The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 4

Did Blanche and Sophia date the same man? Is Bob Hope really Rose's father? What is Dorothy's favorite cuisine? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season four.

In the fourth season of The Golden Girls, the good times and shenanigans are plenty...and so are the romantic escapades! Blanche refuses to be defeated by any woman when it comes to a man, Rose is sincerely pure-hearted and enjoys the simple things in life, Sophia gets more accomplished in one day by herself than all the girls combined, and Dorothy is learning to move on from her ex-husband Stan and try new relationships. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

While Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are out to dinner, they see Blanche's boyfriend Fidel Santiago with his arms around another woman. When Blanche confronts him, she's surprised to learn the other woman is who?

Episode 1 - Yes, We Have No Havanas

Sophia loses the Westons' dog Dreyfuss after dog-sitting for three days. Dorothy was against Sophia taking care of Dreyfuss because she didn't think her mother was responsible enough for the task. In an attempt to correct her mistake and hide it from Dorothy, what does Sophia do?

She buys a look-alike dog from the pet store.
Episode 21 - Little Sister

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose agrees that the best way to educate someone on the evils of wasting time is by telling a long, tedious St. Olaf story.

Episode 2 - The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo
Rose: I just hate the idea of wasting time! I always have. Ever since what happened to my neighbor in St. Olaf.
Blanche: Rose, are you about to educate us on the evils of wasting time by telling a long, tedious St. Olaf story?
Rose: Do you know a better way?
Dorothy: She has a point, Blanche.

When Dorothy agrees to take Sophia to Disney World so they can spend quality time together, Sophia is skeptical and doesn't believe that's where they're really going. What does she think Dorothy is trying to do?

Put her in a home
Episode 16 - Two Rode Together
Sophia: Hello, this is Dorothy Zbornak. I'd like to confirm my reservation on Flight 505 to Orlando. Uh huh. Uh, now let's go over the arrangements I made to have my mother taken away at the departure gate. You don't know what I'm talking about? Neither do I. Goodbye.

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose return home from the theater to find Sophia giving a house tour to Mr. Yakamora, a wealthy investor who wants to buy their home. At first, Blanche is against selling, but what makes her reconsider?

She sees how much money Mr. Yakamora offers to buy the house.
Episode 25 - We're Outta Here, Part 1

Blanche and Sophia are in fierce competition over Fidel Santiago. Sophia believes he wants more than a cheap thrill, but Blanche thinks otherwise. They both agree to keep dating him, but boundaries are set. What is the rule?

When one of the girls is out with Fidel, the other does not interfere.
Episode 1 - Yes, We Have No Havanas
Blanche: Girls, this nightgown is so sheer, I believe you can see right through it. Oh! Hello, Fidel.
Fidel: Hello, Blanche. How are you?
Blanche: You don’t have cataracts. You tell me.
Sophia: Beat it, you 50 year old mattress!
Blanche: Oh! Why, you…you miserable old-
Dorothy: Blanche! Blanche! Blanche! You know the rules. When one of you is out with Fidel, the other one does not interfere.
Blanche: My apologies. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a long, hot, steamy bath with just enough water to barely cover my perky bosoms.
Sophia: You’re only going to sit in an inch of water?

While dogsitting for their neighbors the Westons, Sophia loses Dreyfuss. She buys a look-alike to cover up her mistake, but Dreyfuss comes home. Sophia needs to return the replacement dog, but she can't tell them apart, so she enlists Rose to help her differentiate between the two. What does Rose do?

She calls Dreyfuss by his name and he goes to her.
Episode 21 - Little Sister

Sophia tells the girls she takes a round-trip on the number 6 bus every day to buy a nectarine at the market. Why does she buy a nectarine every day?

It's for Sam, a little boy at the hospital where she volunteers. He had a bad blood transfusion.
Episode 2 - The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo

TRUE OR FALSE: One of Stan's business ventures was called "Stan's Pizzas". His goal was to deliver pizzas faster than Domino's.

Episode 25 - We're Outta Here, Part 1

Rose says she loves mimes because her Uncle Gustav was a "coal mimer". He had a bad back, but he didn't want to lose his medical benefits at his job. What did he do when he went to work?

He pretended to work.
Episode 11 - The Auction

Blanche's college crush Ham Lushbough is in Miami on business; Blanche agrees to be his date for the museum ball. She tells Dorothy and Sophia he's the most gorgeous, sexiest man on the planet. What are they surprised to learn about Ham when he arrives?

He's fat and bald.
Episode 3 - The One That Got Away

The girls attend an art show featuring a national artist whose paintings are worth thousands of dollars. They're excited when they meet him at the gallery, but are disappointed to learn he's boorish and offensive. He insults Rose's fashion sense and calls the girls stupid and unattractive. What is this artist's name?

Jasper DeKimmel
Episode 11 - The Auction

TRUE OR FALSE: Rose's sister Lily was caught with Blanche's boyfriend Gary Tucker.

False. It was her sister Holly.
Episode 21 - Little Sister

Sophia spent a day full of activities: she helped another older woman get a refund at the market, she directed a senior citizen's boardwalk band to raise money for a local clinic, and she volunteered at the hospital. What did Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose accomplish that day?

Episode 2 - The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo
Rose: You know, it's a shame. We didn't accomplish anything today.
Dorothy: Of course we did! We found out in a pinch, fruit cocktail is not bad on a bagel.

Sophia said she's waited her whole life to ride a particular roller coaster; it's the reason she wanted to go to Disney World. What space-themed indoor attraction did she finally get to experience when Dorothy took her to Disney World?

Space Mountain
Episode 16 - Two Rode Together

Dorothy and Rose are playing cards on the lanai when Rose believes she's spotted a UFO flying over their neighborhood. She goes to the military base and speaks with Major Barker who later comes to the house to ask questions. What does Major Barker tell Dorothy?

He says she and Rose saw a UFO.
Episode 3 - The One That Got Away

After Blanche and Sophia spend weeks competing for the affection of Fidel Santiago, the girls receive a phone call informing them of Fidel's death. When they go to his funeral, they notice everyone in attendance is a woman. Why is this?

They're all Fidel's girlfriends.
Episode 1 - Yes, We Have No Havanas

When Blanche excitedly announces to the girls that she just received a big bonus at work, what does she say she's going to do with the money?

She's getting her breasts enlarged.
Episode 22 - Sophia's Choice

Blanche considered cosmetic surgery earlier in Season 2, Episode 20 - Whose Face Is This, Anyway?.

Blanche: Breasts are back in fashion. What God didn't give me, Dr. Myron Rosenzweig will.

When Rose is nominated for St. Olaf Woman of the Year, she lists her top accomplishments for the award biography, but doesn't see the value in what she's done. Dorothy and Blanche think she can't appreciate her achievements like they can. What do they do to her biography?

They exaggerate Rose's accomplishments.
Episode 4 - Yokel Hero

Rose and Blanche team up together to write a children's storybook about Toonder the Magnificent Tiger, a character from a fable Rose heard as a child. When Rose calls her sister for more stories, what disappointing news does she learn about these fables?

The fables she was told as a child were already written and published by Hans Christian Lockerheuven, St. Olaf's greatest author.
Episode 16 - Two Rode Together