The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 3

Is Sophia obsessed with money? Does Rose speak Spanish? Did Dorothy pawn her ring? Is Blanche afraid of flying? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season three.

In the third season of The Golden Girls, we have a better understanding of who the girls are as individuals; now we learn about their concerns and life experiences. Rose worries about nuclear war, Dorothy wants more compatible friendship, Blanche wishes to be closer to her favorite daughter, and Sophia wants to make new friends. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

When Dorothy and Stan pretend to be married while Sophia's brother Angelo is visiting, Rose suggests they renew their wedding vows for their 40th wedding anniversary because Angelo is a priest. What does Angelo tell them?
He confesses he's not a priest, just pretended to be one. He didn't want the family to turn on him after breaking his promise to his mother on her death bed that he'd go into priesthood.
Episode 17 - My Brother, My Father
Right before going live on the tv show Grab That Dough, Blanche talks to the Kaplan Brothers backstage and learns they've won over $40,000 in cash and prizes on other game shows. What does she convince Dorothy they should do about Rose and Sophia?
They should dump Rose and Sophia and team up with the Kaplan Brothers for a better chance of winning.
Episode 16 - Grab That Dough
Blanche: Dorothy, your mother and Rose are dead weight. Let us cut them loose before they drag us down.
Dorothy: Blanche, you expect me to betray one of my dearest friends, not to mention my own mother, just so that we can win a few extra dollars?
Blanche: Yes.
Dorothy: Ok, I'll do it.
Why were Blanche and Rose dressed as nuns while Sophia's brother Angelo was visiting from Sicily?
They were in the middle of dress rehearsal for The Sound of Music when they were sent home due to a severe storm.
Episode 17 - My Brother, My Father
In celebration of his arranged marriage to his future bride Olga, Rose wants to do something special for her cousin Sven while he's in town. To her surprise, he says there won't be a wedding because he can't marry someone he doesn't love. Who does he say he's in love with?
Episode 9 - A Visit from Little Sven
Rose told the girls she was valedictorian at her high school; she was 4th out of 19 graduating seniors. How was she chosen valedictorian?
"The same way every high school chooses the valedictorian. We drew straws." - Rose
Episode 5 - Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself
Rose also said she never officially graduated from high school due to contracting mononucleosis or "mono" from participating in a kissing booth. (Season 4, Episode 1 - Yes, We Have No Havanas)
What is Mr. Terrific's slogan on the kids' tv show Mister Terrific's Clubhouse?
Look, everyone. Mr. Terrific!
Episode 24 - Mister Terrific
TRUE OR FALSE: Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose once booked a flight to the Bahamas full of former Mr. Cleans on their way to a reunion.
Episode 5 - Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself
When the girls try to rehire Marguerite, she confesses she's a lousy housekeeper. She explains how she goes to school at night, so the only time she has to study is during the day when the girls are out. What is Marguerite studying to be?
A lawyer
Episode 4 - The Housekeeper

While competing on the tv show Grab That Dough, Guy Corbin tells the contestants to complete this famous saying:

"Better late than...?"

When Blanche buzzes in, what is her answer?
Episode 16 - Grab That Dough
Guy Corbin: That's incorrect, but certainly not untrue.
Back in St. Olaf, Old Man Smith was the town's florist and the town's only blacksmith. He was also the town's only what?
Black man
Episode 25 - Mother's Day
Why did Sophia move in with Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose?
Her retirement home Shady Pines burned down.
Episode 18 - Golden Moments, Part 1
Dorothy and Stan's brother Ted end up spending the night together when he ends his date with Blanche, and invites Dorothy out for a drink. Ted described the night as "a very special evening". What deep, dark secret about himself did Ted reveal to Dorothy?
He's impotent.
Episode 8 - Brotherly Love
When Blanche was in high school, she was head cheerleader of the cheerleading squad and dated the star quarterback Caldwell Honeycutt. She had a hard time breaking up with him because she didn't want to hurt his feelings. What did she do instead to end things with Caldwell?
She lead the cheerleading squad in a farewell cheer to Caldwell.
Episode 9 - A Visit from Little Sven
Blanche: Two, four, six, eight, who will Blanche no longer date? Caldwell!
Dorothy is studying for her education exam one night until she is abruptly interrupted by Blanche and Rose. What movie do they watch that sends them running scared and jumping into bed with Dorothy?
Episode 11 - Three On a Couch
Rose tells Buddy Rourke she's not going to Boston with him because she doesn't love him. She's not aware he's lying to her about knowing Charlie to scam her out of money. She gives Buddy something special that belonged to Charlie, but he doesn't take it out of guilt. What does she give him?
Charlie's gold watch
Episode 12 - Charlie's Buddy
Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose each posed nude for Laszlo the artist's new sculpture. They attend his art show at the museum in anticipation of learning who he chose for his artistic piece. When it's finally revealed, each one thinks the statue is of them. For clarity, they ask Laszlo who it is. What does he tell them?
The statue is a mixture of all of them.
Episode 13 - The Artist
Laszlo: It is all of you. The answer finally came to me. Why not take the best features of each lady to create one perfect lady. That is what you see. You know, it is not hard to understand why you are such good friends. You compliment each other very well indeed.
Which Golden Girl is the best dancer?
Rose! 😜
Episode 2 - One for the Money
When Dorothy tells Barbara there's been tension with Blanche and Rose since their new friendship, Barbara invites everyone to one of Miami's exclusive spots, The Mortimer Club. As they're meeting up to leave for dinner, Sophia introduces her date Murray Guttman. What does Barbara discreetly say to Dorothy?
She says Murray can't go to the club because he's Jewish, and the club is restricted.
Episode 15 - Dorothy's New Friend
Which Golden Girl said she once stood in line for two hours at a bookstore for Arnold Schwarzenegger's autograph?
Episode 15 - Dorothy's New Friend
Rose: Barbara Thorndyke is coming here? Wow, I've never met a real author before.
Blanche: I have. I once stood in line two hours at a bookstore for Arnold Schwarzenegger's autograph.
Dorothy: You know, when I think of great literary figures of our time, it's usually Faulkner, Fitzgerald, and Schwarzenegger.
Rose: Did he sign your book?
Blanche: Yes! But only after he refused to sign my thigh.
Dorothy: He was probably intimidated to see a thigh bigger than his.
Dorothy, Blanche, and the Kaplan Brothers win $900 on the tv game show Grab That Dough. They trade the money for a chance to win something bigger behind the windows. Behind window 1 is living room furniture worth $12,000. Behind window 2 is a convertible sports car worth $23,000. They choose window 3. What do they win?
An electric skillet
Episode 16 - Grab That Dough
Guy Corbin: But green team, we're not finished with you yet. You need something to go in that skillet.
Blanche: A car, a car! We won a car!
Guy Corbin: No, a lifetime supply of soup! Yes, it's soup, soup, and more soup. Every kind you can imagine, and it's yours for the rest of your lifetime.