The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 1

Grab some friends and gather around a cheesecake! Test your knowledge on Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia to see how much you know about their beginnings.

In the first season of The Golden Girls, we learn a lot about these four mature women like how they met, what they do for a living, and even meet some of their family members. We get to know their distinct personalities as they tackle daily life issues as senior citizens. We tag along on their dates, and we're tickled pink during their humorously entertaining shenanigans. How much do you know about the infancy of this iconic show? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Which Golden Girl dropped out of school for a month when she was 15 to become a magician's assistant?

Episode 17 - Nice and Easy

When Dorothy confronts her boyfriend Elliott about making a pass at Blanche, he denies it, and Dorothy believes him. Blanche feels hurt and betrayed. How does she respond to Dorothy?

She tells Dorothy she wants her to move out of the house.
Episode 5 - The Triangle

The girls are awakened at 2AM; Blanche's grandson is partying with friends and blasting rock music in the living room. When Dorothy puts his friends out and tells him to clean up the mess, his response is disrespectful and aggressive. How does Sophia react to David's behavior?

She slaps him.
Episode 6 - On Golden Girls
Sophia: Well, you wouldn't let me get the melon baller, so I improvised.
Blanche: Is that all you Italians know how to do, scream and hit?
Sophia: No, we also know how to make love and sing opera.

Rose grows increasingly scared and paranoid after the house is broken into; she sleeps only during the day and stays up all night. What do the girls do as a group to help Rose get over her anxiety?

They see a psychiatrist.
Episode 8 - The Break-In

When Blanche gets seriously involved with a very wealthy businessman named Richard, she meets his family and learns he has two kids ages 7 and 9. When he proposes to her, she initially says yes but later changes her mind. Why?

Originally, she didn't want to be a mother again to such small kids, but mainly it was because Richard's always busy with his work.
Episode 19 - Second Motherhood

Which Golden Girl worked nights as a fry cook to help put her daughter through college?

Episode 18 - The Operation

Dorothy is about to bowl her last frame in the bowling tournament and overhears Sophia fondly reminiscing with her ex-fiancé Augustine Bagatelli about their first kiss. What does Dorothy do next?

She purposely bowls a gutter ball and loses the bowling tournament. That means Sophia won the side bet and can now go to Sicily with Augustine.
Episode 7 - The Competition

When Blanche's grandson David stays with the girls, he gets slapped by Sophia for being disrespectful, is given household chores, and listens to Rose's stories about handicapped farm animals.

TRUE OR FALSE: He asks the girls if he could live with them full-time.

Episode 6 - On Golden Girls

When the neighbor Mr. Barton begs Sophia to remove the curse she put on him for being unneighborly, he tells her he's been experiencing a series of problems: his golf clubs are missing, his clocks are wrong, he can't eat, he can't sleep, and he can't sit due to a boil on his butt. Who was actually doing these things to him?

His wife, Gladys
Episode 24 - Big Daddy
Gladys Barton: I just wanted to apologize to you ladies. Leonard has been just terrible about this whole situation. That's why I did all those things to him.
Blanche: It was you all along!
Gladys Barton: Except for the boil, that was just luck.

On the day of the bowling tournament, Dorothy and Blanche end up sharing a lane with Rose and Sophia. What do Rose and Sophia do to aggravate Blanche and throw her off her game?

They both wear the same bowling outfit as Blanche because she wouldn't like it.
Episode 7 - The Competition
Blanche: Look at that! I don't believe that. Look at what they have on!
Dorothy: Oh, calm down, honey. They're just trying to get to you.
Blanche: Oh! Rose, take that off.
Rose: What?
Blanche: You are wearing my bowling outfit.
Rose: Why, I do believe you're right. Oh, don't worry about it, honey. Nobody'll notice. It looks so different on a woman with a full bosom.
Blanche: Don't you throw your bosom in my face!

When Big Daddy comes to visit and announces he's pursuing a career as a singer, Blanche is concerned about his mental health. She tells him to forget about singing, and go home and rest, but he says he can't do that. What shocking news does he reveal to her?

Big Daddy sold the family house to fund his new singing career.
Episode 24 - Big Daddy

Dorothy said her ex-husband Stanley bought her Frank Sinatra concert tickets for her birthday one year. Two weeks before the concert, he asked her for a divorce. Who kept the concert tickets?

Episode 20 - Adult Education

Earlier in this season, Dorothy said Stanley walked out on her; she learned her marriage was over via a phone call from Stanley's lawyer. (Episode 2 - Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding)

Which Golden Girl flirts with Dorothy's boyfriend Elliott and tricks him into confessing the truth to Dorothy about who he made a pass at?

Episode 5 - The Triangle

Stanley takes Dorothy out to lunch after they finalize a sale on property they bought on their honeymoon. When Dorothy mentions Stanley's much younger wife Chrissy, he has an emotional breakdown and confesses what to Dorothy?

Chrissy left him for a younger man.
Episode 11 - Stan's Return
Stan: She left me. [sobbing]
Dorothy: What?
Stan: Chrissy left me for a younger man. [sobbing]
Dorothy: Younger than Chrissy? Where did she meet him, Camp Snoopy?

Al Beatty, Rose's boyfriend, tells her she can't spend the night with him because he lives with his sister. When Al is found dead in Rose's bed after spending the night, Rose calls Ms. Beatty to tell her that her brother passed. What does she find out about Ms. Beatty?

She's not Al's sister, she's his wife.
Episode 15 - In a Bed of Rose's

When Rose's blind sister Lily comes to visit, she has an accident in the kitchen. What happens?

The frying pan catches fire while she's cooking.
Episode 23 - Blind Ambitions

Rose says she's going to become a nun and calls herself the "Kiss of Death". Why?

Her husband Charlie and her beau Al Beatty both died after she slept with them.
Episode 15 - In a Bed of Rose's

Rose told Dorothy how Charlie died in Season 1, Episode 10 - The Heart Attack.

Rose: I'm going to become a nun. I'm the "Kiss of Death". It's the second time a man has died in my bed.
Blanche: The second time?
Rose: Dorothy knows.
Dorothy: Charlie.
Blanche: No!
Dorothy: Yes.
Blanche: What exactly do you do in bed, Rose?
Rose: Nothing! I do nothing.
Blanche: Well, maybe that's it. They have to do it all.

What is the name of Dorothy's wealthy younger sister who lives in California?

Episode 12 - The Custody Battle

After Rose's beau Al has a heart attack in her bed and dies, she discovers that he was married. She goes to Boca Raton to tell his wife Mrs. Beatty that her husband died, but Mrs. Beatty isn't surprised to see a strange woman at her door. What does Rose learn about Al?

He was a philanderer/serial cheater.
Episode 15 - In a Bed of Rose's
Mrs. Beatty: He dumped you. You've been dating him and he dumped you, and now you're getting even by telling me.
Rose: No, that's not-
Mrs. Beatty: I've heard this before I can't tell you how many times.
Rose: You have?
Mrs. Beatty: You think you're the first? Please. The first time Al slept with someone else was on our honeymoon.
Rose: No.
Mrs. Beatty: In Paris. The chambermaid. He always had the sign on the door, "Maid service requested". He slept with everyone. Secretaries, school teachers, babysitters, neighbors, friends. Oh, one Easter we gave our little boy some rabbits. They used to look at Al in amazement.

On the day of the bowling tournament, Dorothy and Blanche end up sharing a lane with Rose and Sophia. What does Rose do to aggravate Dorothy and throw her off her game?

She calls Sophia "Ma" during the tournament because Dorothy wouldn't like it.
Episode 7 - The Competition