The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 4

Did Blanche and Sophia date the same man? Is Bob Hope really Rose's father? What is Dorothy's favorite cuisine? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season four.

In the fourth season of The Golden Girls, the good times and shenanigans are plenty...and so are the romantic escapades! Blanche refuses to be defeated by any woman when it comes to a man, Rose is sincerely pure-hearted and enjoys the simple things in life, Sophia gets more accomplished in one day by herself than all the girls combined, and Dorothy is learning to move on from her ex-husband Stan and try new relationships. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Which Golden Girl betrayed a friend's confidence because she was threatened with being tickled?

Episode 14 - Love Me Tender

Which two Golden Girls were arrested for shoplifting and spent a night in jail?

Blanche and Rose. They were framed by their mentees Jackie and Marla from the "Be a Pal" program.
Episode 14 - Love Me Tender

TRUE OR FALSE: Sophia was at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Episode 15 - Valentine's Day
Sophia: I didn't say I was at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. I said I was at a St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Which Golden Girl once said her boyfriend "turned gay" after she rejected his marriage proposal?

Episode 18 - Fiddler On the Ropes

The girls attend prizefighter Kid Pepe's audition for the Juilliard School of Music. He's suppose to play the violin, but he forgets the musical piece because he got knocked out in his last fight. What does Kid Pepe do instead?

He auditions for Juilliard's acting school.
Episode 18 - Fiddler On the Ropes

Which Golden Girl had a high school classmate that later became a doctor who won the Nobel Prize?

Episode 19 - Till Death Do We Volley
Blanche: Oh, Dorothy, high school reunions can be so much fun! I will never forget mine. I was the most successful person there.
Dorothy: Blanche, didn't you go to school with that brilliant doctor who won the Nobel Prize?
Blanche: Oh yes, but she let her looks go to hell.

Which Golden Girl wore her tennis whites to the prom because she was the butt of a practical joke?

Episode 19 - Till Death Do We Volley

TRUE OR FALSE: Sophia once coached a youth football team with little knowledge of the sport, and the team lost their big game.

False. They won.
Episode 12 - The Blind Date

TRUE OR FALSE: When Rose was a child, she had a chicken that could cluck the scores of Broadway musicals.

Episode 20 - High Anxiety

Which Golden Girl has a sister who is a world-renowned flautist (a flute player)?

Rose. It's her sister Holly.
Episode 21 - Little Sister

Which Golden Girl stood at a window for four hours watching her daughter on her first day of school in case she needed her?

Episode 24 - Foreign Exchange

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose accused Blanche of greatly exaggerating her sexual escapades because Blanche couldn't master the technique of dirty dancing.

Episode 24 - Foreign Exchange

What is the name of the girls' doctor neighbor who brought over their mail when they returned from St. Olaf?

Dr. Harry Weston
Episode 4 - Yokel Hero

Which Golden Girl's mother sent her to beauty camp when she was a little girl?

Episode 20 - High Anxiety

In this episode, Blanche said she was a "pencil-thin, flat-chested, four-eyed nerd" before her mother sent her off to beauty camp. In Season 5, Episode 11 - Ebbtide, Blanche and Dorothy look at pictures of Blanche when she was a chubby little girl.