The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 5

Did Blanche write a novel? Did Sophia move out? Is Dorothy terminally ill? Is Rose living with HIV? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season five.

In the fifth season of The Golden Girls, the ladies don't let up on the hilarity, but they also rise to the occasion and grapple with very serious issues. Rose hangs in the balance as she waits for possibly devasting news from her doctor, Sophia is challenged with growing older while remembering the good times of her youth, Dorothy faces the temptations of a past addiction, and Blanche grieves the lose of a close family member that's very near and dear to her heart. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

TRUE OR FALSE: Back in St. Olaf, a traditional Christmas starts with a pageant consisting of shepherds, angels, and two wise men.
Episode 12 - Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
Blanche: There were three wise men, Rose.
Rose: Not in St. Olaf.
What did Sophia say Dorothy's nickname was in elementary school? (Hint: She and Blanche's prison pen pal Merrill Kellogg had the same nickname.)
Episode 13 - Mary Had a Little Lamb
The girls' house is selected for the president's visit. Their excited but nervous because of what Dorothy may say. She's adamant about confronting him with her list of issues. She finally comes face-to-face with the president, and he asks her for suggestions about education. What does she say?
Nothing. She chokes up.
Episode 26 - The President's Coming! Part 2
Dorothy: I think he got the message.
TRUE OR FALSE: Sophia once kept a female friend company while she committed suicide by swallowing a bottle of pills.
FALSE. Sophia convinced her not to do it.
Episode 7 - Not Another Monday
Sophia has been secretly driving Rose and Blanche's cars. Blanche even ran out of gas, and Rose thought her car was stolen. When Dorothy catches Sophia in the act, her mother is holding a phone book. Why?
She sits on the phone book, so she can see over the steering wheel.
Episode 8 - That Old Feeling
TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche's father Big Daddy was part owner of a doughnut shop.
Episode 12 - Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
Sophia suddenly comes into $170,000, and she buys Dorothy a box of very expensive watches. When Dorothy asks her mother where the money came from, Sophia says the government is being kind to her. What is really happening?
Sophia is receiving extra social security checks in error.
Episode 15 - Triple Play
Dorothy: Ma, I want to know. Now, where did you get the money?
Sophia: The government is being kinder and gentler by sending me a lot more social security checks than they used to.
Dorothy: The computer made a mistake. Ma, that money doesn't belong to you. Now how much are we talking about?
Sophia: Enough to have you rubbed out if you rat on me.
Which Golden Girl married her husband's business partner and her best friend's husband?
Sophia. It was Max Weinstock.
Episode 26 - The President's Coming! Part 2
Which Golden Girl is so passionate about preserving swamps and wetlands that she spearheaded a campaign for the "Save the Wetlands" organization that included a press release, petitions, and a banquet?
Episode 19 - 72 Hours
Which Golden Girl said she has an affection for bayous because she became a woman in one?
Episode 19 - 72 Hours
Sophia: I thought you lost it in a hot-air balloon.
Dorothy: I thought you lost it at a pancake breakfast.
Blanche: Well, those don't count. I mean, they did at the time, but this is the definitive "where I lost my virginity" story.
Sophia: It's really nice of you to share something so personal with us, Blanche. In a bayou. You slut.
TRUE OR FALSE: Blanche and Rose sometimes have late-night conversations with Sophia. After their talks, Sophia gives them a piece of hard candy and a kiss good-night.
Episode 20 - Twice in a Lifetime
Dorothy: You had late night talks with my mother?
Rose: All the time.
Dorothy: And she gave you hard candy?
Rose: No. I'd ask, but she was always afraid I'd choke on it.
TRUE OR FALSE: Rose swore she would never tell another St. Olaf story until one day she was told one of her stories actually changed someone's life.
Episode 21 - Sisters and Other Strangers