The Golden Girls Trivia: Season 5

Did Blanche write a novel? Did Sophia move out? Is Dorothy terminally ill? Is Rose living with HIV? Test your Golden Girls knowledge of season five.

In the fifth season of The Golden Girls, the ladies don't let up on the hilarity, but they also rise to the occasion and grapple with very serious issues. Rose hangs in the balance as she waits for possibly devasting news from her doctor, Sophia is challenged with growing older while remembering the good times of her youth, Dorothy faces the temptations of a past addiction, and Blanche grieves the lose of a close family member that's very near and dear to her heart. How much detail do you know about how the girls handled these topics? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer.

Rose and Sophia are escorted home by Rose's new love interest and her dancing partner at the ballroom. What is his name?
Miles Webber
Episode 6 - Dancing in the Dark
Which Golden Girl was getting a pedicure while her husband was in a coma dying?
Episode 1 - Sick and Tired (Part 1)
Blanche: Well, I didn't know he was going to pick that precise hour to die. How could I know that?
Rose: Well, he was in a coma.
Blanche: Oh, he'd been in a coma for days.
Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose join the Friends of Sea Mammals to help save dolphins from fishermen's nets, but they end up in court after a protest at the dock goes terribly wrong. Sophia calls Dorothy's lawyer beau Ken for help, but Dorothy is ashamed of how he's dressed when he arrives. What is he wearing?
He's wearing a clown costume. He was in the middle of circus rehearsal.
Episode 5 - Love Under the Big Top
Blanche goes to Atlanta for Big Daddy's funeral, and she gets into an argument with her sister Virginia. Virginia accuses her of being selfish, and says the family can't grieve for Big Daddy without wondering how Blanche is benefiting. How does Blanche respond?
Blanche says she's not going to the funeral because Virginia will be there.
Episode 11 - Ebbtide
Which Golden Girl once assaulted a perfect stranger for the last Batman hat in the store, so she could give it to her grandson as a Christmas present?
Episode 12 - Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
Sophia: Did you get something for the grand children?
Dorothy: Oh, please. You know, Robbie wants a Batman hat. I went to six different stores. They were all sold out. I finally went to one store where they had one hat left, and another woman saw it. Oh, I can not believe a person would push a perfect stranger out of the way, step on her hand, and give her an elbow to the forehead just for a Batman hat...but I did it anyway.
What does Miles Webber tell Rose he does for a living?
He's a college professor.
Episode 6 - Dancing in the Dark
Myles: Rose! Well, come on in. You’re missing all the fun. I’ll bet you probably thought that a party full of college professors would be stuffy, but not this one.
Rose: You’re a college professor?
Myles: Well, what did you think I meant when I said I taught Hemingway?
Rose: I thought you were old.
What is the name of the prisoner who's locked up for armed robbery that Blanche writes salacious letters to?
Merrill Kellogg
Episode 13 - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Rose invites her beau Miles and his daughter Caroline to the house for lunch. Rose and Caroline have a private conversation in the kitchen, and Caroline says there's something they need to talk about. What does she tell Rose?
She says it's only been a year since her mother died, and Rose should stay away from her father because he needs time.
Episode 15 - Triple Play
Shortly after Blanche excitedly announces to the girls that her destiny is to be a great romance novelist, she complains about having writer's block. She's been staring at a blank piece of paper for hours. When Dorothy asks how much she's written so far, what does Blanche say?
She hasn't written anything.
Episode 1 - Sick and Tired (Part 1)
Dorothy: Tell me, how much have you written so far?
Blanche: Well, that's just it - nothing. That's how I know I have writer's block.
Dorothy: Blanche, you have to have written to have writer's block. Otherwise, all of us have it.
While Dorothy and Blanche are in Atlanta for Big Daddy's funeral, Sophia's in Miami making money for a big screen tv. Rose comes home and meets a nice couple sitting on the couch, Peter and Maddy. They ask Rose which room she's staying in. What is Sophia doing to make money?
She's renting rooms in the house.
Episode 11 - Ebbtide
Rose's ballroom dance partner Miles Webber invites her to his home for a colleague's retirement party. Rose later tells the girls how uncomfortable she was because Miles' friends are all college professors. What does Dorothy suggest to Rose to give her an advantage in conversation with Miles?
She should invite Miles to the house for dinner.
Episode 6 - Dancing in the Dark
Dorothy: Honey, you know, anybody would feel out of her league in a room full of college professors. You should have a home field advantage. Why don’t you invite him over here?
Blanche: Dorothy’s right. We can create the illusion that you’re interesting.
Sophia: That’s a hell of an illusion. Maybe we should just saw her in half.
Every year at Christmas, the girls dread getting gifts from Rose, and Blanche says it's hard pretending to like her gifts. One Christmas, the girls decide to draw names, so they only have to buy for one person. Rose gets Blanche's name. What was her Christmas present to Blanche?
A blouse
Episode 12 - Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
Blanche: Why, Rose! It's a beautiful blouse!
Rose: I hope it's alright. Dorothy said you'd like something crotchless.
Their neighbor 16 year old Mary makes a surprise visit, and the girls learn that she's pregnant. She explains how her father kicked her out, and she has to get a job and a place to stay. When the girls hear this, how do they respond to Mary?
They tell Mary she can stay with them until she figures things out.
Episode 13 - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Which Golden Girl rents a Mercedes-Benz and puts an ad in the paper saying she's selling the car for a very low price just so she could meet rich, eligible men?
Episode 15 - Triple Play
Blanche: My first appointment's here. Right on time. I've been out there watching him. He's been looking at the car and smiling. I feel just like a fishman with a new lure.
Dorothy: You catch him, you clean him.
After being sick for months, visiting several doctors, and still not knowing what's wrong with her, Dorothy seeks the advice of a trusted friend, neighbor...and pediatrician. Who does she go to see?
Dr. Harry Weston
Episode 2 - Sick and Tired (Part 2)
Rose is no longer seeing Miles because she feels stupid when she talks to him. She sends Blanche in her place to a concert with Miles, but when Blanche returns home, she says the evening was boring. What does Blanche tell Rose about her date with Miles?
He talked about Rose all night.
Episode 6 - Dancing in the Dark
Which Golden Girl used to be fat when she was a little girl?
Episode 11 - Ebbtide
In this episode, Blanche and Dorothy look at pictures of Blanche when she was a chubby little girl. In Season 4, Episode 20 - High Anxiety, Blanche said she was a "pencil-thin, flat-chested, four-eyed nerd" before her mother sent her off to beauty camp.
Sophia said she could never get used to serving turkey for Christmas dinner; it's very un-Sicilian. What was she accustomed to having for Christmas dinner?
Eels (and larks!)
Episode 12 - Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
Blanche: Sophia, you were just putting me on about those eels, right?
Sophia: Please, in Sicily it wouldn't be Christmas without a plate of eels. Eels and larks.
Blanche: Larks? Honey, larks aren't eating birds. They're singing birds.
Sophia: They don't sing long in Sicily.
Blanche finds out her pen pal Merrill Kellogg is getting out of prison. She panics because she doesn't want him to come to the house. When Merrill arrives to see Blanche, the girls are petrified. What do they tell Merrill about Blanche?
They say Blanche isn't home and they're unsure when she'lll return. He probably wouldn't like her anyway.
Episode 13 - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Dorothy and Sophia go to see virologist Dr. Michael Chang; he's highly recommended by Dr. Harry Weston. After reviewing Dorothy's medical reports, he believes she is indeed sick. He says what she has is fairly recent and most believe it's a virus. What does he think she has?
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Episode 2 - Sick and Tired (Part 2)