing like the pictures in the brochure. During their first night, Rose attempts to use the bathroom, but the door is locked and a man's voice comes from the other side. Why is there a man in their bathroom?

The girls have to share the bathroom with three men in the room next door.
Episode 8 - Vacation

Why does Dorothy say she hates dogs, but she really loves them?

She was heartbroken when her dog Wawa died, and she doesn't want to experience that hurt again.
Episode 9 - Joust Between Friends

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose's father was a policeman.

True. On Saturdays and Sundays, he and the other farmers were volunteer policemen.
Episode 24 - To Catch a Neighbor
Rose: Now, if we can do anything to assist the police, I think we should. Their job is hard enough as it is. I should know. My father was a policeman.
Dorothy: But I thought your father was a farmer.
Rose: On the weekdays. Saturday and Sunday, he and the other farmers became volunteer policemen. Of course, the only crime in St. Olaf was that more people didn't practice better oral hygiene. So most of the time they just sat around the jailhouse and took pictures of each other behind the bars in goofy poses.

Sophia and Rose go into business together selling sandwiches during lunchtime. They're making bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches one evening to prepare for lunch the next day, and they run out of tomatoes. What do they use in place of tomatoes?

Episode 3 - Take Him, He's Mine

TRUE OR FALSE: For Christmas, Rose once gave Dorothy a wooden brooch in the shape of a turkey's head.

False. It was a maple syrup spigot.
Episode 11 - 'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas
Rose: This one's from me, Dorothy. They're very popular back home. It took me nearly a week to whittle it.
Dorothy: Oh, Rose!
Rose: Do you like it?
Dorothy: Like it? Oh, honey, I love it! Oh, who wouldn't love a wooden brooch in the shape of a turkey's head?
Rose: Oh, no. No, that's a maple syrup spigot.
Sophia: You know what she took back? A set of pearl earrings.
Dorothy: The ones I fell in love with at Jordan Marsh?
Sophia: Yep. Ho, ho, ho.
Dorothy: Oh, Ma, who cares? Rose, I love it. This will come in a lot handier than those pearl earrings...the next time I'm lost in the woods with a stack of pancakes.

The girls and some of their neighbors attend a county commissioners' meeting to save a 200 year old oak tree in their neighborhood. During the meeting, Rose gets fed up with their neighbor Mrs. Claxton's mean and nasty behavior, and tells her if she doesn't like what's happening, she can drop dead. What happens to Mrs. Claxton?

She drops dead from a heart attack.
Episode 4 - It's a Miserable Life
Mrs. Claxton: Stop wasting the taxpayers' money! Yank out that tree, and start pouring cement!
Rose: Mrs. Claxton, think about what you're doing! That beautiful old tree is 200 years old. How can you hate a living thing?
Mrs. Claxton: I hate you.
Rose: That's it! I have had all I'm going to take from you. Now if you don't have the common decency to treat people like human beings, well then I'm sure as hell not going to waste my time kissing your fanny. Now if you don't like it, Mrs. Claxton, you just sit there and shut up while we have our say. And if you don't like it, just drop dead!

Which Golden Girl met her husband on Christmas Eve?

Episode 11 - 'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas

Which Golden Girl once dreamed of being a ballerina?

Episode 25 - A Piece of Cake

When Blanche finds out she's reached menopause, she slips into a depression and says her life is over. Why does she feel this way?

Blanche believes menopause means she's old and no longer attractive.
Episode 1 - End of the Curse

Which Golden Girl can start a fire with rocks and distill seawater into drinking water?

Episode 8 - Vacation

Which Golden Girl carved ridges into English muffins and sold them as Belgian waffles when she was a little girl?

Episode 3 - Take Him, He's Mine

TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy and Blanche both slept with Rose's cross-eyed cousin Nolan from Ohio...and he was lousy in bed.

Episode 8 - Vacation

When Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are mistakenly arrested for prostitution during a hotel raid, they encounter a group of belligerent women in their jail cell. What does Dorothy say to avoid a fight?

She says she did a year at the Attica Correctional Facility.
Episode 2 - Ladies of the Evening
Dorothy: Listen, you punk! You want to fight with someone, you're going to have to fight with me, but I warn you, I did time in Attica.
Hooker #3: Attica's a men's prison.
Dorothy: I know. I was there a year before they found out.

While working together at the museum, Blanche accuses Dorothy of stealing the responsibility of planning the closing banquet. She believes Dorothy is being conniving to keep her job. When Blanche angrily decides she and Dorothy can no longer work together, what does she say?

She tells Dorothy she's quitting her job.
Episode 9 - Joust Between Friends

Which Golden Girl had rhinoplasty (a nose job)?

Episode 8 - Vacation

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose once lead the birthday parade at Mr. Ha Ha's Hot Dog Hacienda because she was the oldest.

False. It was Dorothy.
Episode 25 - A Piece of Cake

TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche loves surprise birthday parties.

Episode 25 - A Piece of Cake

Two days after their neighbor Mrs. Claxton dies from a heart attack, the girls discuss how there won't be a funeral for her because no one wants to attend. Even though they hate her, why do the girls agree to pay for Mrs. Claxton's funeral?

Sophia felt bad that she didn't have any friends or relatives, so the girls agree to collectively pay for her funeral.
Episode 4 - It's a Miserable Life
Rose: Oh, Sophia, I think you're a wonderful person. It's a lovely idea to share Mrs. Claxton's funeral expenses equally.
Sophia: Equally? I figure your share should be about half. After all, you're the one who killed her.

The girls arrive at the airport on Christmas Eve to fly to their hometowns for Christmas, but their flights are cancelled due to severe storms. They later end up running two blocks in the rain when their car runs out of gas. Where do they spend their Christmas Eve?

At a diner
Episode 11 - 'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas