The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 4

Did Blanche and Sophia date the same man? Is Bob Hope really Rose's father? What is Dorothy's favorite cuisine? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season four.

In the fourth season of The Golden Girls, the good times and shenanigans are plenty...and so are the romantic escapades! Blanche refuses to be defeated by any woman when it comes to a man, Rose is sincerely pure-hearted and enjoys the simple things in life, Sophia gets more accomplished in one day by herself than all the girls combined, and Dorothy is learning to move on from her ex-husband Stan and try new relationships. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Blanche told Dorothy and Sophia how her college crush Ham Lushbough turned her down at a homecoming rally when she asked if he'd like some company. She goes out with him 30 years later and asks him the same question. What does he say?

"Maybe some other time, Blanche." - Ham Lushbough
Episode 3 - The One That Got Away

When Sophia tells the girls that artist Jasper DeKimmel is hospitalized with two weeks to live, Blanche explains how artwork increases in value after an artist dies. She tells them about an upcoming auction featuring DeKimmel's work, and how they could profit. What do they agree to do?

They decide to go to the auction to buy one of DeKimmel's paintings.
Episode 11 - The Auction

The St. Olaf Woman of the Year blue ribbon panel, the Topplekoffer triplets, come to the house to conduct a face-to-face interview with Rose because she's a candidate. Dorothy states the obvious about the three men - they don't look anything alike. Why are they surprised by this statement?

Back in St. Olaf, no one can tell them apart.
Episode 4 - Yokel Hero

Sophia tells the girls she went to visit her friend Lillian at Shady Pines, but she wasn't there. Blanche then remembers a phone call from Sophia's friend Gladys who said Lillian was sent to another home called Sunny Pastures. Why does this news upset Sophia?

Sunny Pastures is the worst nursing home in the city; it's every old person's nightmare.
Episode 22 - Sophia's Choice

The ladies' auxiliary puts Dorothy in charge of the hospital variety show, and the girls are having difficulty finding good acts. Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are excited when Sophia brings the super-talented Donatello triplets to audition. What does Sophia want in exchange for putting the triplets in the show?

She wants them to put her boyfriend Seymour in the show.
Episode 17 - You Gotta Have Hope

Thirty years later, Blanche is devastated and humiliated at being rejected again by her college crush Ham Lushbough. Dorothy is confused because Blanche said she didn't find him attractive anymore. Why can't Blanche get over being rejected by him?

Blanche can't accept there's a man she can't have, especially if he's fat and bald.
Episode 3 - The One That Got Away
Blanche: There's only one thing for me to do. I'm going to call him up, and tomorrow night I'm going out with that man again. And I don't care what amount of seducing it takes, but as God as my witness, I am not returning to this house until he has begged, beseeched, and pleaded with me to go to bed with him!
Sophia: You know, that was the original ending to Gone with the Wind.

Sophia told the girls the artist Jasper DeKimmel is in the hospital dying because he needs a rare blood transfusion. After the girls buy one of his paintings at an auction in hopes of profiting from his death, Sophia tells them they found a donor with his rare blood type and he's going to live. Who was the donor?

Episode 11 - The Auction

TRUE OR FALSE: When Rose was a little girl, she imagined Bing Crosby was her father.

False. She imagined Bob Hope was her father.
Episode 17 - You Gotta Have Hope

In this episode, Rose said she spent the first 8 years of her life in an orphanage and that believing Bob Hope was her father got her through some rough times. She also referenced being in an orphanage in Season 5, Episode 9 - Comedy of Errors. However, in Season 6, Episode 2 - Once, in St. Olaf, she said her adoptive parents, the Lindstroms, took her in when she was a baby.

Sophia sees her friend Lillian's terrible living conditions at the retirement home Sunny Pastures. She tells the girls she wants to visit Lillian often, but she needs them to be her drivers. When Rose takes Sophia to see Lillian, what news does Sophia surprise Rose with?

Their taking Lillian out of the nursing home.
Episode 22 - Sophia's Choice

When the roofer arrives at the house to start construction, Dorothy regrettably informs him they can't afford a new roof. He sees the painting they bought by artist Jasper DeKimmel and expresses how much he's always wanted one. How do the girls afford the new roof?

Sophia negotiates a new roof in exchange for the DeKimmel painting.
Episode 11 - The Auction

As the girls are on their way to St. Olaf to attend the St. Olaf Woman of the Year ceremony, Rose tells them about Mount Losenbaden. She says it's like Mount Rushmore, except they sculpted four losers of presidential elections in the mountainside. Why is Adlai Stevenson sculpted twice?

He lost twice.
Episode 4 - Yokel Hero
Blanche: Why are there two Adlai Stevensons?
Dorothy: Blanche, isn't it obvious? He lost twice. Oh God. It's making sense.

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose's parents, Gunter and Alma, are her adoptive parents. Rose was first at an orphanage.

Episode 17 - You Gotta Have Hope

In this episode, Rose says her adoptive parents' last name was Nylund, but that was her husband Charlie's last name. When we met her mother Alma in Season 1, Episode 9 - Blanche and the Younger Man, Rose introduced her mother as Mrs. Lindstrom.

Dorothy and Sophia speak to the manager at Sunny Pastures about better care for Sophia's friend Lillian but to no avail. When Rose finds a better nursing home, she says Lillian will need an extra $150 a month because her benefits won't cover the entire cost. What does Blanche volunteer to do?

Instead of getting her breast enhancement, Blanche decides to use her "bosom account" to cover Lillian's nursing home costs.
Episode 22 - Sophia's Choice
Dorothy: Blanche, I’m proud of you, but why the sudden change of heart?
Blanche: Oh, well. I guess this cosmetic surgery business is pretty trivial, really. I’ll do fine with what God gave me. Having Lillian here made me realize that my problems are pretty trite.
Rose: I suppose something like this does make your breasts seem rather small.

TRUE OR FALSE: Sophia said for 50 years, she's weighed 99 pounds.

Episode 23 - Rites of Spring

After days of traveling to St. Olaf to attend Rose's ceremony for St. Olaf Woman of the Year, Dorothy and Blanche reluctantly admit to Rose they embellished her biography so she could win. How does Rose respond?

She's insulted and calls St. Olaf to say they're not coming.
Episode 4 - Yokel Hero

Rose is excited when she receives a letter in the mail from the Elvis Presley fan club; she's been approved to run an unauthorized chapter. What is the name of the club?

Hunk-A Hunk-A Burning Love Fan Club
Episode 6 - Sophia's Wedding, Part 1
Rose: Girls! Girls, it's here! I am so excited! It's my letter from the Elvis Presley fan club. Oh, my hands are shaking. Dorothy, you read it.
Dorothy: Dear Rose Nylund, your application to start an unauthorized chapter of the Elvis Presley Hunk-A Hunk-A Burning Love fan club in your neighborhood and/or trailer park has been accepted.
Rose: This is the happiest, most fulfilling day of my life!
Sophia: Which makes you the most pathetic human being on this planet.

Rose tells Dorothy and Blanche she got Bob Hope to emcee for the hospital variety show, but she's basing that on a conversation with a receptionist at NBC. When the girls learn that Bob Hope is in town for a golf tournament, what do they do in an attempt to get him for the show?

They dress up as men and sneak into the men's locker room of the golf club hoping to talk to Bob Hope.
Episode 17 - You Gotta Have Hope

When Rose volunteers to coach a local youth football team, she asks Dorothy to be her assistant, but Dorothy is apprehensive about getting involved in sports with Rose. Why does she feel that way?

Dorothy believes Rose is too competitive and takes all the fun out of it.
Episode 12 - The Blind Date

In Season 1, Episode 7 - The Competition, Rose admitted to being too competitive when it came to sports. She had to transfer high schools because of a field hockey incident.

When Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose sign up for aerobics classes, the instructor tells them they need the latest (and expensive!) workout items like shoes, outfits, leg warmers, wristbands, water bottles, etc. Which Golden Girl chooses to stick with her sweatsuit and PF Flyers?

Episode 23 - Rites of Spring

Sophia's husband Salvadore and Max Weinstock were business partners; they ran a concession stand on the boardwalk at Coney Island. What kind of stand was it?

A pizza-knish stand
Episode 6 - Sophia's Wedding, Part 1